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The Lost Fleet: Corsair #1 Comic Book (Nerd Block Cover)

The Lost Fleet: Corsair #1 Comic Book (Nerd Block Cover)

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  • Jack Campbell, the author behind the Lost Fleet novels, brings his best-selling sci-fi series to comics.
  • The Lost Fleet: Corsair features all the engaging character elements that have helped make the Lost Fleet novels such an incredible success – but this time, the series’ epic space battles are brought to stunning life thanks to incredible visuals from Andrew Siregar (Sevara), complimented by color work by Sebastian Cheng (Orphan Black, The X-Files).
  • Imprisoned by the Syndics, Michael Geary’s one chance lies in Destina Aragon – determined commander of a regiment of hardened soldiers now caught up in a wide scale rebellion within Syndic space. Seeking to escape both their prison and Syndic space, will Geary and Aragon join forces to get home – or will the hatreds stirred by a decades-old war kill them both?
  • This issue of The Lost Fleet: Corsair #1 features a Nerd Block exclusive variant cover.

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