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Warhammer 40K "Will of Iron" #1 (Comic Block Exclusive Cover)

Warhammer 40K "Will of Iron" #1 (Comic Block Exclusive Cover)

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  • After a thousand years, violent warp storms have receded from the Calaphrax Cluster, and an ancient battlefront in the war against Chaos has again been opened to the universe.
  • Now, multiple forces risk complete immolation to attack the sector - drawn by the lure of ancient relics, lost knowledge, and powerful megaweapons, buried for aeons. Chief among those forces, the fearsome Dark Angels, emerald-armored Space Marines, shock-troopers of the Emperor’s Imperium and indomitable defenders of humanity. But Chaos stirs in the warp, and the Dark Angels will not be alone for long!
  • This issue of Warhammer 40K #1 features a Comic Block exclusive cover.

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