Nanoforce: Fallout 76’s new tabletop gaming figures (Toynk Exclusive!)

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A new line of Fallout figurines, called Nanoforce, will soon be available at! A few of these miniatures are found in the Power Armor Edition of Fallout 76, which included twenty four figures from the game. Since the Power Edition is now completely sold out, Nanoforce is currently the only way to get the figures. The figures are marketed specifically to tabletop gamers, since coming unpainted is ideal for customization. If you’ve never painted miniatures before, here’s a good tutorial to get started. Nanoforce sets include some of the figurines found in the Power Armor Edition, but Nanoforce sets also portray in game perks, equipment and other characters not in the original set. The following is a quote from the official release:

“The Fallout Nanoforce™ Series One Army Builder Collection Line includes 52 collectible figures from the Fallout universe, designed specifically for diehard Fallout fans who want to decorate their vault with the newest collectibles found in the Wasteland! Figures from the new line will be packaged in collectible boxed and bagged sets, and will be released in phases, starting from late 2018, to early 2019. All products are officially licensed by Bethesda and will be exclusively distributed by Toynk Toys.”

Here’s a breakdown of each set in the series:

Fallout 76 Nanoforce: Bagged Set One

Releases: Late 2018

The first Nanoforce set focuses predominately on perks and items. Unlike the rest of the sets, the first set is entirely in the Vault boy-esque style. The set is bagged, meaning they come in the “drugstore pegged” style of packaging. The pieces are hard plastic, meant to be painted and used. Just don’t forget your primer. The picture above is a 3D render, as is common for these types of figurines, but it gives a good idea of what to expect.

Fallout 76 Nanoforce: Boxed Set One

Release date: Early 2019

Boxed Set One has a combination of figures from the Power Armor Edition and Bagged Set One, but also comes with a four inch tall Super Vault Boy figure, and four other mystery figures for an “entertaining surprise.” If the silhouettes are any clue, the two on the right are probably characters in power armor. Just my guess, give your guesses down in the comments.

Fallout 76 Nanoforce: Boxed Set Two

Release date: Early 2019

Boxed Set Two also has a similar combination to the first, 2 perks, 2 artifacts, 2 Ally and 2 Enemy NPC’s, 4 mystery figures and a 4″ tall figure exclusive to the set. The vintage Nuka cola box art looks clean and thankfully, all boxes in the Nanoforce line are “play or display”. Meaning they are made to be used as a display case, opening them wont ruin the box. Like so many things in life, its not only the box on the outside, but the space monkey on the inside that counts.

Fallout 76 Nanoforce: Boxed Set Three

Release date: Early 2019

Box Set Three will likely be the most sought after boxed set in series one of Nanoforce. Though all boxed sets come with a four inch figure, three comes with a giant Deathclaw. Its the only Nanoforce Deathclaw figure in series one, so it’ll probably be sold out the quickest when it become available on the 25th of February. If you’re going to reserve one, should be this one.

Fallout 76 Nanoforce: Boxed Set Four

Release Date: Early 2019

Boxed Set Four is the final boxed set in series one. For the final four inch Fallout figure, a fire hydrant wielding radioactive zombie. (Plus its already red, so you don’t have to paint the fire hydrant.) It also comes with the rootinest tootinest Vault Boy, plus a lazer gun for the kids.

Fallout 76 Nanoforce: Bagged Set Two

Release Date: Early 2019

Bagged Set Two is the “premiere” set of series one. It comes with 24 two inch figures. Six of each category. It has select figurines from each of the other box sets, and come in the classic army men style “drugstore peg” baggy. For collectors wanting to build their own vault as quickly as possible, Bagged set two is the best way. Also give you backups when you mess up painting.

Fallout 76 Nanoforce: Bagged Set Three

Release Date: Early 2019

Bagged set three is the final set, meant to bolster the allied and enemy NPC’s in players collections. This set is good for those that want to build a Brotherhood of Steel army or have extra mutant raiders. The final bagged set rounds out series one for new collectors, or at least new Fallout 76 collectors.

How do I play?

For those that aren’t collectors, these figures can be used by creative players for the Fallout tabletop game, Wasteland Warfare. Like the Power Armor Edition, Wasteland Warfare is sold out on the official website, but unlike the Power Armor Edition, they are producing more of Wasteland Warfare. The second wave ready for shipping by early December, but those interested can still find the game at certain local retailers.

Some of the figures from Wasteland Warfare

But not just for the wasteland…
Theoretically, these figures could be used in other tabletop RPG’s, such as Dungeons and Dragons, Warhammer, or countless others. I’ll be using mine for my personal favorite tabletop game, Betrayal at the House on the Hill. I look forward to recreating my Fallout Shelter vault on a coffee table. (Hopefully with less fire.) Vault Boy too is easier to paint too, for those of us who aren’t Bob Ross. Newcomers can get their feet wet with the first set next week. We’ll update this article with new information as needed.

Which set is your favorite? Would you like to see a series two? Let us know in the comments below!  Please LIKE and SHARE if you enjoyed this content!

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