Star Wars vs Halo: Full Comparison (2024 Updated)

Star Wars vs Halo: Full Comparison (2024 Updated)

Both Halo and Star Wars are two of the most popular contemporary sci-fi franchises out there. Because of their awesome fictional plot and virtually believable cinematography, both the FPS Halo and the Star Wars universe have established a dedicated fanbase. 

Factions and characters in both universes are impeccable that it leaves fans wondering who would win if a crossover and a space battle ever happen. Find out more about Star Wars vs Halo below.

Halo & Star Wars Compared

Halo & Star Wars Compared

Each sci-fi favorite is unique and impressive on its own. However, if we compare the two, Halo has a more strategic edge over its enemies in the franchise, so we have less doubt that it will dominate a space battle over the Star Wars forces. 

Star Wars

Space Battle

Space Battle

Fans adored Star Wars, especially for using The Force, which is the power to manipulate the energy that runs in nature. It is the ability to control the energy internally which requires mastery. 

The forces in Star Wars are adept in using The Force and transmuting it into various means such as Core, Control, Sense, Alter, and Universal Force abilities. Light and Dark force abilities also use either or both pure and dark energy.

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Melee Abilities

We can attribute the dramatic and thrilling combat sequences in Star Wars to the characters' high-end melee combat weapons and melee abilities. In melee combat, hand-to-hand weapons in Star Wars range from swords, knives, axes, vibroblades, vibro-axes, gaderiffi sticks, bayonets, and improvised weapons. 

The Gaderffii stick, for one, is a metal-made staff weapon from the Tusken Raiders which can kill or incapacitate an opponent.

Psychological Abilities

Psychological Abilities

Lightsabers are very powerful weapons that require care, mastery, and talent. This is why only the Jedi or Sith specializes in using the lightsaber because they are the ones who are in tune with The Force. 

A character like Rey is Force-sensitive, meaning that she has the extraordinary power to wield The Force. Force powers which are abilities that science cannot describe, are the manifestations of a Jedi, Sith, and other connections.


Space Battle

Space Battle

Halo is a sci-fi masterpiece that is equally competitive in fictional space battles. The enemies should largely be on the lookout for the Halo Rings. In particular, halo rings can annihilate a couple of their enemies in just a short amount of time.

Melee Abilities

The ground armies in Halo universe have strong and excellent melee abilities that could easily eliminate the storm-troopers in case of a crossover. The flood would take over the Jedi, and a few rifle shots can be potent and immense. Halo has both the Forerunners and the Precursors with trillions of ships that can destroy galaxies.

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Psychological Abilities

Psychological Abilities

The theme of the Halo universe focuses solely on high-quality technological systems and weapons that can decimate enemies when in combat. The Forerunners possess a mastery of Physics and can harness vast amounts of energy that even science cannot describe, rather than based on magic. 

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How They Differ

Story Line & Fantasy Concept

Story Line & Fantasy Concept

Stars Wars dangles more on the fantasy side in terms of concept. The story focuses mainly on the quest of Luke Skywalker to become a Jedi. The star wars forces derive their power from The Force, which is a form of magic in itself. Halo has a more realistic and more consistent storyline than Star Wars. Halo is about the interstellar war between humans and The Covenant. 

Characters & Their Development

Star Wars has Luke Skywalker as the protagonist who is on a quest to become a Jedi. He has to overcome an evil imperial agent called Darth Vader. In the franchise, we also see the struggle of the Rebel Alliance in trying to free the galaxy from the shackles of the Galactic Empire.

In the trilogy of Halo, the story revolves around the conflict between UNSC and the Covenant, which is an alliance of aliens. Forerunner is an ancient race, leaving behind artifacts like the Halos or the halo rings which contain the Flood.

Weaponry & Technology

Weaponry & Technology

Halo is the forerunner in the field of weaponry and technology. Its characters are remarkable in their ingenious use of sophisticated technological systems. They do not stop with their innovations, and they continue their research for more advanced weaponry. Halo rings and death star weapons are some of its most powerful weapons.

Stars Wars also has a couple of weapons that the heroes use for futuristic space battles. Weapons in Star Wars are a cross of creativity and realism, such as their blaster and carbine rifles, Captain Phasma's staff, and the most popular lightsabers that can cut through anything.

Alternate Universe

Bringing together the elements of Halo from its original version as a video game was quite a challenge for its creators. The alternate universes the designers made were unmistakably a masterpiece. Its creators revealed that the Halo Universe exists within a multiverse with infinite numbers of alternate realities.

Star Wars Rebels introduced the idea called the Veil of the Force. It is a mythical dimension that connects time and space, causing fans to theorize that an alternate universe can be possible for Star Wars.  

Army Training

Army Training

The episode of Star Wars Rebels exemplifies much of the regimen of Stormtroopers. The training process begins with sorting in the Imperial Academy System, and then stormtroopers will be sent to any of the three academies: Corulag, Raithal, or Carida. Cadets undergo two years of grueling regimens that train their minds and body. Their exercises would include marksmanship, emotional suppression programs, and squad-based tactics. 

UNSC overrides civilian rule and took the role of being humanity's government. The UNSC directed more of its efforts and resources on developing cutting-edge equipment and technology, supplying it to the SPARTAN-II Project. 

Armor Suits

The Mjolnir Powered Assault Armor is an advanced exoskeleton system that boosts the Halo supersoldiers' strength, reflexes, and agility in combat. Each suit costs the equivalent of a starship. The Mjolnir armor suit protects the soldiers from EMP and radiation. 

The Stormtrooper armor is a white plastoid composite of the standard armor suit by the Imperial Stormtrooper. 

It protects the stormtroopers from blaster bolts. The synth-leather boots allow mobility for the troopers.

Strategic Combat Skills

Strategic Combat Skills

During combat, Star Wars forces can easily apply The Force to their lightsabers, essentially wielding a powerful force that can annihilate their enemies. The most striking and competitive edge of Star Wars forces would be their use of The Force in the form of Memory Walk, Shatterpoint, Electric Judgment, Dark Transfer, Force Scream, and a lot more. 

The Halo universe, on the other hand, has both the UNSC and the covenant, which are adept at hand-to-hand or surface-level combat. 


Are the Forerunners stronger than Star Wars Storm Troopers?

Yes. Forerunners have the Halo Array, are in control of most of the galaxy, and can destroy faster than the Storm Troopers can recover. Forerunners also have impressive production capability, planet-decimating weapons, and ships, way stronger than that of the troopers. Their ground troops are powerful in melee and complex combat. They also have faster tactical reaction times and more advanced technological systems.

Which came first, Star Wars or Halo?

The first Star Wars movie was released in 1977, while the first Halo was released in 2007. It can be difficult to compare both universes or sci-fi franchises because they use a totally different time setting. In Star Wars, they signify time as BBY or Before Battle of Yavin and ABY or After Battle of Yavin. Halo uses the regular time setting. Needless to say, these two universes are incomparable as to the era in which they occur. 

Final Verdict

The Halo Universe [1] is unique in that it showcases diverse forms of power, advanced technological weapons, and melee abilities. It contrasts Star Wars with its characters' use of lasers, turbo, blasters, and other technology. In a space battle, Halo would win because of its galaxy-level technology. 

Their chances of victory will be high if they are able to shoot the Stormtroopers down beforehand, especially since the UNSC is an advanced faction. On the contrary, the Jedi would win on-ground combat.

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