Fortnite Party Ideas

12 Best Fortnite Party Ideas For Eager Fans (2023)

Whether you’re hosting a birthday party for your kid who loves playing video games or having a get-together with your gamer friends, choosing Fortnite as your theme will surely make the celebrant and your guest ecstatic.

We researched the best Fortnite party ideas you can try for any occasion, so read on and have a blast at your next party!

Top 12 Awesome Fortnite Party Ideas To Try

1. Send Out Fortnite-Themed Invitations

fortnite invitation card

Set the mood right by sending out Fortnite-themed invitations! It is a great way to start since your guests know what to expect at the event and get them even more excited to attend your party.

When hosting a kid’s party, you can ask your guests to wear their favorite Fortnite character for added fun. You can even send out an animated digital version of your Fornite invites!

2. Prepare A Fortnite-Inspired Cake

As the star of any occasion, you can never go wrong in preparing a Fortnite-inspired cake. If you’re good at baking or know someone who does, you can customize a Fortnite-inspired cake and add iconic scenes and characters from the game.

You can go from Loot Llama to towering trees used to cover tracks or cake toppers representing Fortnite characters [1]. If you are on a tight or very limited budget, you can always go for cupcakes.

3. Set Up A Fortnite Base/Obstacle

Whether your guests are kids or adults, setting up a Fornite base or obstacle will turn your party to a whole new level! It is one of the best Fortnite party ideas that will certainly make your guests thrilled.

You can use cardboard boxes and paint them camouflage. If you have a sawhorse, you can also turn them into bases by covering them with camouflage mesh netting.

4. Fortnite-Inspired Party Food & Drinks

fortnite theme food party idea

Fortnite Slurp Juice

Serving a Fortnite Slurp Juice can make your guests feel like they’re drinking their healing potion in-game.

To prepare this drink, you can use blue lemonade and green food coloring for another flavored beverage that matches the mixture. Then, slowly pour each mixture to achieve a two-layered drink.

Fortnite V-Bucks Cookies

Step up your game by serving your guests with Fortnite V-Bucks Cookies! V-Bucks is the currency in-game, so it should definitely be present at your party from the food you’re serving, up to the giveaways.

If you have time to bake, making the V-Bucks cookies should be easy. However, if you need quick Fortnite-inspired party food, then take plain cookies and use gray, white, and light blue store-bought icings to design them.

5. Use Fornite-Designed Tableware

If you have been playing Fortnite for a long time, then you probably owned a couple of merch by now. If you already have Fortnite-designed tableware, there is no better way to flaunt your fandom than by using it in events and gatherings.

However, if you’re hosting a really big event, especially for kids, opting for disposable Fornite-designed party tableware would be better.

6. Set-Up Fortnite Party Decors

fortnite theme party decors

Party Banners

With varying characters released every season, you can also use different ideas for Fortnite party decors to complete the look of your venue [2]. The easiest way is to use party banners that feature your favorite Fortnite characters to make your venue more festive and “on-theme”.

Balloons & Table Napkins

Aside from party banners, Fortnite-themed balloons and table napkins are other great party ideas. For balloons and table napkins, you can use the color green, violet, blue, yellow, and black.

You can also get Fortnite printed balloons with iconic characters, weapons, and scenes from the game as this would be perfect for kids' parties! Additionally, ensure that it matches your chosen tablecloth for the best Fortnite dining experience.

7. Prepare A Fortnite-Inspired Photo Booth

Capture the best moments with your friends and family by preparing a Fortnite-inspired photo booth. While taking photos on your smartphone seems convenient, considering a themed photo booth is a sure way to make any party more fun and memorable.

You can rent a photo booth equipped with Fortnite props such as wigs, weapons, and mask. However, if the photo booth rental you hired doesn't have props, you can always request a simple Fortnite frame to fit your party theme.

8. Fortnite Dance Off

Step up your party by having a Fortnite Dance Off and let your guests show their groovy moves. This is the perfect activity to have a blast at the party, and both kids and adults would definitely enjoy this activity. Don’t forget to take your cameras out and capture every groove!

9. Prepare A Fortnite Real Game Console Party

Are you gathering with your friends who are Fortnite gamers? Then, preparing a Fortnite real game console party is a great idea! If you like to party while gaming, you can set up a screen projector and let everyone enjoy the game.

If it's a kid's party, you can set up a space or venue where kids can play. You can also host a Fortnite game competition during the party and surprise them with exciting merch as the prize.

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10. Fortnite Party Game

Nerf Gun Party

If you plan to have one of the best parties, host a Nerf Gun Party! Get as many Nerf Guns as you can and host the best summer party in your town. To make the game realistic, don't forget to set up a Fortnite-inspired battlefield in your yard.

Then, you can let your guests play solo or battle in teams. Also, prepare exciting surprises to add more thrill to the game.

Capture the Flag Game

For a more competitive fun play, go for the Capture the Flag game. This game is ideal if you’re hosting a party at a bigger venue, most preferably outdoors. In this game, you need to have two teams to compete with each other.

Each team will have its flag placed on its base. Then, the first team to take away the opponent's flag and brings it to their base wins.

Llama Piñata

Now, the perfect game for all ages, Llama Piñata is the best way to cap off your Fortnite party! This game is very simple - all you have to do is to get the iconic Llama Piñata loot.

You can also create your Llama Piñata packed with exciting prizes and hang it in an open space. Each player is blindfolded, slowly spins 4 times, and should hit the Llama Piñata using a stick to win.

11. Fortnite Supply Drop As Party Favors

Just like the Fortnite game, party favors are free, making it the most-coveted and much-awaited part of any event. To make your party favors exciting and intriguing, why not pack them in a Fortnite Supply Drop [3]?

You can set up a supply drop in a corner using a yellow balloon and blue box and fill it with party favors. Another idea is to make a supply box using cardboard filled with giveaways.

12. Try Fortnite Sleepover Party

fortnite sleepover theme party with tent

Hang out with the gang and enjoy a Fortnite Sleepover Party! This idea is perfect for kids and adults who want to celebrate their special occasion with friends who are avid Fortnite fans.

For a Fortnite Sleepover Party, you can use your kid's bedroom or any comfortable spare room. Create a design concept of what activity you plan to do. You can decorate it in a jungle setting or make it camping appear like a camping ground.

13. Set Up A Virtual Fortnite Party

If you’re hosting a meeting with your friends or other Fortnite players who are living far from you, then a Virtual Fortnite Party could be your best option.

A virtual party is also more practical and economical since you only need to engaging activities that could be accomplished in an online setting.

You can host a dress-up game and portray your favorite Fortnite character! Doing this would only require the use of a few props like balloons, wigs, and other accessories.


What do you do at a Fortnite party?

There are plenty of things you can do at a Fortnite party, and one of these is hosting actual games inspired by the video game. You can also set up a game console party and let the best players battle with each other. If you’re into cosplay, hosting a dress-up game could also be fun!

How do you make Fortnite decorations?

If you love crafting, making Fortnite decorations is pretty simple since there are many inspirations on the web and DIY videos you can find on YouTube. You can also print out party templates to make things easier. If you don’t have enough time to make DIY decorations, you can always purchase party kits online.

Where is the Party Hub in Fortnite?

To see the Party Hub, launch the Fornite app. Then, below the home page, you can find the Party Hub before playing the game. Do take note that the Party Hub is only available via the Fortnite: Battle Royale mobile app.

Party-ing Words

Host the best party ever with our list of Fortnite party ideas! Be it with your gamer friends or kids who are into video games, these ideas will definitely give your guests a Fortnite party fever.

Our team also recommends the Fortnite Llama Drama Loot Pinata if you’re in for some surprises.

If you’re in search of more Fortnite merchandise and collectibles, make sure to check our website out.


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