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Halo vs Doom: Which Series is Better? (2022 Updated)

The Doom and Halo franchises have changed the gaming industry, offering exciting gameplay and unique weapons. While both Halo and Doom fall under the FPS genre, fans have wondered which of the two games is better.

And if you're also intrigued, our team has researched for 50 hours to boil down how Halo vs Doom will turn out.

Doom & Halo Compared

Doom & Halo Compared

 The Doom series is a classic that brought the FPS games genre into realization, featuring a Marine in United Aerospace Corporation on Mars who will encounter demons from Hell and become a demi-god.

On the other hand, the Halo series takes place in a different world, where the Spartans will encounter fights with the Covenant, leading an army of aliens aiming to wipe out humanity. So Halo is a sci-fi based while Doom is a fantasy set in completely different environments and characters.

A Closer Look At Their Differences

Story Line

Story Line

Halo stands out in terms of a storyline, gaining fans aside from the gaming community [1]. In Doom, the story is based on Mars, where an interdimensional space travel project opens the gateway for demons in Phobos base.

However, Halo offers an immense universe dating from 15,000,000 BCE, where children were kidnapped and injected with drugs to become super soldiers. This led to the creation of the Master Chief, who will combat aliens.

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The original Doom video game cannot compare to the graphics of Halo. Under this aspect, Halo offers better play featuring state-of-the-art graphics and impressive character designs. And with the release of the Halo Infinite, the series has proven its cutting edge technology.

Nonetheless, just like any classic game, the release of Doom Eternal is a sign that the series will have better upgrades and graphics in the future.

Impact & Legacy

Impact & Legacy

Although Halo is undeniably one of the best-played games in the FPS genre, it won't stand with Doom and will forever retain its impact and legacy. The Doom has completely changed the gaming world and pop culture, being the most important FPS game aside from Castle Wolfenstein. Also, Doom Eternal proves that the series is still recognized almost three decades after being released.


If thrill is what you're in for, Doom's arcade-like action beats Halo if we're talking about speed, power, and gore. In Doom, the Marine fought with hell demons using different weapons and involved continuous movement, or the player dies. However, Halo Infinite and Doom Eternal differ in action depending on if you're playing on a console or PC. But still, Doom stands out as a more action-packed game. 



The two series are known for having the best protagonist in the FPS genre. Master Chief is one of Dr. Halsey's successful children turned into a super-soldier or Spartan, named John-117. So basically, Master Chief is a science project like Captain America. As for Doom Slayer, he is a normal human who has developed god-like abilities after fighting with demons for centuries.


The enemies that Master Chief fought within Halo are extraterrestrial creatures of the Covenant, which is the most common antagonist one may find in a game geared with exceptional weapons and armors. However, the Doom demons from Hell are more thrilling and challenging to combat as players anticipate the next battle.



If Doom pioneered FPS gaming, Halo is acknowledged for leading the gameplay to the next level. The combat becomes even more exciting in Halo, allowing multiplayer FPS. The Doom Eternal also offers multiplayer in its Battle Mode, where two players can control one demon each to defeat Doomguy. However, Halo Infinite has better options, allowing 4v4 and 12v12 battles.

Game Modes

Gaming is more fun and exciting if it has various modes to play. And under this aspect, Halo Infinite beats Doom Eternal, offering 14 secret modes such as the Arena: Attrition, Ranked: One Flag, and Tactical: Slayer, leading the total count to 31. So indifferent gameplay and combat mode, Doom is too far behind. So, who's the best Halo player ever?

Game World

Game World

The Doom gameplay will surely bring a rush of excitement with its hell world and challenging battles. But in terms of combat arenas, Halo Infinite has once again surpassed Doom Eternal. As Master Chief performs his duties to protect mankind, he would venture into vast and complex worlds, allowing players to explore freely.

Level of Difficulty

If you're searching for endless fighting where you can enhance your gaming abilities and techniques, Doom should not be taken lightly, as it's not for casual gamers. It offers some of the hard-to-fought battles in gaming history with up to six difficulty levels in Doom Eternal.

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Armor & Weapon Upgrades

Armor & Weapon Upgrades

Master Chief's green suit in Halo lore serves as his armor, enhancing his physical abilities, making him sturdy and swift. He is also geared with varying weapons, such as a close-range gun and melee weapons that are scientifically advanced. On the other hand, Doomguy wears a Praetor suit allowing him to defeat demons and survive the Hell of fire. While his suit is a great shield, he uses outdated weapons like a super shotgun.


Which came first, Doom or Halo?

Doom came first. Doom was released in 1993 while Halo, in 2001, which completely became the turning point of FPS [2]. Although there are constant comparisons between the two, both are incredibly fun games to play.

Who would win, Doomguy or Master Chief?

It depends. In the fight of Master Chief vs Doomguy without weapons, it is hard to guess who would likely win. But for a good reason, Doomguy may win as he possesses god-like abilities. However, without a suit, the truth is Doomguy may die since he is a normal being, unlike Master Chief, who has augmented abilities. 

Final Verdict 

In summary, our team chose Doom over Halo for being the pioneer of FPS and having incredible yet simple gameplay. We hope that our guide also helps you choose which of the two suits your play style. 

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