How To Make A Christmas Tree Bow Topper

How To Make A Christmas Tree Bow Topper: Answered (2023)

Do you love decorating for Christmas? If yes, making a Christmas tree topper bow is a must for a more festive and eye-catching tree.

Moreover, creating a Christmas tree topper bow is easy, fun, and can be a great bonding activity.

In this blog post, we’ll show you how to make a Christmas tree bow topper for an added wow factor to your holiday decor.

9 Steps To Make A Christmas Tree Bow Topper

1. Gather The Necessary Supplies

things in making  christmas tree bow topper

Christmas trees originated from ancient times when wreaths, pine, and spruce were first used for decoration [1].

Today, many love to create DIY Christmas tree topper bows to make unique decor.

To make a Christmas tree topper bow, you should gather the necessary supplies, including wired ribbon, wire cutters, scissors, a bow maker kit, and floral wire or pipe cleaners.

You can also search a video tutorial post for more instructions.

2. Decide The Bow’s Size

The next step is to decide what size of Christmas tree topper bow you will create.

You can make a bow the same size used for wreaths or a big one to get a beautiful bow on your Christmas tree. Note that the bow size should match your tree’s size.

3. Cut The Ribbon According To The Desired Size

Once you’ve decided on the bow size for your Christmas tree topper, you should cut the ribbon based on the required length.

In addition, if you want to create a tree topper bow with a more complex design, ensure to match the ribbon colors before cutting them.

4. Gather The Ribbon & Make Loops

woman making a ribbon

Next, gather the ribbons you cut for the Christmas tree bow topper.

If you’re making a big bow, hold around 5 to 6 inches of wired ribbon and pinch it tightly with your forefinger and thumb, using your left hand to make the first loop.

Keep pulling more ribbon on your right hand and make another loop the same size on the opposite side.

5. Fill Out The Bow

woman holding a ribbon

Then, keep making alternating loops until you reach the design and size of the bow you want.

If you’re making an elaborate bow, ten loops should be enough. Also, don’t forget to pinch tightly and twist each loop to keep the design secure.

The excess ribbon should be at the bottom, while the decorative part should be on top.

6. Make The Central Loop

Afterward, make the final loop on the center intersecting with the rest. Pinch and twist it at the bottom, hold it tightly, and ensure that the tails are spread out.

Doing so allows you to keep the bow design together before securing it.

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7. Fasten The Loops Together

tying and securing a ribbon

Cut the floral wire and form it into a U shape. Next, insert the wire into the middle of the bow and bend it at the bottom.

Pull the floral picks to tie a knot and fasten your bow together.

You can also wrap ribbon around your bows to hide the pipe cleaners. Just fold the ribbon one inch before you wrap it over the wire.

8. Style The Ribbon As Desired

If the size of your ribbon is already enough, it’s time to style it the way you like it. You can pull the ribbon design and loose ends to make it more elaborate.

However, if you have a different ribbon design in store, just repeat the process to add color and texture variation to your bow before you hang it on your Christmas tree.

9. Make Some Streamers (Optional)

woman holding a ribbon

At this point, the bows you made are ready for styling your front door wreath and Christmas tree.

If you love garlands, adding streamers to your tree topper can help make your tree look more festive!

To make streamers, cut around three lengths of ribbon and stick it at the bottom of your bow.


How do you make a messy bow tree topper?

The key to making a messy bow is to use burlap - a fabric for wreath Christmas decor [2]. Cut different ribbons and interlay them until you form a circle.

Fasten them together and start separating them before securing the wire. You can also look for a video tutorial post for the method and instructions. Learn how to get into the Christmas spirit here

How much ribbon do you need to make a bow tree topper?

It depends. You will need at least 20 inches of ribbon for a single large bow. On the other hand, you will need twice that length if you’re making a double bow.

In short, you need a longer ribbon to make elaborate bows.

How do you attach a bow to a tree topper?

You can attach the bow to a tree topper with a wire. Make sure to cut another one for hanging, not the wire you use to fasten the bow.

Moreover, you can use straps as long as it keeps the bow on top and matches the design. Learn how to make a Christmas look fuller here

To The Top!

Overall, a Christmas tree bow is easy to make. You can also watch a post online for more design ideas and other great tips.

Tree toppers are perfect gifts for those who love to decorate and can also be used for styling a wreath.

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