10 Best Super Mario Cake Ideas To Try (2023 Updated)

10 Best Super Mario Cake Ideas To Try (2023 Updated)

If you want to give a memorable time to a Super Mario Bros enthusiast, don't forget to get a themed cake for their birthday or any special day, for that matter. 

We've got these awesome Super Mario cake ideas and designs for you to try at home!

Top 10 Interesting Ideas For Super Mario Cakes

1. Use Super Mario World

Use Super Mario World

One of the ways you can make them happy is by creating a birthday cake with a Super Mario world. You can put Mario, Luigi, and other characters to make the cake look natural, and they can feel the vibe. 

You can also use the primary colors in the said game for the cake topper or frosting decorations of the Mario cake. Kids would also love to see mushrooms, coins, or enemies on the Mario game in the cakes.

2. Form A Super Mario Character

A birthday cake with the shape of Super Mario Bros characters is eye-pleasing and very exciting to eat. Many kids would love to see the themed cakes at any birthday party together with other Super Mario decorations in the venue.

If you can't do the Mario birthday cake on your own, cake stores can offer their help to release a cake formed as Mario, Luigi, Princess Toad, Yoshi, and many more to make your birthday cake and party realistic. 

3. Use Real Super Mario Figurine Toppers

Use Real Super Mario Figurine Toppers

You can also put an actual Super Mario figurine on the birthday cake. It is one of the notable characters that people love to see in Mario video games. His cuteness and personality attracted a lot of Mario gamers to enjoy getting coins or stars to the challenges when playing.

Aside from Mario, you can also include other figurine characters in your Mario cake, including Luigi or the Princess Toad, in your birthday cakes. There are numerous cake shops online where you can search to help you achieve a Mario cake. 

4. Use Super Mario Castle

No Super Mario [1] fan can resist a Super Mario Bros birthday cake with a castle design. It is one of the best birthday cake ideas you can have. 

One of the significant things in the famous Mario game is the castle. There are numerous castles, where most of the battles are happening.

There are various cake topper decorations you can use when building a Mario cake castle. Use the primary graphic design to make the birthday cake real.

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5. Use SM Characters As Cupcake Toppers

Use SM Characters As Cupcake Toppers

When children are coming to your Super Mario birthday party, do not forget to prepare Mario cupcakes for them. Besides a birthday cake, you may also prepare cupcakes with a Super Mario characters design.

Aside from the Super Mario Bros, you may also try to include Luigi or Princess Peach in your cake and cupcake ideas.

Birthday cakes topper has been popular these days. It adds more life to a Mario birthday cake or cupcakes. 

6. Form Super Mario Mystery Box

One of the birthday cake ideas you can prepare for the celebrant is by forming a Mario cake with a Super Mario mystery box shape. This thing is evident in any level categories in the famous Super Mario games.

When you want to create this Mario birthday cake, you need to be mindful of its appearance. Do not forget to put a question mark in the middle of the birthday cake to make it more realistic.

7. Print Edible Super Mario Scenarios

Print Edible Super Mario Scenarios

A Super Mario Bros-themed birthday is not complete if the design of the cake is not based on any scenarios from the games. Doing this on the cake can make the kids remember what they love about Mario games.

Cakes are one of the things that people are looking forward to in a celebration. You may choose the part where Mario and Luigi are walking or jumping to accomplish their mission. 

You can search numerous ways to do this Mario cake, starting from the topper and other birthday cake decorations.

8. Use Super Mario Mushroom Cupcakes

Another thing you can do for a Super Mario Bros birthday is by providing Super Mario mushroom cupcakes. Mushrooms are very significant in this classic game because it gives Mario and Luigi the ability to double their size and strength to hit and beat their enemies in the games.

Aside from the big cakes, cupcakes are also good deserts you can let the children eat. You may give the Mario cakes after eating the main course or after playing games.

9. Design A Super Mario Underground Cake

Design A Super Mario Underground Cake

You will also never go wrong when you prepare an underground Super Mario Bros birthday cake.

You may create numerous cake layers and decorate the cakes with the green and blue colors from the Mario game. Aside from including the members in the cake, add coins and stars to show Mario or Luigi's rewards from their adventure.

A Super Mario member or birthday cake topper decorations can also be added to make it more exciting to eat.

10. Form A Nintendo Switch With Super Mario

Another Super Mario cake idea you can do is to create a Mario cake with a Nintendo switch shape. People who will see the cake can feel nostalgic since the Super Mario Bros game has been popular since then. So, how many Super Mario games are there?

A Mario birthday cake with this shape is usually a rectangle one. Some cake designers even put the controllers of the switch to make the cake look more convincing. A Mario cake topper is optional, but it would help make your Mario cakes look good.


Can you DIY a Super Mario cake?

Yes, you can DIY Super Mario cake as long as you have already prepared the ingredients and searched for some cakes or cupcake ideas that can help you unleash the beauty of your talent. You may try to include cake toppers like character figurines, stars, or coins to make it more successful.

Can I give a Super Mario-themed cake as a gift?

Yes, you can give a cake as a Super Mario-themed gift. It is one of the things that Mario fans will love to receive in their lifetime. Mario cakes are the best cake ideas you can use when thinking about a present, especially if the guests are children.

Wrapping Up!

Cakes are something that people must be prepared for, especially when celebrating a birthday. If your kid, friend, or other family member is a Mario fan, a Super Mario cake can make their time memorable. 

You may put any edible Mario cake decorations to make cakes and cupcakes more realistic, including the members like Mario and their sceneries. If you are running out of cake ideas, you can search for cake shops to help you release one in a short time!

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