List of Garbage Pail Kid Names

List of Garbage Pail Kid Names (2023 UPDATED)

There are a number of Garbage Pail Kids out there ever since its inception in 1985, and 80’s kids will definitely remember them as the taboo sticker trading cards that their parents forbade them from ever owning and their teachers confiscated! 

If you’re wondering who is the most popular, here is the list of most popular Garbage Pail Kid names. 

Top 20 Garbage Pail Kid Names 

1. Adam


Adam Bomb is the most popular Garbage Pail Kid, as he is often used in the franchise’s advertising and marketing materials. He is also one of the first Kids created.

He is a smiling boy in uniform, but there is a nuclear bomb explosion where the top of his head should be.

He is seen pressing the button of the remote control he’s holding, which we could only guess was the cause of the explosion. 

2. Billy


Blasted Billy is Adam Bomb’s less popular cousin. Both Billy and Adam have the same art to their sticker trading cards, but we think the reason why Blasted Billy isn’t as popular as Adam Bomb is because his name just doesn’t have that ring to it. 

3. Seth


We feel bad for all the people named Seth out there, and we can just hope that they’re not plagued with the same lack of dental hygiene that Bad Breath Seth does.

Bad Breath Seth’s breath is so repugnant that he caused a bird to drop dead and a plant to wilt in this Kid's art. What’s worse is that he is a danger even to himself that his own nose is plugged!

4. Brad


The art of Brutal Brad might trigger unwanted memories in some people, especially those who’ve gone through some form of domestic violence.

Brutal Brad had just bludgeoned the head of a cavewoman and is seen dragging her along by the hair to who-knows-where.

That sounds extremely painful to us, even just thinking about it.

5. Carmen


Little kids who played with cutout paper dolls would find Cut-Out Carmen disturbing.

She greatly despises her predicament that she’s willing to pull out all the stops to escape it -- even to the point of cutting off her own leg!

Also, instead of pretty dresses and cute, trendy hairstyles, Carmen’s accessories include a vomit-stained shirt, a leg cast, and a nuclear bomb explosion. 

6. Ted


Dead Ted is drawn so well that we couldn’t keep our eyes off the Kid’s intricate details. Dead Ted is a zombie who’d just clawed his way out of his grave under the light of a pale blue moon.

A creepily triumphant smile is plastered to his rotting face, and we can only guess what he’s about to do next! 

7. Boyd


Dough Boyd is a parody of the adorable Pillsbury Doughboy. This Garbage Pail Kids art shows the poor Dough Boyd being prodded by a finger while expelling brown muffins from his back.

If you ask us, we just lost all appetite for Pillsbury muffins. 

8. Bill


Electric Bill looks so pained as he’s sitting there being electrocuted in an electric chair; we can’t help but feel sorry for him.

We can even account this disturbing imagery to the inhumane implications of the death penalty (but of course, we’re not trying to be political here).

Also, unlike other Garbage Pail Kids, Electric Bill looks extremely uncomfortable, like he’s being zapped against his will. 

9. Eddie


Evil Eddie is a kid vampire who’d just sucked the life out of a life-sized Barbie doll. His fangs are coated with blood, and his evil expression looks as though he won’t be stopping anytime soon.

Better hide while he’s out hunting at night! On his left is a small bat who seems to be egging him on to drink more blood. 

10. Jake


Fake Jake looks like a regular kid excited to go to school. His bright eyes and chubby cheeks would have you believe that he’s just out there on a quest to have the best day ever!

Don’t be fooled, though -- Fake Jake is actually just a cardboard cutout, and controlling him is a sinister creature that we’re not even sure how to identify.

We wonder what sort of trickery he’ll inflict upon Fake Jake’s friends and teachers. 

11. Wayne



We know that the artists of Garbage Pail Kids are not trying to be political, but we can’t help but see the political implications surrounding Slain Wayne’s art.

We see a black boy wearing a red blindfold as unknown entities are shooting him. What meaning you get out of that is entirely up to you. 

12. Harvey



Hot Head Harvey is a parody of Transformers during its peak in popularity. We see a formidable red, white, and blue robot with a doll’s face, shooting bullets out of its head.

This card isn’t as scary as it is cool -- or maybe we’re just suckers for anything robot! 

13. Jay



Jay Decay has similar art to Dead Ted, and we can even agree that they’re almost the same level when it comes to popularity.

The only difference between them is the print run: Dead Ted belonged to #5a, while Jay Decay ran in #5b. 

14. Joel



Poor Jolted Joel -- he looks like he was just trying to deliver an awesome performance at a rock concert!

Unfortunately, though, his equipment backfired, and he was shocked by his very own electric guitar.

His orange hair is all up in spikes -- and we don’t believe Jolted Joel owes all of that to styling.

15. Jeff



Junky Jeff looks like he might be trying to tell us something about children’s state of mind nowadays.

We see Jeff smiling innocently amidst a pile of garbage and him being so full of garbage himself that an orange cat is seen feasting happily on his sawed-off brain.

Perhaps the artists are giving a subtle nod to the declining quality of the education system, but who’s to say for sure? 

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16. Lou



Leaky Lou looks like he might just be doing his body a favor by drinking plenty of water [1]… but the water he’s consuming is just pouring out of the sizable holes all over his body.

A few holes are plugged in with cork stoppers to stop some of the leaking, but he’s going to need a few more cork stoppers at this rate. 

17. Gene



Mean Gene is a savage Terminator-esque, one-person army. He’s seen wielding -- and firing! -- a machine gun, with the ammunition wrapped like a belt around his body.

A roll of lit dynamite is strapped onto his head, ready to be flung to a target. And if that’s not enough, a deadly grenade is also seen latched onto his hip. 

Suffice to say; we don’t want to get on Mean Gene’s mean side. 

18. Nick



Nasty Nick has similar art to Evil Eddie, and he actually was produced first. It’s also known among enthusiasts that the first-ever run of Nasty Nick has the die-cut of the sticker slightly off-center.

Collectors are willing to pay top dollar for a Nasty Nick first print run in mint condition! 

19. Norm



Nerdy Norm is one of the few Garbage Pail Kids whose names don’t have an upfront connection to the art.

We see Nerdy Norm partaking in a few addictive substances, such as Coca-Cola, coffee, and cigarettes, with a crazed look in his eyes. 

If we were to give our unsolicited interpretation, we think that Nerdy Norm might have “nerded” out too much and was using these substances as a coping mechanism.

Well, we certainly can relate -- we remember going through the same thing when we were doing our thesis during our university days. 

20. Fran



Schizo Fran caused an uproar with the mental health professionals and was criticized for making a mockery out of schizophrenia, a terribly real illness plaguing the lives of many.

In the Garbage Pail Kids art, Schizo Fran is a little blond girl with two heads beating the hell out of each other. 

Upon hearing the criticism, Topps Company quickly reeled their Schizo Fran sticker trading cards and re-released them as Fran Fran instead.

This made the original Schizo Fran highly coveted among rare sticker card collectors! 


What is the rarest Garbage Pail Kid?

Nick is the name of the rarest Garbage Pail Kid. It is hard to find and has the highest value of the rest of the Garbage Pail Kid cards. 

What is the name of the most famous Garbage Pail Kid?

Adam is the name of the most famous Garbage Pail Kid. Adam Bomb is the most frequently used character to market Garbage Pail Kid, making it the most famous Garbage Pail Kid. 

What is the name of the first Garbage Pail Kid?

Nick is the name of the first Garbage Pail Kid. The card was first released in 1985. 

Wrapping Up... 

So there you have it… the list of all 20 most popular Garbage Pail Kids names! We sure hope you enjoyed cruising down memory lane as much as we did.

Whether you were for or against the Kids when they first released, you won’t be able to deny this franchise’s idiosyncrasies faint nostalgia!

Do you agree with our list? Who do you think are the most popular Garbage Pail Kids? Sound off below! 

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