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Rue Morgue Library #10: Women With Guts

Rue Morgue Library #10: Women With Guts

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  • Rue Morgue Library #10: WOMEN WITH GUTS brings you face to face and heart to heart with the women behind such breakout movies as Halloween, Alien, Interview With the Vampire, The Blair Witch Project, A Nightmare on Elm Street, Ginger Snaps, Slumber Party Massacre and more.
  • Plus! Personal essays and tribute pieces on genre pioneers such as ANNE RICE, ELVIRA, JAMIE-LEE CURTIS, SIGOURNEY WEAVER, HEATHER LANGENKAMP, KAREN BLACK and others, by leading female horror writers ALISON (Satanic Panic) LANG, ANDREA (Rue Morgue Magazine) SUBISSATI, LIISA (How to Kill a Vampire) LADOUCEUR, ASHLEE (Graveyard Shift Sisters) BLACKWELL, and ALEX (The Faculty of Horror) WEST.
  • 76 pages, perfect bound soft cover.

Rue Morgue Magazine