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Stranger Things Squeezable Dart Figure - 5-Inch

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Enamor yourself with the mysterious creatures from the Upside Down, slime, teeth, and all, and bring home your own pet demodog!

This 5-inch squeezable stress toy is a scaled down toy replica of Dustin’s demodog pet, Dart!

Collectible toy is a replica of a monster from Netflix’s hit sensational television show, Stranger Things!

Following the events of Season 1, that audience at home was introduced to a brand new character: d’Artagnan, a demodog that would come to be affectionately known as Dart.

Discovered by Dustin while rustling through his garbage on Halloween night, what began as an adorable small polliwog would soon grow into a dog-like variant of the Demogorgon, referred to as a demodog.

Dart’s namesake is taken after d’Artagnan, one of the heroes from the Three Musketeers, as an homage to the candy brand Dustin would feed him.

This 5-inch figure’s jaws, when squeezed, will bloom open, revealing its rows of teeth!

This figurine has a soft, rubbery texture, perfect for squeezing and cuddling!

Officially licensed Netflix merchandise.

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