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Piglet the Squishmallow: Complete Product Guide (2024)

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Say Hello to Piglet the Squishmallow!

  • Name: Piglet
  • Type: Animal/Cartoon Character
  • Color: Pink
  • Available Size/s: 5”, 8”, 10”, 14”, 16”
  • Squishdate: April 1, 2021
  • Squad: Disney
  • Model/SKU Number: KTY-SQK1024-V_PIG-C


Short Bio

Piglet loves a bucket full of acorns as much as he adores his friends. He may be fragile, soft, and timid sometimes, but only for good reasons.

He cares a lot about his friends and is willing to face his fears to protect them.

When he seems to think too much, that’s only because he does not want to make bad life decisions.

Piglet has many good traits - good-natured, independent, trustworthy, polite, and protective. Piglet is indeed such a good role model.

Key Features


Like any other Squishmallow, Piglet has top-quality stuffing, making it super soft and cuddly.

Made of polyester fiber and ultra-soft spandex, Piglet Squishmallows are super versatile in that they can either serve as a toy, a pillow, a decorative cushion, or as an alternative toy to relieve stress.

Another unique aspect of Piglet is the satin stitch of some of his facial features.


Though less optimistic than Winnie the Pooh, Piglet carries a loyal aura through its vibrant pink pillow-shaped body.

His distinguishing features include the pink and white striped jumper and charming floppy ears.

Those relatively big floppy ears, bright eyes, and tiny smile prompt a good-natured, adorable, and approachable impression of Piglet’s overall look.

Other Similar Squishmallows

Winnie The Pooh


Piglet is only one of the characters in the Winnie the Pooh universe.

Another star of the Disney x Squishmallows squad is Winnie the Pooh Squishmallow, the popular optimistic yellow bear in a classic red shirt.

If you connect more with Winnie the Pooh’s big-picture thinking, happy-go-lucky, and proactive attitude, he’s the perfect Squishmallow plushie for you.

He would be a great reminder not to take life “too seriously” and to always be kind to yourself and your friends.



The creators of Squishmallows plushies reinvented the film’s rather pessimistic grey donkey, Eeyore, into a friendlier and seemingly more outgoing one.

He is a combination of multiple colors: grey, dark brown, pink, and blue. What draws toy fans to him is his cute dark brown tail with a lovely pink ribbon. You can also check out Tigger the Squishmallow here


In 2021 alone, Squishmallows bagged several awards and recognition from popular toy websites to recognize its authenticity, durability, good impact on consumers, and brand popularity.

The toy brand won the Learning Express Toys and Gifts’ Best Toy Award and the National Parenting Product Award.

It was also included in the TTPM Holiday Most Wanted List and the Top PopInsider Holiday Gifts.

Care Instructions

Taking care of a Squishmallows plushie is simple. First, place the plush in a tiny mesh bag as an extra precaution before gently tossing it into the washer.

Make sure to set the machine to cold and tumble dry on low setting afterward. Always exert caution when washing your Squishmallows since too much heat might cause the material to melt.


Is Piglet Squishmallow rare?

The Piglet Squishmallow is not rare, which is great news for avid fans of Piglet out there.

Finding a Piglet squishmallow at the official Squishmallow website or any licensed retailer like Toynk would be quite easy.

To determine whether a Squishmallow plush is rare, you may check the hangtag attached to it.

You can spot a rare squishmallow by its silver tag, an ultra-rare by a golden tag, and a special edition through a holographic tag.

What is the biggest Piglet Squishmallow you can buy?

The biggest Piglet Squishmallow you can buy is an authentic 16-inch plushie which you can get from legitimate sellers like Toynk.

The Piglet Squishmallow is definitely a snuggly companion you can take with you on adventures and during bedtime.

Squish ‘Em!

If you’re an avid fan of Winnie the Pooh, then you shouldn’t miss out on collecting all the characters.

Piglet is the epitome of a loyal best friend who will be there for you no matter what.

Kellytoy's Squishmallow is made of super fine material and soft stuffing, producing a very cuddly and warm effect when squished.

No wonder kids, toy lovers, and collectors love this authentic 16-inch Piglet Squishmallow from Toynk. It is durable and authentic, and you will definitely get your money’s worth.

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