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15 Best Weighted Stuffed Animals For 2023 (Updated)

Weighted blankets are one of the most popular products that help reduce anxiety and promote serenity for kids and adults.

Lately, weighted plush toys are also gaining popularity for their soothing benefits. Additionally, a weighted stuffed animal has been proven to help most people fall asleep.

Read on as we share the best weighted stuffed animals in the market today and the benefits they offer.

Top 15 Weighted Stuffed Animals You Need To Hug Now

1. Character Weighted Plush Throw Pillow

kawaii cute throw pillows

Like weighted blankets, stuffed animals with extra pounds offer deep pressure to the body, giving a child a sense of security and calming effect that reduces anxiety [1].

With the character-weighted plush throw pillow, you can get a super soft toy that kids will love for its cute design.

This plushie weighs less than three pounds, the ideal weight to hug to sleep. Learn how to make a weighted stuffed animal here

2. Emory The Elephant Weighted Stuffed Animal

Based on a 2016 survey conducted on parents, 3 out of 10 children with ADHD suffer from anxiety [2].

So, Emory, The Elephant Weighted Stuffed Animal is the perfect company for all ages. It’s one of the heaviest plushies weighing around 4.5 pounds, offering deep pressure to your body.

Emory looks cute with its poly blend fabric, making it easy to spot clean its plush exterior.

3. Mickey Mouse Weighted Plush

The Mickey Mouse Weighted Plush is the perfect one to get for Disney fans. This plushie measures 15 inches long, featuring Mickey in his classic outfit but in muted color.

It’s filled with silica beads, and the exterior is made from polyester.

Also, this plushie has an opening on its back and a removable weighted pouch that weigh 1 pound for easy cleaning. Check out the best stuffed animal brands here

4. Intelex Warmies Marshmallow Bear

Looking for weighted teddy bears? Then, the Intelex Warmies Marshmallow Bear will surely keep you warm while relieving your anxiety with the lavender scent it offers.

This adorable plushie is great for calming nerves as it’s filled with grains and dried lavender, which is ideal for kids and adults.

It also weighs two pounds, and the entire toy can be placed in the microwave or freezer for hot and cold therapy.

5. Huggaroo Weighted Lap Pad

Soft sensory weighted lap pad

The Hungaroo Weighted Lap Pad is another plushie to consider as it may help ease anxiety. This stuffed animal works like a weighted blanket with a weight of 3.6 pounds.

It also has a removable cover and weighted insert filled with non-toxic plastic pellets that are machine washable.

Moreover, this adorable plushie was reviewed by IBCCES, an organization setting standards for autism, making it ideal even for people with autism.

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6. “Eddie” Weighted Microwavable Stuffed Animal

For parents looking for microwave-safe plush toys, the “Eddie” Weighted Stuffed Animal got you covered. This toy features a cuddly and charming teddy-wearing overall.

It can be put in the microwave or freezer, perfect for hot and cold therapies. Eddie is a lavender-scented plushie with a weight of 1 pound.

So if your child needs a bedtime buddy, Eddie will certainly cuddle your kids to sleep.

7. Sloth Warmies Wrap

If you are in desperate need of a neck hug or want to reduce stress, the Sloth Warmies Wrap is the perfect stuffed animal to cuddle with while relaxing.

It measures 13 inches tall and is filled with flaxseed for extra weight. Added bonus: it has dried lavender to help relieve anxiety and promote relaxation.

Sloth warmies are also ideal for children as it only weighs 1.5 pounds, are microwavable, and can be chilled for therapies.

8. Intelex Cozy Therapeutic Wrap

The Intelex Cozy Therapeutic Wrap is the ideal plushie for all ages and passed all the U.S. safety standards.

It’s filled with all-natural grain and lavender scented to promote relaxation while providing comfort as weighted blankets do.

Thus, if your child needs playtime, travel, or bedtime buddy, get this plushie as it helps with colic relief and anxiety.

9. Llama Hugs

If in search of an extra soft stuffed animal, the Llama Hugs will surely offer loads of fun to your children and even for you.

Its weight is around 1 pound, and it is lavender scented to offer comfort, warmth, and soothing effects, making it easier to sleep.

These plushies are also ideal for kids of all ages and people who need hot and cold therapies since they can be placed in the freezer or microwave.

10. Wild Baby Weighted Plush Pal

Wild Baby Elephant Stuffed Animal

The Wild Baby Weighted Plush Pal is the perfect one for younger children as it weighs less than a pound.

It has a removable therapy pack that is microwavable and can be frozen.

This plushie measures around 10 inches tall, the ideal travel buddy that will make you really comfy as you sleep.

In addition, it contains natural beads and dried lavender, offering a relaxing scent as you cuddle.

11. Bobcat Warmies

Want some kitty plushies that only weigh a few pounds? Then, the Bobcat Warmies are a great addition to your collection of huggable cats.

Its weight is only 2 pounds, and is scented with real lavender for a soothing cuddling experience.

This plushie features a charming bobcat with bright eyes, big paws, and fluffy ears that all ages will certainly adore.

12. Sensory4U Panda Bear

The Sensory4U Panda is the ideal teddy for kids with sensory disorders, like autism, poor concentration, anxiety, stress, and ADHD.

This plushie is also for adults, featuring the likeness of a panda with 4 pounds of removable glass beads.

Also, it measures around 17 x 22 inches and is filled with microwavable soft stuffing to make it comfy and relaxing to cuddle.

13. Weighted Teddy Bear

The Weighted Teddy Bear is your kid's new calming buddy with extra weight and soft stuffing, ideal for those with mood disorders and attention seekers.

It weighs around 3 pounds and measures 14 inches tall, the perfect travel companion that will provide comfort and security.

Furthermore, this teddy has a polyester fabric exterior. It is only surface washable and make sure to air dry it to keep its embroidered features intact.

14. Fox Weight Mate

If you love collecting puppy plushies, the Fox Weight Mate will deliver. This unique plushie is not your ordinary toy as it’s worn as a sash, making it really portable.

It's perfect for adults and older kids and weighs around 5.5 pounds, offering a peppermint and lavender scent to make your day soothing.

So grab your new travel buddy to keep you warm on your adventures.

15. Husky Warmies Junior

husky stuff toy

Can’t get enough of collecting puppy plushies? Then, add the Husky Warmies Junior to your puppy collection.

This plushie is designed for targeting painful areas in your body since it is microwavable and can be chilled for hot and cold therapies.

It also weighs less than a pound and features a really cute and fluffy husky that will capture everyone's heart, the perfect plushie for all ages.

What Are Weighted Stuffed Animals?

Weighted stuffed animals are the improved version of the weighted blanket.

These are stuffed animals or pillows with extra weight that are made from soft material for comfort and cuddling.

In addition, weighted stuffed animals can contain different material stuffing to make up for the weight and are usually designed with longer arms for hugging and a sense of security.

They also come in different sizes and weights, so it’s ideal for all ages.

What Is The Point Of A Weighted Stuffed Animal?

People who are often stressed and anxious use varying relief remedies, such as a weighted blanket that offers pressure therapy to promote calmness in the entire body [3].

Since a weighted stuffed animal and blanket both provide pressure, finding the perfect size and weight can help ease tension in the body and anxiety and promote better sleep.

In short, a weighted stuffed animal serves as therapy and a companion for some.


How heavy should a weighted plush be?

Most weighted stuffed animals weigh around 1 to 5 pounds, which is designed based on varying uses.

Adults can pick the weight based on their preference or needs, like if they need hot and cold therapies to soothe the pain.

Meanwhile, it’s ideal for parents to choose light plushies for kids that they can easily carry around.

Are weighted stuffed animals good?

Yes, they are. Weighted stuffed animals provide varying health benefits, so it’s perfect for all ages. The warmth and company it offers are also beneficial for some people.

However, it is essential to pick the right weighted stuffed animal. Thus, you should consider the following factors, like how heavy you want it to be and what fabric you prefer.

Lastly, it should be easy to clean, microwavable, and can be chilled for therapies.

Do weighted stuffed animals help with ADHD?

Yes, they can help with ADHD. Weighted blankets are usually recommended to treat varying conditions, such as ADHD, insomnia, and anxiety disorders [4].

Since weighted stuffed animals also apply the same pressure therapy as weighted blankets, it can certainly aid in treating ADHD.

Pressure therapy offers consistent pressure that results in mental stillness and calmness in patients with ADHD, switching the nervous system from sympathetic to parasympathetic.

Can you wash weighted stuffed animals?

Yes, you can. There are plenty of machine-washable weighted stuffed animals and cleaning them wouldn’t be troublesome.

So when picking a plushie, ensure that its weighted insert is removable.

On the other hand, some plushie can only be spot clean and air dry since it contains heavy fabric or fillings. Thus, submerging it in the water is not recommended.

In Summary

Evidently, weighted stuffed animals are not only fun to cuddle with but are also beneficial for our mental health, especially for people who need constant company.

So if you’re having problems sleeping or looking for ways to relieve anxiety, taking home a weighted stuffed animal will certainly soothe and calm your senses.

If you’re looking for the perfect bedtime buddy for your kids or simply for the best weighted stuffed animals to give as a gift, go for the Itty Bitty Boo 9-Inch Stuffed Animal Unicorn.



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