10 Best Super Mario Birthday Party Ideas (2023 Updated)

10 Best Super Mario Birthday Party Ideas (2023 Updated)

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Sure, playing video games is fun. But what could be more fun than bringing the characters of the classic (and probably the most popular Nintendo video game) in the world to life?

Prepare an awesome adventure featuring Mario and his friends to give your little one a birthday to remember! Check out these Super Mario birthday party ideas we have compiled for you.

10 Exciting Super Mario Birthday Party Ideas 

1. Use Super Mario-themed Cakes

Use Super Mario-themed Cakes

If you want to pull off a perfect Super Mario party theme, don’t forget to create a cake where you can include the Super Mario Brothers and other characters like the colorful mushrooms. You can even add some piranha plants from the Mushroom Kingdom!

You may ask for help from bakeshops in creating this. Just give them your design inspiration and let them choose the colors and fonts that would fit your theme. 

2. Print Super Mario-Inspired Invitations

Don’t forget to give your party guests a Super Mario-themed invitation card! Just by looking at it, kids (and the young at heart) would definitely get hyped as you give them an idea of what to expect at the party. 

Aside from the venue, date, and time of the party, a fanatic kid would love to see the Super Mario Brothers or (a gigantic mushroom) on your invitations. This would make them more excited too!

3. Prepare A Welcome Banner

Prepare A Welcome Banner

Other Super Mario birthday party ideas you can try include creating a party banner that you can hang at the venue’s entrance. 

You can also include decorations based on the Super Mario Brothers and the Mushroom Kingdom to make it even more fun [1]! If you want it to be more realistic, bring your A-Game and use the actual fonts in the video game in creating your welcome banner. But, how many Super Mario games are there in total?

4. Use Super Mario Plates, Cups & Utensils

Our Super Mario party ideas will not be complete without recommending the use of plates, cups, and utensils related to the theme. Kids who will join the party will surely love your fun place settings because this will remind them of their favorite characters in the game.

There are party stores selling cups bearing images of the Super Mario Brothers, and some even have a cute piranha plant design [2]!

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5. Serve Super Mario-Inspired Party Foods

Serve Super Mario-Inspired Party Foods

Themed foods are also one of the best ways to pull a Super Mario party theme. In serving the food, make sure to use the colors used in the game.

For the cupcakes, you can use a Super Mario Brothers cake topper (or maybe just Luigi, if that’s what your child prefers). Since many kids might attend the party, you can give away a loot bag filled with candy and other sweet treats. 

6. Dress Up As Super Mario Characters

If you want to give every kid at the party a fun memory to look back to, you can dress up like the Super Mario Brothers! Doing so will make the kids feel more excited about the party, especially when interacting with a familiar character.

Aside from wearing the color red or green, attach fake mustaches to complete your awesome Mario and Luigi get-up. Do not forget the iconic shoes and gloves!

7. Prepare Super Mario Party Favors

Prepare Super Mario Party Favors

Looking for more party ideas? Complete your Super Mario theme by distributing candy and a variety of treats that the kids will enjoy. Birthday party ideas are not complete without these party favors to bring home, so make sure not to miss them! 

Aside from giving away candy, you can also print out party souvenirs bearing the design of a piranha plant, the Super Mario brothers, gold coins, and other designs derived from the game to make it more exciting and memorable! 

Remember that birthdays only happen once a year, so consider these things and plan your party well. 

8. Use The Mystery Box as Chairs & Tables

The venue of the celebration is also essential in planning a themed party. Kids and other guests will definitely enjoy the setting if you fill it with balloons or decorations related to the well-known Super Mario game.

You can use chairs and tables with the colors evident in the game like green, yellow, blue, and red. Also, your Super Mario party will not be complete without the Super Mario Brothers or the Mushroom Kingdom, so make sure to prepare these too!

9. Prepare A Super Mario Photo Booth

Prepare A Super Mario Photo Booth

Add a Super Mario photo booth to give the kids and their parents an awesome moment at the party! One cool idea is to include an adventure field where the Super Mario Brothers are also present in the background.

Seeing the decorations inspired by the cool and popular Super Mario game will definitely take everyone back to memory lane.

10. Play Super Mario-Inspired Party Games

When you invite kids to a Super Mario party, awesome games inspired by this famous video game (filled with a fun twist) will definitely be expected. Aside from preparing mouthwatering food recipes, make sure to research awesome games they can play at the party. 

Instead of Dodgeball, you can replace it with “Dodge the Piranha Plants.” If you have time, search how to create awesome and cool Green Warp Pipes that can be used for any activity. 

Preparing a fun activity for kids is actually quite easy - all you need are some essential game elements inspired by Super Mario.


How do I set up a Super Mario birthday party?

To set up a Super Mario birthday party, you will need to prepare food and adornments related to the video game. Some people choose to buy their decorations - from the welcome sign and balloons to the stickers and freebies to give away since this is more convenient.

What’s a fun Super Mario birthday party gift?

If you’re looking to purchase a fun gift, we suggest getting the Super Mario Brothers ice cube tray. It features various designs from the famous game, including Mario and Luigi! It is also a quick way to add a twist to your regular drink.

When A Party Rocks…Wahoo!

Super Mario has taken the world by storm, and holding a Super Mario Party would definitely bring back great and loving memories from our childhood when life was pretty simple. These quick, fun, easy, and crazy party ideas would entertain the kids and the young at heart. 

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