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25 Doctor Who Gift Ideas (2022) Must-Read

Calling all Whovians! Are you looking for Doctor Who gift ideas for someone who loves the mysterious time traveler as much as you do? 

You may not be able to find an actual sonic screwdriver (but that would be so awesome). Still, there are other gifts you can give a Doctor Who fan, which you can find in the time and space we’re in.

Without further ado, let’s get to it!

Doctor Who Gift Ideas for Whovians

If you’re not familiar with the legendary Doctor Who (aka the time lord), the show with the same name is a popular sci-fi BBC TV program that ran for 12 seasons until 2020. The lead stars of the show are David Tennant and Jodie Whittaker. Even after it has ended on BBC, the fandom continued to live on.

The idea of time-traveling aliens and a time lord fighting off evil by intervening with historical events and saving the world has appealed to many, which converted them to Whovians or Doctor Who fans. 

Luckily, the franchise’s success led to hundreds of merchandise that appeal to the public. If you’re looking for Doctor Who gifts, the ideas from this list will surely help you find the perfect one! We have also included the links on our site with the corresponding prices and detailed features to help you ease your search for the classic and most iconic science fiction gifts for every fan of all ages.

Top 15 Doctor Who Gifts For Her

1. Doctor Who Themed Mystery Gift Box

Doctor Who Themed Mystery Gift Bo 

Can’t decide what to give the doctor’s fans? This Doctor Who Themed Mystery Gift Box will surely make any Whovian go “wibbly wobbly, timey wimey” since it’s overwhelmingly filled with all things Doctor Who! Give this TARDIS mystery gift box for any occasion - Christmas, birthdays, you name it! This would make for a great collectible featuring the most iconic character in the universe. 

2. Doctor Who Dalek and Cyberman Talking Pen

Doctor Who Dalek and Cyberman Talking Pen 

Are you one of the few who love villains more than the doctors? Then this talking pen that features the sound of Daleks and the Cybermen is perfect for you! If your friend loves them as much as you do, then this gift would rock their world! Get ready to spend the day reenacting the Daleks’ sounds!

3.Doctor Who Weeping Angel 12oz Molded Mug

Doctor Who Weeping Angel 12oz Molded Mug 

Keep your eyes on this molded mug and watch it carefully or it might come to life and transport you back in time and into space. Aside from having a TARDIS replica, this Weeping Angel Molded Mug is a cool item to add to your Doctor Who collection!

4.Doctor Who Weeping Angel Lenticular Wall Clock

Doctor Who Weeping Angel Lenticular Wall Clock 

Although a lego set would be a nice gift, if you know someone who always “forgets the time”, then you should definitely consider giving them this Weeping Angel wall clock instead! You will not only save them from the hassle of being late, but you would surely be getting great value for its price!

5.Doctor Who Missy Bright Purple Dress 5.5" Action Figure

Doctor Who Missy Bright Purple Dress 5.5" Action Figure 

For fans who are into action figures, this 5.5-inch Missy figure will be worth adding to any Whovian collection. Surely, this would light up the room and be the center of attraction! This edition is featuring the character in her Season 9 purple outfit, complete with the iconic hat and umbrella.

6.Doctor Who TARDIS Costume Scarf Adult

Doctor Who TARDIS Costume Scarf Adult 

If your dream is to be a TARDIS, a.k.a a police box, we won’t judge. We’ll even push you to be one with the TARDIS costume scarf! After all, who wouldn’t want to be a police call box time machine? You can buy this for any hardcore Whovian to keep them warm during chilly days.

7.Doctor Who Tablecloth TARDIS Design

Doctor Who Tablecloth TARDIS Design 

Having a life-sized TARDIS inside your home won’t be very ideal, especially if you have limited space. That’s why this TARDIS tablecloth is a perfect gift for anyone who wants to transform their tables into a time machine (well, not really). This will certainly give your table “the look,” but don’t expect it to become bigger on the inside when you go under it.

8.Doctor Who Large Tote Bag: Blink And You're Dead (Collage)

Doctor Who Large Tote Bag: Blink And You're Dead (Collage) 

Make a pop statement with this Weeping Angel-inspired tote bag. The beautifully made collage of the Weeping Angel makes it hauntingly unique, and it wouldn’t be complete without the words “blink and you’re dead.” Its amazing features are surely commensurate with its relatively affordable price!

9.Doctor Who Whovian Bracelet

Doctor Who Whovian Bracelet 

Yes, a lego game featuring Doctor Who may be a great gift, but there’s no subtler way to express your love for Doctor Who than to wear this amazing Whovian bracelet. This is for when you can’t wear that amazing TARDIS scarf because it’s warm outside. The detailed nameplate with black cords makes a great accessory to any outfit!

10.Funko Doctor Who Tenth Doctor Wacky Wobbler Bobble Head

Funko Doctor Who Tenth Doctor Wacky Wobbler Bobble Head 

Funko created a Wacky Wobbler Bobble Head figure of the Tenth Doctor. Watch as the Doctor’s head wobbles for your delight. If you know someone who’s into Doctor Who Funko figures or anyone who loves a good game, they’ll surely appreciate receiving this as a gift since it’s a collector’s edition.

11.Doctor Who 4th Doctor Arm Warmers: Multicolor

Doctor Who 4th Doctor Arm Warmers: Multicolor 

If you can’t rock the Fourth Doctor’s extra-long and multi-colored scarf, you can still represent him through these arm warmers. This is a great gift for Whovian’s, especially for Christmas! Keep warm and stay stylish while slaying the Doctor Who vibe.

12.Doctor Who Journal of Impossible Things with Master Ring

Doctor Who Journal of Impossible Things with Master Ring 

To understand the Doctor better, a Doctor Who fan would need his Journal of Impossible Things. Yes, I’m talking to you - the one who decided to go with the lego set again. Purchasing this journal will also give you the Master Ring! Its 78 pages are filled with notes and scribbles of John Smith, and you’d also get 22 blank pages for your own stories.

13.Doctor Who Embossed Women's Wallet: Retro TARDIS

Doctor Who Embossed Women's Wallet: Retro TARDIS 

Do you know anyone who needs a new wallet? This is your chance to buy them something TARDIS-inspired! Any Whovian will be delighted tp receive this sleek wallet embossed with the Doctor Who logo and printed with the TARDIS!

14.Doctor Who 50th Anniversary British Icon Dalek W/Sound & Lights

Doctor Who 50th Anniversary British Icon Dalek W/Sound & Lights 

If the talking pen isn’t enough, then give your villain-loving friend or family member this 12-inch Dalek! This was specially made for Doctor Who’s 50th anniversary. Complete with the British icon design, it’s a great conversation piece to place around the house.

15.Doctor Who Antique Frame Necklace

Doctor Who Antique Frame Necklace 

This Doctor Who necklace will be perfect for nostalgic friends and family. You can even put a photo of their favorite Doctor inside! Even those who aren’t Doctor Who fans will love this antique jewelry for its amazing quality and style.

Top 10 Whovian Gifts For Him

1.Doctor Who 12th Doctor Sonic Screwdriver W/Sound

Doctor Who 12th Doctor Sonic Screwdriver W/Sound 

“Sonic screwdrivers. Well, I say ‘screwdriver,’ but it’s more multipurpose than that.” -13th Doctor, the first female in Doctor Who, played by Jodie Whittaker. 

These screwdrivers truly are more than just a tool. As much as we’d like to have a real sonic one, we can only get a replica which is still as good as the one from the show. It’s also battery-powered with lights and sound effects!

2.Doctor Who Dalek Costume Beanie Hat Adult

Doctor Who Dalek Costume Beanie Hat Adult 

Become a living Dalek with this beanie hat! Any Whovian will feel warm and cozy while wearing this evil hat. It’ll be fun to get everyone you know this gift, wear it while having a bonfire by the tree, and be one big Dalek army!

3.Doctor Who 11th Dr Matt Smith 11oz Ceramic Coffee Mug for Home & Office

Doctor Who 11th Dr Matt Smith 11oz Ceramic Coffee Mug for Home & Office 

For those who need to be reminded about the Eleventh Doctor’s quirkiness and energy, this is surely a perfect gift! The blue background highlights the good-looking Doctor, and it matches his eyes and bow tie very well too!

4.Doctor Who Blue Dalek 4" USB Desktop Patrol Figure

Doctor Who Blue Dalek 4" USB Desktop Patrol Figure 

If a 12-inch Dalek is too big for your taste, then this adorable 4-inch blue variant will be just right. If you have a universe-themed battle station, this little guy will fit in just right. Let it patrol around your desk while you focus on your tasks.

5.Doctor Who 4th Doctor Neck Tie Adult Costume Accessory

Doctor Who 4th Doctor Neck Tie Adult Costume Accessory 

Do you know someone who loves collecting neckties? If they already own a TARDIS collection, then this Fourth Doctor-inspired necktie is worthy addition to their wardrobe. The pop of color just screams fun and is full of life!

6.Doctor Who Draconian From Frontier In Space 4" Collectible Figure

Doctor Who Draconian From Frontier In Space 4" Collectible Figure 

A Doctor Who fan collection won’t be complete without a Draconian figure. We’d have to admit - the price for this figure is a pretty good offer since it’s an official Doctor Who collectible item!

7.Doctor Who 5.5" Action Figure Set: 11th Doctor , Weeping Angels

Doctor Who 5.5" Action Figure Set: 11th Doctor , Weeping Angels 

It’s a good thing that this set only includes 5.5-inch action figures because if these were life-sized, then we’re not sure what could happen. This Doctor Who action figure set includes two weeping angels and the Eleventh Doctor. Put this around your house or in your tree house just for the fun of it!

8.Doctor Who License Plate Frame: Don't Blink

Doctor Who License Plate Frame: Don't Blink 

Take your love for Doctor Who on the road with this license plate frame. The classic line “Don’t Blink” will surely alert other drivers and remind them to be more careful while driving. Safety first!

9.Doctor Who Bill Fold Wallet - I Am Sher Locked

Doctor Who Bill Fold Wallet - I Am Sher Locked 

Can’t take your mind off of the “Wholock” episode? Why not get yourself this Sherlock wallet inspired by the popular crossover? You can get this for anyone who loves both Holmes and the Doctor.

10.Doctor Who Dalek Skeleton Heat Sensitive Coffee Mug

Doctor Who Dalek Skeleton Heat Sensitive Coffee Mug 

This cool mug transforms with heat - it’ll appear as if a Dalek took a point-blank shot! This is surely an amazing gift for any coffee and tea-loving Whovian. When the liquid inside cools down, it’ll go back to its original design.


What does the Doctor Who sonic screwdriver do?

The Doctor Who sonic screwdriver is a multipurpose tool used by the Tenth Doctor. It was originally used for animal sedation, but as the show progressed, it proved to be more useful.

Why does the Doctor have sonic sunglasses?

The Twelfth Doctor used sonic sunglasses when he abandoned his sonic screwdriver and when he became blind.

Time to Shop! 

If you’re worried about what to give your Whovian friend or relative, then this list should’ve given you a lot of gift ideas -  there are lots of gifts here available for every kind of Doctor Who fan!

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