Year of the Dragon: Chinese Zodiac Guide (2023 Updated)

Year of the Dragon: Chinese Zodiac Guide (2023 Updated)

A symbol of festivity in Chinese Culture, dragons have symbolized wealth and good fortune since ancient times. Despite ranking as the fifth to arrive at the heavenly gates of the Jade Emperor, the dragon Chinese zodiac sign has more to it than meets the eye.

Our team took the liberty of researching about the year of the dragon to help read your fortune this 2023!

Year of the Dragon: A Quick Description

Year of the Dragon: A Quick Description

The Chinese zodiac dragon symbolizes power, good fortune, and health [1]. In yin yang, the dragon is the male element, the fifth cycle of the Chinese Lunar Calendar. In addition, the dragon is unique for it is the only mythical being in the Chinese zodiac animals and associated with the Earthly branch Chén (辰).

Based on Chinese folklore, the Jade Emperor held a race for the animal signs, and their order of arrival will determine their place in the Chinese calendar. Chinese people also believe that they’re the Chinese dragon descendants. 

You’re born in the year of the dragon if your birth year falls on 1928, 1940, 1952, 1964, 1988, 2000, and 2012.

Characteristics & Personality of the Dragon

Dragon people are strong and independent, making them good leaders [2]. People born in the Chinese Lunar months of the dragon year are driven to achieve their goals. However, a dragon’s personality may be self-centered, finicky, insensitive, and short-tempered.

Dragon men are energetic and set ambitious and grand goals. They also tend to be perfectionists, generous, and fearless. On the other hand, dragon women have big ideas, are responsible, brave, firm, and work for others’ benefit.

Love & Relationships

Love & Relationships

Least Compatible With

Single dragons looking for a long-term relationship should avoid the Chinese zodiac animal signs dog, rabbit, and sheep. The mythical creature is also incompatible with an ox and another dragon as they’re both powerful and authoritative.

Nonetheless, the different personalities of the too cautious dog and the weak sheep make them incompatible with the Chinese zodiac sign dragon. As for the rabbit, pairing with a dragon can harm them based on Chinese astrology (which is almost the same as Western astrology). 

Most Compatible With

People born in the year of the dragon have love compatibility with the Chinese zodiac sign monkey, rat, and rooster. The monkey animal sign has different characteristics from a dragon, but their intelligence and creativity help them understand each other.  

Moreover, dragon people can expect a good love life with the rat animal sign for their humor and motivation, making them the ideal partner in achieving goals. Dragons can be happily married people with roosters who share the same interests with them.

A Dragon’s Lifestyle & Health

This year, a dragon’s health is overall good as they’re known to be full of vigor. However, a dragons’ busy and stressful lifestyle can make them set aside their health. As a result, dragons can be exhausted and have sleeping problems, affecting their mental health. 

So it is ideal to have a balanced diet, exercise, and engage in social activities. 

Best Suited Careers & Jobs

Best Suited Careers & Jobs

In the previous years of their life, dragons can build good careers and advance smoothly. Their careers won’t be lucky as the year progresses, but their motivation will help them achieve success. 

Considering that dragons prefer personal development, they should focus on areas where they can display their creativity and intelligence and work as entrepreneurs, architects, lawyers, and writers. They might also have luck being a sales person.

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Lucky Signs for Dragons


The lucky colors for dragons are grayish-white, silver and gold, while blue and green may not bring luck for the mythical creature.



As for dragons’ lucky numbers, go for 1, 6, and 7. You should also avoid 3 and 8 as these unlucky numbers may affect your fortune.


To the dragons planning to travel this year, your lucky destinations are north, south, and east.



Apart from gold and other lucky things, a dragon’s lucky flowers include a bleeding-heart vine and glory bower.

Types of Dragons

Water Dragon

Water dragon people are visionary and resolute yet lack personality. They usually follow and depend to a certain extent on what other people do. They are also straightforward and fair. However, water dragons are strong-willed and self-centered when dealing with their interest, resulting in lower success.

Earth Dragon

Earth Dragon

In the Chinese element theory, Earth dragon people are quick-witted, highly resourceful, positive, and courageous. They are also considered intelligent and talented individuals. Despite their strong-willed personalities, most Earth dragons give up in the middle of the process, preventing them from achieving success.  

Metal Dragon

One of the most mysterious in the five elements, gold or metal dragon people are candid, unpretentious, and have genuine personalities. However, their rapid change of emotions and ideas makes them puzzling to deal with. They are also filled with creativity and profitable ideas.

Fire Dragon

Fire Dragon

For the fire dragon years, these people have well-defined faces to charm others easily. While they’re not the most intelligent, they are good at making things work with what they have, know how to respond based on occasions, and have great popularity.  

Wood Dragon

The wood dragon is a timid and introverted person in the five elements. Their lack of energy leads to a small social circle, but they are talented and dislike easy things. People born in wood dragon years find happiness in doing difficult things and can live independently and away from home.

Famous People Born in the Year of the Dragon

Some famous personalities born in the dragon’s year are:

  • Adele
  • Al Pacino
  • Blake Shelton
  • Christian Dior
  • Chuck Norris
  • Colin Farrell
  • Jack Ma
  • Keanu Reeves
  • Liam Neeson
  • Martin Luther King Jr 
  • Rihanna
  • Rupert Grint
  • Sandra Bullock
  • Shakira
  • Stephen Curry


What does the Year of the Dragon represent in the Chinese zodiac?

The dragon year represents good luck and imperial power in the Chinese zodiac. It symbolizes authority, nobility, glory, ability, and success. However, years of the dragon are bad luck for dragon babies, affecting all aspects of their life.

How do you attract a dragon man?

If you’re not on the list of compatible animals for dragons, you can attract a dragon-man by playing hard to get and assessing his ideas so that you can showcase your intelligence.  

In Summary

The year of the dragon is one of the most powerful years in the Chinese zodiac. If you’re born in the dragon year and are looking for character traits from other animals that best matches your strong personality, we hope this information suits you well. 

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