15 Best Fortnite Cake Ideas You Can Try

15 Best Fortnite Cake Ideas You Can Try (2023 Updated)

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In online video games, Fortnite has won many virtual hearts. Due to its popularity, many people, particularly children, want to theme their parties and birthdays after the game.

The best way to top off a fantastic Fortnite party is with a cool Fortnite-themed cake that will make the occasion extra special! We've compiled a list of the best and easiest Fortnite cake ideas for your upcoming Fortnite-themed party.

Top 15 Cake Ideas For Fortnite-Themed Parties

1. Drip Cake with Fortnite Logo

Fornite logo birthday drip cake

Drip cake is an easy and quick birthday cake recipe you can make at home. You can use 3 layers of sponge cake to create a good base. For the drip to fall evenly, smooth the buttercream with a palette knife, then repeat for the succeeding layers.
Use white chocolate ganache or dark chocolate ganache for the drip. You can mix them with lighter shades of blue, gold, or brown to complement your Fortnite-themed party. Drip the ganache carefully, then top it off with a Fortnite logo cake topper.

2. Fortnite Dance Topper

If you want to amp up the fun of your party with a Fortnite dance theme, this cake idea is a great way to do so. Create a simple cake with green, blue, or white icing. Finally, place your favorite dance moves using a cake topper on top.

3. Camouflage

Sneak up on your party with one of the best Fortnite camouflage cakes! You can create the camouflage using edible print and add customized fondant toppings like bullets, a treasure chest, and a grenade.
You can also add a plastic patroller, elite agent, bush ranger, or Cammy figures using cake toppers. Get your guests ready for battle with this army camo cake!

4. Small & One-Tier Fornite Cake

1 tier fortnite birthday cake

This is the best option if you are a beginner and want to bake and decorate your own Fortnite cake. A one-tier Fortnite cake can measure up to 6 inches in diameter.
You can make chocolate, vanilla sponge, or fondant cake, depending on your preference. Use green, white, blue, or brown frosting, and top it with a customized Fortnite cookie or cake topper, including a treasure chest and a pickaxe.

5. Chug Jug

This legendary chug jug-inspired cake will refuel your health and shield bars after a grueling, fun party game. More layers for the base are preferred for this cake, and blue and black icing is required for the frosting and cover.

6. Supply Drop

The Fortnite supply drop cake will make your party go off with a bang [1]. Create this using a square cake with a hole or pocket in the center. Fill the center with sprinkles, candies, or a special Fortnite gift or memorabilia.
The celebrant will be surprised upon slicing this cake!

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7. Tilted Towers

This is the best idea if you are already a skilled or advanced cake maker. You can create this cake using chocolate mud, ganache, or fondant. Finish it by adding a mountain, rocks, trees, a supply drop box, a treasure chest, and the tilted tower cake topper as the centerpiece.

8. Battle Bus

Jumpstart your Fortnite party with a Battle bus-inspired cake. For beginners, use a round cake, cover it with icing, and finish it off with Battle bus cake toppers.
If you want to go all out, you can bake your cake and shape it into a Battle bus, and decorate it using blue icing (base) and yellow and black icing for the wheels.

9. Fortnite Gaming Console

fortnite nintendo switch birthday theme cake

A gaming console-inspired cake is perfect for online game enthusiasts. You can have a rectangular, square-shaped cake and cover it in black fondant. Add the details using icing, fondant, or edible print.

10. Fortnite Durr Burger

A Durr Burger fast food chain or the Beef Boss mascot are two cool ideas for a Fortnite-inspired cake theme. To ensure it won’t melt or fall off, use a fondant base and toppings for this cake.

11. Loot Llama & Crazy Bear Cake Pops

This is an excellent choice, especially for children's parties. This simple recipe requires crumbled cake, shapers, lollipop sticks, melted ganache, sprinkles, and decorative candies as a dip.
Using different pigments, you can make the cake pop into llamas and crazy bears and decorate them as you wish. These small cake bites will definitely be enjoyed by the little ones.

12. Llama Loot Cake

This Pinnata cake will undoubtedly delight the celebrant. You can create this using a rainbow sponge cake and fill the center with sprinkles, chocolates, candies, and Fortnite figures. Get ready for a surprise once the celebrant cuts the cake!

13. Fornite Large Llama Cake

A large llama cake will take more time and effort to prepare. If you want to make a large llama figure, use fondant cake and toppings.
Moreover, if you want to make a large rectangular llama cake, use sponge cake and buttercream, with green, pink, blue, and white pigments for the icing.

14. Fortnite Treasure Chest

Treasure chests are lootable storage containers containing valuable items [2]. You can make your Fortnite treasure chest cake using a gingerbread sponge or fondant cake. Use gold, orange, blue, and gray pigment for the icing.
In the treasure chest, you can put your special Fortnite treat for the celebrant, such as mini figures or Fortnite memorabilia.

15. Fortnite Characters

fortnite character theme drip cake

Create your cake the way you usually would. Then, decorate it with cake toppers of Fortnite characters such as The Cube Queen, Galactus, Panther, or Sabina. Make sure to use pigments that would complement your theme.


What are in-game Fortnite birthday cakes?

In-Game Fortnite birthday cakes are part of the bonus set of challenges that were released to celebrate Fortnite’s 5th birthday. Available between the 23rd of September to the 27th, the Fortnite birthday cake challenge involves finding 5 pieces of cake in various separate matches.

Where are the in-game birthday cakes on Fortnite?

The in-game Fortnite birthday cakes can be found at all of the major POIs on the map by using the nearest balloon on it. Here is a list of the ten locations:

  • Center Area Of Fatal Fields
  • West Of Lonely Lodge
  • South Of Loot Lake
  • North Of Greasy Cove
  • North Of Flush Factory
  • The Retail Row
  • North Of Paradise Palms
  • South Of Lazy Links
  • Hilltop Between Risky Reels, And
  • Wailing Woods

In Conclusion

A birthday party isn't complete without a cake. Every celebrant wishes to blow a cake and make a wish. A Fortnite-themed cake will surely round out the celebrations and make it extra special for a Fortnite fan.

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