How Fast is Sonic the Hedgehog? (2023 Updated)

How Fast is Sonic the Hedgehog? (2023 Updated)

It is uncommon for hedgehogs to star in movies, especially those eager to prove that they can be heroes. Sonic The Hedgehog is said to be the fastest thing alive, and most people are left in awe of his incredible speed. But how fast is Sonic The Hedgehog?

We have researched and compiled in-depth information to figure it out!

Sonic The Hedgehog’s Speed

Sonic The Hedgehog’s Speed

Despite his small appearance, Sonic the Hedgehog has a max speed of 186,000 miles per second and travels at a speed of 767 miles per hour. His light-speed shoes allow him to run faster than the speed of light and fight the evil genius who wants to use him in an experiment.

If you are wondering, this fastest video game character from Green Hill Zone gained his ability after exposure to massive amounts of kinetic energy from the Chaos Energy. Read more about Sonic The Hedgehog series here

Speed Specified 

Classic Sonic

Sonic’s manual ball form is 0.666m in diameter in the classic game. It could not be easy to track his actual speed because of how the camera moves, but Sonic’s speed (classic) is at 4.88 m/s.

Faster Sonic

Faster Sonic

Faster, also known as Super Sonic Hedgehog (both in the movies and in the gameplay), is known for running fast like a soundwave in the atmosphere of the Earth at roughly 1,235km per hour. 

Hyper Sonic

Hyper Sonic has an incredible strength that no one could ever imagine. Hyper Sonic’s speed is faster compared to the previously mentioned speeds. Believe it or not, he can reach the speed of light, about 671,000,000 mph.

What Is Sonic’s Top Speed? 

What Is Sonic’s Top Speed?

Sonic’s top speed in the record is 186,000 miles per second. His video game has been famous all over the world since 1991, and even back then, he could run around the Earth in a span of one day.

In addition, Sonic’s video game also involves Science, as his speed alone can restore time and space. Sonic’s maximum speed allows him to be faster than lightspeed and the speed of sound.

How Did Sonic Get His Speed?

Many people are wondering how fast Sonic the Hedgehog is, and this can be attributed to the unique pair of power sneakers made by Dr. Kintobor. It has special materials that push Sonic the Hedgehog's maximum speed, helping him reach a super speed of thousands of miles per hour.

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Sonic's Fastest Form

Sonic's Fastest Form

No one can deny that Sonic the hedgehog is the fastest character in all the video games, and Metal Sonic or Scourge the Hedgehog (from the creation of Dr. Eggman) becomes slow when compared to him. 

You may sometimes observe his rise and fall between every play, but it’s only because he doesn’t use his full potential in that specific moment. In fact, Sonic’s speed and abilities could help him defeat his enemies in less than 30 seconds!

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Is Sonic Fast Without His Power Shoes?

Yes, Sonic is still able to run fast even without his sneakers. The presence of his shoes does not affect how fast he is, and he can still beat the speed of sound without them. In short, he doesn’t need any technological enhancements.  

Compared to Other Characters 



Sonic and Goku have their unique abilities. Sonic can use his lightspeed dash and give Goku a punch that could destroy him even when he dodges the attack. In this scenario, since Sonic unleashed (and can create) speed faster, the chances of him winning against Goku are higher.


It is undeniable that Flash and Sonic have numerous fans worldwide, which often leads to a debate about who among them is the fastest. Sonic is over Mach 15 [1]. On the other hand, Flash’s is around Mach 3.3. 

Although Sonic’s abilities made it impossible for him to get damaged in a game, it is essential to remember that they are both the fastest in their respective universe.



Superman is a famous character both in-game and movie industry. However, despite his abilities, fans say that Sonic is more powerful than him because of the destructive means of Chaos Emeralds he holds [2].

Will Sonic Die If He Moved Too Fast?

Unfortunately, yes, he will. His body might tear apart if he cannot control his speed. It is a claim backed by Science, and his body would tear apart if he did not calculate his speed precisely.

How Far Could He Run In A Day?

How Far Could He Run In A Day?

Since his recorded speed is 767 mph, Sonic can run a distance of more than 25,000 miles in a day (which is the approximate equatorial circumference of the Earth). Sonic is known to run faster than the speed of sound and can even break the sound barrier. 

However, this will only be possible if he will not take a break to eat, sleep, (or go to the toilet). 

Speed In Comics vs Games vs Movies 

He has varying speed rates as far as the movies, games, or comics are concerned. In the comics, he can run up to 15 times the speed of sound. If we are talking about the movies, he can run up to 1,145 mph. In the games, he can run up to 186,000 miles per second.


Can Sonic the Hedgehog outrun a cheetah?

It depends. If it would be in his world, yes, he can. If it would be in our universe, no, he cannot. No matter how fast Sonic is (or how fast he gets in the future), he is only a fictional character, and his shoes give him an additional rate to run fast. 

Cheetahs are naturally born to be fast compared to other animals in real life. It is also considered the fastest creature in the kingdom. 

Is Sonic the Hedgehog faster than a bullet?

Yes, Sonic is faster than a bullet. This is one of the questions that await an answer from the fans. Since he is a small man and accelerates for 64m per second, he can successfully dodge a bullet.

In Conclusion 

Among all the famous characters in movies, video games, and cartoons, Sonic stands out because of his astonishing speed that can beat the speed of sound.

To answer the question “how fast is Sonic the Hedgehog” would depend on whether we are looking at a Sonic game (like Sonic Forces) or the movies.

Although these abilities came from the pair of shoes that Dr. Kintobor made, he can still run fast without it since it only gives him an additional power rate.

One thing is for sure - Sonic is definitely an incredible hedgehog!

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