20 Best Doctor Who Episodes (2023) You Won't Believe

20 Best Doctor Who Episodes (2023) You Won't Believe

"What does Doctor Who eat with his pizza? Dalek bread."

If you are laughing at this pun, then you are a certified Doctor Who fan. This show has been around for decades, but the science fiction series still has a lot to show any fan.

So, we gathered the best Doctor Who episodes for all of you to watch - from Blink to who knows what.

Top 20 Doctor Who Episodes of All Time 

1. Blink


This was the tenth episode of Doctor Who in series three, which is also the second "Doctor-lite" story of the long-running British science fiction television program of BBC. 

The Weeping Angels were introduced by Blink in this classic episode of the War Doctor, whose character could not be played any better. 

Only a certain woman named Sally Sparrow, together with her friend Larry Nightingale can spare the lives of the victim's Doctor Who recruited. 

2. The Empty Child

The Empty Child

This is the ninth episode in the first series and a two-parter story where Captain Jack Harkness first appeared. The ninth Doctor chased a metallic object through the Time Vortex. Along with him is his companion, Rose Tyler. 

Here they will meet the "empty" child Jamie terrorizing homeless children. Christopher Eccleston appeared as the Ninth Doctor in this episode. A lot considers this one of the best Doctor Who episodes ever aired. 

3. The End of Times (1&2)

The End of Times (1&2)

The end of time is the 10th Anniversary Special of the television series where they revealed the Last Great Time War details. This one focused on the final Journey of the tenth Doctor, where his psychotic nemesis, the Master, resurrected on Christmas Eve. 

They had a very interesting battle in the abandoned wastelands of London, reaching up to the Immortality Gate. Not as star-studded as the Day of the Doctor, but this can be the Best Doctor Who episode aired. 

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4. The Impossible Planet

The Impossible Planet

This is one of the Doctor Who episodes that is somehow frustrating since the tenth Doctor, Rose Tyler, lost the TARDIS and got stuck on a space base on a planet in the orbit of the black hole. 

Another entity named Satan awakened and started to spread chaos on many. Not as fast as the weeping angels, but scary to watch nemesis of the war doctor. 

5. The Eleventh Hour

The Eleventh Hour

This is where Matt Smith became the Eleventh Doctor along with his companion Amy Pond. The story evolved on the regenerated Eleventh Doctor who survived his crash-landing on Earth. 

He searched for the alien prisoner while having many challenges since the TARDIS was damaged and the sonic screwdriver. Matt Smith's portrayal of the character was appreciated by fans as well. 

6. Midnight


Midnight is the Eighth Doctor Who episode on series four where Billie Piper played Rose Tyler. In this episode, the tenth Doctor and his companion Donna Noble went to the leisure planet of Midnight for a holiday. Everything went wrong when the Doctor decided to go to Sapphire Waterfall riding a bus, infiltrated by an entity. 

7. Heaven Sent

Heaven Sent

Heaven Scent is an episode of Doctor Who that is full of sentiment as the Doctor was grieving over the death of Clara Oswald, who died in the hands of the Quantum Shade from the previous episode. 

The Time Lord was just trying to help clear the name of someone charged with murder, but something worst happened. He got trapped in the middle of the ocean in an old rusty castle with a mysterious creature who does not stop oppressing the Doctor until he gives up his deepest secrets. 

8. Dalek


The Dalek first appeared in season one, episode six of Doctor Who. The Daleks are an extraterrestrial race of mutants that the Doctors are full of hatred but fear because they wanted to eradicate all living microbial life forms. 

The Ninth Doctor and his companion Rose Tyler arrive to answer a distress signal and meet up with an alien artifact collector to find out that the living specimen he has is from the Dalek race.

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9. The Runaway Bride

The Runaway Bride

The 2006 Christmas Special of Doctor Who was the Runaway Bride. The second was with David Tennant as the Doctor and where they replaced the Doctor's companion since its revival in 2005. 

This is where a lot of deaths and scary scenarios happened- an alien spaceship shaped like a gigantic star, and there were killer Santas on the loose. It was the holidays' nobody sang Silent night.

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10. The Girl in the Fireplace

The Girl in the Fireplace

This is the fourth episode of the second series and is appreciated by critics despite time constraints. It got a nomination for a Nebula Award and actually won the 2007 Hugo Award for Best Dramatic Presentation, Short Form. 

This is where Rose and the Doctor had their first trip with Mickey, leading them to pre-Revolutionary France. The Doctor discovers mystery and love in this episode.

11. Doomsday


This is the final episode of the second series, which was the final season for Billie Piper. Donna Noble first appeared as the new companion who will have the pleasure of meeting the scary Daleks and their secret order. 

Also, the Torchwood Tower was the first place where the Cybermen from Pete's World invaded. This was an episode where the Tenth Doctor realized that he must make some sacrifices to save Earth.

12. The Beast Below

The Beast Below

This would be Amy Pond's first trip with the Eleventh Doctor, and he brought her to the 33rd century. All of the UK, apart from Scotland, was searching for a new home as they are onboard the Starship UK. Solar flares(1) are destroying Earth, and the citizens aboard are afraid of "the smiling fellows in the booths." 

The Doctor is faced with a serious dilemma that will only result in death, including Amy Pond? A classic war between good and bad.

13. Rose


This is the first episode of series 1, produced by BBC Wales. Almost everyone from Doctor Who debuted on this episode except for Mike Tucker, the model unit supervisor. The story goes where Rose thought that it was one of the regular days of her life. Only met the Ninth Doctor after she got threatened by Autons, the living plastic under the Nestene Consciousness control.

14. Listen


In episode four of series 8, the Doctor was having a lot of hesitation in his mind, making him ask a lot about people being alone or if something lurks in the darkness. The Time Lord decides to look back in the past with Clara, hoping to answer his queries. This is not from the 50th anniversary special "The Day of The Doctor," but it surely is one of the best episodes. 

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15. Vincent and the Doctor

Vincent and the Doctor

This is one of the Best Doctor Who episodes that showed the compassionate side of the Doctor. The Doctor's wish to bring Amy to supposedly peaceful locations brought them to a museum where he saw a painting of Vincent van Gogh of a church. He saw a not-so-pleasant-looking face on the church's window of the drawing of Vincent van Gogh. This prompted the Doctor to go back to 1890 in the TARDIS and speak with the artist himself. 

16. The Robots of Death

The Robots of Death

This was the fifth and penultimate serial of Season 14, one of the best episodes where Super-Voc, Voc, and Dum made their first and only appearance on television. The storyline was from Agatha Christie's work, where she plots a series of unexplained murders. This episode showed the Fourth Doctor and his companion Leela aboard a Sandminer, with the crew they believed guilty of murder. 

17. Fugitive of the Judoon

Fugitive of the Judoon

This is a very interesting twist on Doctor Who, featured on the fifth episode of series 12, where an out-of-the-ordinary incarnation appeared, with "HER" own TARDIS. The Doctor used the "Ruth Clayton" identity, whom they believed had used a Chameleon Arch. The Fugitive of Judoon episode is about a hunt of a runaway which led the Thirteenth Doctor to modern-day Gloucester.

18. Forest of the Dead

Forest of the Dead

This is one of the best Doctor Who episodes and heartbreaking as this showed the death of River Song. This is the ninth episode of series 4, where the Doctor is running out of options because of the Vashta Nerada. Thus us a two-part story where the first is Silence in the library, Forest of the dead is the second. The end of the character of River Song opened a new era in the show.

19. The Stolen Earth

The Stolen Earth

The Stolen Earth is probably one of the best Doctor Who episodes. Davros appeared on this twelfth and penultimate episode of series four, where Dalek Caan escaped. Several past companions reappeared, including Sarah Jane but also showed Harriet Jones dying. 

Earth was stolen along with twenty-six other planets and was taken to the Medusa Cascade, but the Doctor is not seen in this episode. The Journey's End follows this episode which marks David Tennant's departure. 

20. Tomb of the Cybermen

Tomb of the Cybermen

Cybermen were revived in this first episode of season 5 of Doctor Who. This is because of the conning plan of Klieg and Kaftan, who wanted the strength of these creatures. Unfortunately, the tombs were not real tombs but a giant trap to lure humans into converting them to Cybermen. The Twelfth Doctor has yet to appear, but he too had a nemesis as scary as these.


Who is the highest-rated Doctor?

David Tennant was the highest-rated Doctor who played the role for four years and six months. He started in 2005 and made his last appearance in 2010. River Song's Doctor Peter Capaldi was a remarkable Twelfth Doctor as well. 

What is the scariest Doctor Who episode?

Almost all the episodes in Doctor Who were scary, including Blink, but Midnight still caused many fans to scream from their seats. The Doctor encountered an evil entity on the train as he embarked to a famed alien site in the modern era.

Time To Click the Play Button! 

The BBC created a TV series that could bring everyone in front of the television regardless of their age. The 10 best scariest episodes are not enough because the 10 best should be 100 - there's just too many choices! Silence in the Library was a good start for the two-parters, one of the best episodes and Fugitive of the Judoon and all the other episodes that have the Daleks in it.

The Doctor's 50th Anniversary was more than a classic. The upcoming episodes starting this November will surely be another addition to the best Doctor Who episodes for fans who love the Doctor's stories. 

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