Haunted Mansion Will Premiere In 2023: All You Need To Know

Haunted Mansion Will Premiere In 2023: All You Need To Know

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As a die-hard fan of Disney attractions, my excitement grew with the announcement that another movie about the Haunted Mansion will premiere this July 2023.

But before the movie takes us to the eerie halls filled with ghosts and supernaturals, let us first look at some essential details. 

What is the story about? Who will star in the movie? And is it the same as the previous Haunted Mansion film?

All About Haunted Mansion's 2023 Premiere

Haunted Mansion

The Haunted Mansion, a new movie inspired by a Disney attraction, will hit theaters this July 2023. It will be directed by Justin Simien, known for writing, producing, and directing Bad Hair and Dear White People.

The movie will have Rosario Dawson as a single mom who unknowingly moved into a haunted mansion in New Orleans.

Other talented actors like Owen Wilson, Jamie Lee Curtis, Danny DeVito, Tiffany Haddish, and Chase W. Dillon are also part of the film. Jared Leto will be the Hatbox Ghost and perhaps the main villain. 

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Its Release Date

The release date of The Haunted Mansion was set on July 28, 2023, a few days earlier than its supposed original release of August 11, 2023 [1]. 

It is the third release date of The Haunted Mansion because it was first scheduled on March 10, 2023, before moving to the August date we mentioned. 

The move of the movie's release date was due to The Marvels, which will now be showing in theaters in November 2023.

Is There A Haunted Mansion 2023 Trailer?

Yes, Walt Disney released multiple trailers for the Haunted Mansion 2023. Each teaser trailer opens by showing us the haunted house and introducing the main characters.

LaKeith Stanfield's character is a paranormal tour guide named Ben, who seems to be another main character. And Jared Leto, as the Hatbox Ghost, seems to be the main villain. 

From the trailers, we can expect a CGI spectacle, scary ghosts, and humorous exchange from the characters. 

Main Cast

Cast of Haunted Mansion

The main cast of The Haunted Mansion movie is a gathering of impressive and talented actors who will portray some of the iconic characters from the classic theme park attraction. 

Jared Leto will portray the Hatbox Ghost, while Jamie Lee Curtis will play Madame Leota. Rosario Dawson is Gabbie, owner of the haunted house and a single mom to Travis, portrayed by Chase W. Dillon. 

The main cast also includes Lakeith Stanfield (Ben, a paranormal investigator), Owen Wilson (Kent, a priest), Tiffany Haddish (Harriet, a psychic), and Danny DeVito (Bruce, a historian). 


The official synopsis of this Haunted Mansion revolves around Gabbie, a single mother, and Travis, her young son, who just moved into a newly bought mansion in New Orleans. 

But soon after, they realized that the house had long-time supernatural squatters [2]. They started seeking a paranormal investigator, psychic, priest, historian, or a motley crew of so-called spiritual experts to eliminate the unwelcome spirits. 

Winona Ryder, Dan Levy, and Hassan Minhaj will also be part of the movie, but their roles are still undisclosed.

Compared To The Original Haunted Mansion Movie

The 2003 feature film starring Eddie Murphy has a budget of about $90 million and is centered on Murphy's character, Jim Evers. He was a real estate agent struggling to make time for his family. 

So when a chance for a vacation came, he brought his family to a nearby mansion, where they eventually got trapped. 

Rob Minkoff directed the film, and has earned over $180 million. 

What is Haunted Mansion 2023 Rated?

Haunted Mansion Gate

The Haunted Mansion 2023 is rated PG-13 because of its thematic elements and mildly scary actions. Although it also features comedy, we will see more scary stuff this time than the previous movie. 

Disney would usually release movies under G-to-PG ratings only, which may surprise some people. But this rating is similar to movies like Cruella, Jungle Cruise, Mulan, and Pirates of the Caribbean.

Who's Making The New Haunted Mansion 2023?

The new Haunted Mansion 2023 is directed by Justin Simien and is still based on a Disney ride. Dan Lin and Jonathan Eirich produced it, and writer Katie Dippold wrote the screenplay.

It is a family movie, but guardians and parents should supervise the kids watching. Expect ghosts, monsters, and other supernaturals throughout the film.

Is The New "Haunted Mansion" A Remake?

No, the new Haunted Mansion movie is not a remake but a reboot of the 2003 Haunted Mansion. 

For starters, a remake is just creating the same movie with the same story, different actors, and new production effects.

We are more familiar with remakes because of Disney's live-action films these past few years, such as The Lion King and Beauty and the Beast. 

Meanwhile, a reboot starts the story from scratch, a new version that does not continue the previously released film. Planet of the Apes and Startrek are some of the best and most popular reboots. 


How many versions of The Haunted Mansion are there?

There are five versions of The Haunted Mansion in different Disney parks and two movie entries released by Walt Disney Studios.

Where can I watch the original Haunted Mansion?

You can watch the original Haunted Mansion on Disney+ and rent or purchase it on platforms like Amazon Instant Video, iTunes, Google Play, and Vudu.

It is a film based on a popular attraction. In the lead role, Eddie Murphy is a hilarious yet workaholic real-estate agent trapped in a haunted house with his family.

Where can I watch Haunted Mansion 2023? 

You can watch the new movie of Haunted Mansion in theaters on July 28, 2023. It will be available later on Disney+. 

Starring Rosario Dawson, other cast members to watch out for are Lakeith Stanfield (paranormal guide), Owen Wilson (priest), Danny DeVito (historian), and Tiffany Haddish (psychic). 

Is Disney adding Coco to Haunted Mansion?

No, there is no official news of Disney adding Coco to Haunted Mansion. Although Coco's story is about the place of dead people, it does not suit the Haunted Mansion attraction, unlike The Night Before Christmas.

Who is playing Madame Leota in the new Haunted Mansion?

Jamie Lee Curtis plays the role of Madame Leota in the new Haunted Mansion movie. The teaser trailer shows us the iconic disembodied head inside the crystal ball. 

In Conclusion

From the Disney park attraction to the theaters, Haunted Mansion proves to be a scary yet hilarious ride that fans of all ages can enjoy and love. 

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