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The World According to Batman Hardcover Book (Insight Legends)

The World According to Batman Hardcover Book (Insight Legends)

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  • Experience the world through the eyes of the Dark Knight, as Batman shares the secrets of his relentless battle against the villains of Gotham City.
  • Filled with insight on everything from his tragic origin story to invaluable crime-fighting tips, this book - extracted from secret Batcave files - sees the World’s Greatest Detective impart all the knowledge needed to take on the mantle of Batman.
  • From instructions for tackling large groups of thugs single-handedly to tips on escaping from a crashing aircraft, The World According to Batman has all the information that an aspiring crime fighter needs.
  • Also featuring a wealth of special removable items, including Bruce Wayne’s business card, Robin’s mask, and a newspaper clipping from the Gotham Gazette, this thrilling journey into the Dark Knight’s world takes you under the cowl like never before.
  • 64 pages. Hardcover. Part of the Insight Legends Series published by Insight Editions.

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