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Tentacle Kitty Cotton Candy Scented Pink Plush Collectible | Measures 8 Inches Tall

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A scented plush with an out-of-this-world origin, the Pink One, or Tentacle Kitty, is the adorably cute creature that has captured the hearts of fans and created an entire fanbase of those of us who have a casual love of tentacles and an equal affinity for kitties. Now fans can bring home their love for the series in the form of this Tentacle Kitty plush figure that smells like cotton candy! Tentacle Kitty is a series that introduces new cute creatures who possess the head of a cat and the body with tentacles - you know, life's necessities. If you don't know about Tentacle Kitty, you do now, and there's no going back! Take home your adorable Tentacle Kitty and immerse yourself in a cuddly, plush, and adventurous world of cuteness!


Originally found in Tentacle Kitty's dimension, the little ones are exactly what they may seem - kitten versions of a full-grown tentacle kitty. Their colors and personalities are quite diverse allowing their cuteness to far exceed their size. Fans of the Tentacle Kitty series will enjoy having an unreasonable swarm of these cute and cuddly creatures at their side on a daily basis. Sized at 4 inches in height, there's really no good reason not to have too many Little Ones just all over the place. Call upon Tentacle Kitty's dimension and have the Little Ones roaming around your house in no time!

Tentacle Kitty