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Shining Hearts: Amil Manaflare (Swimsuit Version) Ani-Statue

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The lovely ladies of the Shining series from SEGA have made for an incredible line of AniStatues and once again Kotobukiya returns to the highly popular Shining Hearts game for the next one. Coming up is another main protagonist of the game showing up in her swimming attire, AMIL MANAFLARE SWIMSUIT VER! Another of the three sisters who run the Le Couer Bakery (along with Neris and Airy), Amil enjoys her day off work with a trip to the beach. Looking for fun in the sun with her translucent blue inner tube, the baker wears an adorable orange and yellow striped bikini that's accented with frilly borders and tiny bows. At the top of Amil's head is a flowery band that matches her swimsuit and more cute adornments help keep her impressive twin braids in check. Manaflare steps across the hot sand in an innocent pose with one knee in front of the other and with her free hand she points to her face and the heart-melting smile there. You can even display the heroine with or without her removable green skirt! Sculpted by M.I.C., Amil Manaflare stands over 8 1/2 Inch tall (1/7 scale) on a special sandy terrain display base complete with "Bakery" sand sculpture. Pair up the sisters with the previously released Neris Swimsuit Ver or display Amil along with any of the great Shining AniStatues from Kotobukiya!