Beauty And The Beast Party Ideas

10 Beauty And The Beast Party Ideas For A Magical Celebration

Beauty and the Beast is a cherished historical classic among Disney movies. It has captured the hearts of generations, making it a popular theme among birthday party celebrations.  

Here are the Beauty and the Beast party ideas that transport my esteemed guests into the enchanting and magical world of love, acceptance, and transformation. 

Get ready to bring this magical tale as old as time into your own Beauty and the Beast parties!

Top 10 Unique Beauty & The Beast Party Ideas

1. Beauty & the Beast-Themed Invites

Beauty and the Beast Mirror Invitation

Set the enchanted tone immediately by crafting Beauty and the Beast-inspired party invitations. 

Pick color ideas featured in Beauty and the Beast for the decorations and adorn them with elegant calligraphy to invite your guests to the grand celebration. 

2. "Be Our Guest" Buffet

Beauty and the Beast Grey Stuff

Now, showcase the generous hospitality of the castle's enchanted staff and let your guests go crazy with the delicious "Grey Stuff." 

The Grey Stuff is basically a cookie topped with whipped cookies and cream pudding [1].

Fill your party dessert table with delectable food and treats, along with the Beauty and the Beast cake.

3. Enchanted Rose Centerpieces

Beauty and the Beast Rose Centerpiece

Thankfully, Belle was able to save the Beast before the last petal fell, turning the castle back into a lively and colorful place. 

You can also turn your party into a magical place full of love and joy by carefully encasing enchanted roses in glass domes as centerpieces of the tables.

Check out some pretty Beauty & the Beast gift ideas here

4. Belle's Book Corner

Beauty and the Beast Book

Belle is known for her incredible love of reading and literature, making her one of the most intelligent Disney princesses [2]. 

Designate a cozy corner where book lovers can take a break from the loud party. Or a place where they can indulge in classic fairy tales and get lost in the enchanted world of reading.

5. Character Cutouts

Beauty and the Beast Panini Sticker

Make your Beauty and the Beast party even more fun and livelier by having the presence of the castle's iconic characters using amazing decorations such as a cardboard stand.

Having life-like images of Emma Watson (Belle) and Dan Stevens (Beast) during a Beauty and the Beast birthday party is a delightful photo opportunity for the excited guests.

6. Rose Petal Dance Floor

Rose Petals

Of course, no Beauty and the Beast party is complete without the iconic ballroom scene that captured us from the animated film and live-action adaptation. 

Transform the dance floor into a grand magical space by sprinkling artificial rose petals as party decorations.

We always include more Beauty and the Beast party supplies like balloons and other crafts around the venue. Also check out our favorite Disney Princess gifts here

7. Beauty & The Beast Dress-Up Station

Transform the kids into amazing and adorable little princesses and princes, and include a little something like a magic mirror.

Aside from Belle, the kids can also channel their favorite Disney princesses and other Disney characters during the party.

Then, let kids and adults take fun and cute pictures together to capture the moment they experience the magic of the make-believe world of fairy tales they won't forget.

8. Mrs. Potts Tea Party

Disney Beauty & the Beast Ceramic Teacup & Saucer Set
For a more magical effect, serve the guests with our best-selling ceramic teacup and saucer featuring Chip's iconic line when he announced Belle's magical arrival in the castle. 

Disney Beauty & the Beast Mrs. Potts Sculpted Ceramic Teapot Replica


Or bring warmth and joy to your guests with our highly recommended teapot replica of Mrs. Potts. You can give it as a prize for Beauty and the Beast-themed party games. 

Disney Beauty & the Beast Mrs. Potts Teapot Set 


But to make everything more special, add this teapot set as a perfect favor for the guests. 

It comprises a teapot and two tea cups, making it the top favorite Beauty and the Beast set by our customers. 

9. Beauty & the Beast Party Game

Girl Playing Games at the Party

Beauty & the Beast Sing-Along

Fill the venue with enchanting songs from the Beauty and the Beast movie like "Be Our Guest," "Something There," and "Beauty and the Beast." 

It will be a fun and joyous celebration for kids and adults as they stretch their vocal cords to sing their favorite Beauty and Beast soundtracks.

Gaston's Target Practice Game

Target practice is also a great idea for bringing out the competitive spirit from everyone during birthday parties.

Ensure to keep the excitement alive by giving away a Beauty and the Beast-inspired collectible in goodie bags as the grand prize.

10. Lumiere Candle Decorating

Hand Holding  Candle

For an extra magical touch, we like to surround the venue with Lumiere-inspired candles. Lumiere is the charming candelabra that lights up the dark and cursed castle for so long. 

Lastly, let your important party guests take a piece of this best-selling Disney Beauty & the Beast Funko POP Vinyl Figure - Lumiere as party favors for this enchanted event. 


What are the theme colors for Beauty and the Beast?

The theme colors of Beauty and the Beast are Pastel Yellow, Maximum Yellow Red (yellow family), Meatloaf (brown family), Petticoat (orange family), and Lapis Blue.

What does a rose symbolize in Beauty and the Beast?

At first, the enchanted rose symbolizes the remaining time for the Beast to find his one true love and break off the curse. 

But towards the end, it becomes a significant symbol of love and hope as they both succeed in returning everything to normal. 

In Summary

Create unforgettable memories for the birthday girl with these fun Beauty and the Beast party ideas that showcase a timeless tale of love, acceptance, and transformation. 

You can also give a Disney Beauty and the Beast Lights & Sound Enchanted Rose Jewelry Box as party favors for girls who attended the magical party. 

Or, if you want to look for more souvenir options, visit Beauty and the Beast Collection and take advantage of our daily free shipping in the US (except Alaska and Hawaii).



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