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Protective Cases & Stands

To open or not to open, that is the question. Having your prized collectibles out in the open isn't always feasible, but keeping them shelved and in their original boxes isn't always fun. Perhaps you'd like to opt for a practical compromise-display cases! Check out our cases and stands here at Toynk.com. Read more

Display cases are the perfect way to not only show off your collection, but protect it as well. They help keep out dust and moisture, cutting down on your cleaning time and leaving more time to enjoy the finer things in life. The plastic cases are lightweight and durable, perfect for shelves or other surfaces that may not be able to handle the weight of too many glass boxes. Plastic cases are a lot lighter and easier to move, plus much more shatter-resistant than glass. If there were an accident while your treasure was in transit, your collectible may be in better shape in a plastic box. Plastic is a bit more UV-resistant as well, which can cut down on color fading or dangerous heat build-up. They're generally inexpensive, too, which is perfect for your bank account. Spend your hard-earned cash on collectibles! We'll help you protect them for less.

Toynk.com also carries stands as well, for collectible display both inside boxes or out and about on your end table. They're great for figures that can't stand steadfast on their own, or for statues that unfortunately lost their bases.

Note: If you choose to put your collectibles in display cases, be sure to save the original boxes. The boxes, plus any certificates of authenticity and shipping receipt will help determine your collectible's value should you ever decide to sell. Keep these in a sturdy plastic tub to avoid moisture and keep them from getting crushed. Check in on the boxes every so often to make sure insects or vermin didn't wander in and make themselves at home. 

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Loose Protective Case for MOTU/Remco Style Figures Zoloworld $ 9.99
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Protective Figure Case for Hasbro Marvel/Star Wars & Much More! Zoloworld $ 9.99
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Protective Figure Case for Kenner, AD&D, MOTU 200X, & More! Zoloworld $ 9.99
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Transformers MP-09 Display Box Funluck $ 23.99
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Transformers Soundwave Cubes 2-Pack, Amazon Exclusive Takara $ 16.99
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Walking Dead Series 1 & 2 Protective Figure Case Zoloworld $ 10.39
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