13 Best Funko Pop Shelf Ideas To Try (2024 Updated)

13 Best Funko Pop Shelf Ideas To Try (2024 Updated)

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If you plan to start collecting Funko Pops or have purchased a few units by now, think of the best way to display and store your ever-growing collection.

We understand the thrill of collecting Funko Pops because we're collectors, too!

We've curated a comprehensive guide to the best Funko Pop shelf ideas so you can store, display, and organize like a pro collector!

13 Simple & Amazing Funko Pop Shelf Ideas

1. Shelves

Zigzag Shelves

Zigzag Shelves

If you're searching for a simple yet creative method to display Funko Pops, use Zigzag shelves. This display idea is recommended if you have a small collection, as it helps maximize space in the room.

You can customize your shelf design and make varying patterns based on your collection number or purchase one from Ikea. Using zigzag shelves makes displaying your Funko Pops anywhere in the house easy and creative. 

Floating Shelves

After you unbox Funko Pops, you'd want to keep them in a mint figure like other collectors, whether for personal, selling, or trading purposes. If this is the case, then floating shelves are another great method to display your collection [1]

This storage idea is perfect if you want to maximize space in a room. You can use vacant walls to display your Funko Pop collection. You can also get creative by using different sizes of wall shelves or fixing them in varying patterns. 

Ledge Shelves

Ledge Shelves

If you're into minimalistic design, picture ledges are one of the ideal display options for your Funko Pops. This method is neat for arranging pop figures and requires only a few installation tools. 

You can place this at the end of the hallway, in between cabinets, or over your office desk at home. Also, you can use different types of wood for added accent or purchase shelves from Ikea. 

Acrylic Display Stand Shelves

Take your Funko Pop collection to the next level with the acrylic display stand - the perfect storage idea for avid collectors! This method is often used to display luxury bags and shoes, so displaying your Funko Pops through this will surely make it more fancy-looking.

In addition, using acrylic display shelves is a cool way to showcase Funko Pops, especially if you plan to take them out of their box.

2. Display Case

Display Case

While some mistook Funko Pop figurines and other action figures as toys, collectors see them as art that should be treasured [2]. If you consider yourself a Funko Pop specialist, using a display case is a sign for serious collectors. 

This method is an ideal display option if you decide to unbox your favorite Funko Pops, especially the rarest figure in your collection. Display cases are also recommended for building your own Funko Pop museum.

3. Geek Stackable Shelves Display

Since the Funko Pops line has occasionally expanded, displaying Geek stackable shelves is the best solution for organizing a growing collection. This method works similarly with a display case, but it's much better, as you can keep it in good condition after you unbox it. It can also comfortably fit 3 to 5 figures.

It offers more space than bookcases; you can stack them up, so keeping pop-figure boxes won't be a problem. 

4. Bookcase


If you're looking for sturdy display cases, a bookcase is your best choice. This one offers a lot of space and is ideal if you have a bunch of Funko Pops to display. You can also use the display cases to fill a room with different sizes, characters, and figures.

For example, you can use a bookcase to display your favorite figures or line them up on one shelf to be visible at eye level. 

5. Action Figure Stands

Our team also recommends using action figure stands instead of display cases. Action figure stands are easy to assemble and perfect for showcasing Funko Pops after unboxing.

However, choosing a safe location should be considered when using this method. Display your Funko Pop on a game room or bookcase table. You can also use this if you store your Pop figures inside an acrylic or glass cabinet.

6. Stack Them (For Boxed Items Only)

Stack Them (For Boxed Items Only)

Nonetheless, if you're keeping Pop figures boxes, you no longer need to purchase a display case or bookcase as you can stack them up. This method costs nothing, and displaying Funko Pops with their boxes is the true sign of avid collectors.

Do note that when stacking your Pop figures with their boxes, it is recommended to choose a safe location, such as a spare room intended for storing collectibles. 

7. Acrylic Riser Stand

Now, if you're purely collecting Funko Pop characters without the intention of selling them, opting for the acrylic riser stand allows you to admire your favorite figures in their full glory. 

This method is ideal for showcasing Funko Pops on your gaming den or display table after you unbox them. Furthermore, the acrylic riser display stands are a space-saving method, as you can place them on bookcases. 

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8. Glass Cabinet

Glass Cabinet

A fancy way to display Funko Pops, glass cabinets are the perfect display case, and they are worth the price for their quality. This is easily one of the best ways to showcase and protect unboxed Funko Pop figures, as it keeps dust away from your collection.

In addition, some glass cabinets come with locks, so you can be assured that your most valuable Pop is safe from being stolen. 

9. Pastry Cabinet Acrylic Display

Moreover, the pastry cabinet acrylic display is a good option if you're searching for display cases for a small collection of unboxed Funko Pops. This method is also perfect for showcasing a few of your favorite pop figures, as you can place them on your table or in any area in the house where you can easily spot them. 

10. Wedding Party Cupcake Display (Acrylic)

Wedding Party Cupcake Display (Acrylic)

If you're a bit thrifty and looking for a cost-effective but creative way for Funko Pop displays, you can reuse a wedding party cupcake display. This is perfect if you want to flaunt your Pop figures without their boxes, and you can use as many stands as you want to decorate your desk.

Moreover, using cupcake holders gives you more area for display while only occupying minimal space. 

Moreover, using cupcake holders gives you more area for display while only occupying minimal space. 

11. Baseball Bat Display Case

An unconventional method to flaunt your Funko Pops, the baseball bat display case is a great alternative for shelves and stands. This type of display case is ideal for small to growing collections as you can stack it up.

You can also use this to form several layers of shelves by leaving a space between display cases so you can arrange your Pop figures on top of it. 

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12. 3 Tier Half Moon Shelf Unit

3 Tier Half Moon Shelf Unit

If you're looking for displays to accentuate tables, walls, or the end of the hallways, the 3-tier half-moon shelf unit is another great option for showcasing your Funko Pop figures since it perfectly complements the rest of the furniture.

This rack is available in wood or acrylic and can be bought with a stand or used with wall-mounted shelves. It is also perfect for displaying selected collections, especially your favorite Pops. 

13. Combination Of Two (Or More) Shelving Methods

Lastly, you can combine two or more shelving methods, especially if you like aesthetically pleasing display shelves. For example, you can use floating shelves with the baseball bat display case to artistically accentuate your walls.

You can also place an action figure stand on bookcases or glass cabinets. 

Special Tip: Use Backlights/LED Lights

Special Tip: Use Backlights/LED Lights

With the nostalgia, Funko Pop figures bring, there is no limit to collecting as you can keep varying genres and all the characters in your collection [3]

So, if you want to enhance the beauty of your collectibles, we recommend using LED lights to illuminate each figure perfectly, be it in a box or an unboxed Funko Pop.

By using LED lights on your displays, you can stick them anywhere since batteries power them, and they are easier to fix. 

You also don't have to pay an additional price to install LED lights, as you can cut them to your desired size. Arranging your Pop figures with the extra illumination would make them more stunning.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Shelf for the Funko Pop Collection 

  • Size and Dimensions: Ensure it can accommodate your Funko Pop collection by checking its size and dimensions.

  • Adjustable Compartments: Look for shelves with adjustable or customizable compartments to fit different-sized Funko Pops.

  • Material and Durability: Choose a shelf made from sturdy materials like solid wood or metal to support the weight of your collection.

  • Design and Aesthetic Appeal: Consider the design of the shelf to complement your space and effectively display your Funko Pops.

  • Price and Value: Evaluate the shelf's price to ensure it fits within your budget while offering the features you need.

Make Your Own Funko Pop Shelf


  • Wooden boards

  • Screws

  • Wall anchors (if necessary)

  • Paint or stain (optional)


  • Drill

  • Screwdriver

  • Level

  • Measuring tape


  1. Measure and Cut Wooden Boards: Determine shelf dimensions for your Funko Pop collection. Cut wooden boards accordingly.

  2. Drill Pilot Holes: Mark screw placements on the backside of each board. Drill pilot holes to prevent splitting.

  3. Attach Wall Anchors (if needed): Install wall anchors for additional support if the walls are not sturdy.

  4. Mount the Shelves: Hold the board against the wall, ensuring it's straight. Mark and drill holes in the wall. Secure the board with screws.

  5. Repeat for Additional Shelves: Follow the same process for each shelf, spacing them evenly.

  6. Optional: Paint or Stain: Customize shelves to match decor or preference. Allow paint or stain to dry before use.


Is it easy to DIY a Funko Pop shelf?

Yes, it is! With a little creativity and finding a how-to video tutorial on YouTube, making a DIY Funko Pop shelf will be easy.

Also, we have provided an instruction guide above if you want to make your own, and it is ideal for beginners. Purchase the necessary materials for your DIY project, and start crafting!

How do you display Funko Pops on the wall?

With all the Funko Pop shelf ideas above, one of the best and safest displays for a minimalistic design is to use wall-mounted shelves.

If you have a smaller collection of your favorite Funko Pops, you can also opt for the "floating pops" method, but install it properly so that the figures won't fall off. Moreover, a baseball bat display case is also great way to display Funko Pops on the wall.

Key Takeaways

With our Funko Pop shelf ideas and guide, we hope you've found the best method to display your cool Funko Pops collection [4].

Although some of the methods in this guide are recommended for certain purposes, you should choose which works for you based on your preferences.

You can get more creative by combining different shelving methods and backlights to accentuate your Funko Pop collections.

Also, if you want to add new Funko Pops or want a gift for your loved ones, check out this page for more Funko Pop figures and collectibles!

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