Why Was Fallout Banned

Why Was Fallout Banned? Top 4 Reasons Revealed (2023)

Some games are steeped in controversy even before they are released — that’s just a fact.

Fallout was one of the biggest games that went under fire for its mature themes, which led it to be banned in some countries.

So, why was Fallout banned? We’ll give you the 411 on everything you need to know.

4 Reasons Why Fallout Was Banned

1. Drug Use & Addiction

Medicine Tablet

One of the biggest reasons the post-apocalyptic action video game was banned in many countries was its depiction of heavy drug use and addiction.

The player can take various in-game drugs known as “chems,” which would grant both positive and negative effects. These include increased strength and agility alongside lowered intelligence and addiction.

Moreover, the character was also given access to “morphine,” which, like its real-world counterpart, allowed them to ignore pain.

Aside from these drugs, the game also showcased visual representations of syringes, tablets, pill bottles, a crack-type pipe, and blister packs, which seemed to be heavily steeped in realism (as opposed to other games that showed generic potions).

2. Extreme Violence & Gore

Fallout is no stranger to mature themes, so it was banned in many countries because it depicted extreme violence and gore.

It is even more bloody, gory, and violent, especially if you use the in-game slow-motion feature.

The game allows you to kill off enemies in numerous violent ways, including — yes — decapitating them.

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3. Sexual Content & Themes

Hand Holding Back of a Lady

This game does have some sexual themes, but we have to say it’s a bit downplayed (compared to, say, GTA).

There are certain characters in the game that you can flirt with and have a romantic relationship with, and you would eventually be able to sleep with them. However, no nudity is shown.

4. Controversial Scenes & Depictions

Fallout: The Frontier went under fire a few years ago for its controversial scenes and depictions of pedophilia. Many fans accused it of secretly being a “fetish mod.”

One of the developers was ejected from the team for the alarming pedophilic content. All controversial content made by the expelled developer was removed as well.

Where Is Fallout Banned?


Sydney Opera House

Australia banned Fallout due to its reference to the drug “morphine” in-game. The Australian government didn’t like how the game rewarded players who took/used the drug.

Bethesda, the video game publisher of Fallout, eventually renamed “morphine” to “Med-X” worldwide to avoid controversy. Fallout was eventually released in the country after this censorship.


Aside from all other censorship, the German release of Fallout had additional censorship of removing all blood and gore.


Fallout had a side quest named “Power of the Atom,” wherein after talking to Mr. Burke, it gives the character a chance to detonate the nuclear bomb. There is no Mr. Burke in the Japanese release, so detonating the nuclear bomb won’t be possible.

Furthermore, Fallout is famous for its brutal killings, but the Japanese release removed the option of decapitating humans.

“The Fat Man” nuclear catapult weapon was also renamed “Nuka Launcher.”

If you know your history, you know “The Fat Man” was a codename for the bomb the Americans dropped over Nagasaki at the height of World War II. [1]
Other censorships were also applied in the game’s Japan release.

Saudi Arabia

Great Mosque of Mecca

Fallout is banned in Saudi Arabia, but it is unclear why.

We can assume that the game was banned due to its intense language, blood, gore, violence, and the use of various fictional drugs.


Fallout was completely banned in India due to the presence of a mutant cattle named “Brahmin,” which the Hindus found offensive.


Is Fallout 3 banned?

Yes, Fallout 3 is banned in many countries, including Saudi Arabia and India. Other countries, like Australia, Japan, and Germany, allowed the use of the game after certain censorship was met.

Are all Fallout games banned?

No, not all Fallout games are banned. You can freely play the game without censorship in the United States, among other countries.

Key Takeaways

Fallout is an open-world RPG by Bethesda. It is a series of post-apocalyptic video games set in Southern California in 2161 and is famous for its deadpan humor, violence, and how each character’s choices can shape how the game turns out.

Many countries have deemed it too graphic and controversial, especially in the face of drug use (and abuse) and gore.

In-game characters have access to a drug called “chems,” which increases strength and agility. “Morphine” is also present in the game, which allows them to ignore pain.

If that wasn’t enough, these drugs were depicted alongside other paraphernalia, like syringes, tablets, pill bottles, a crack-type pipe, and blister packs.

Many countries didn’t like how this was too steeped in realism and asked the developers for a censored version of the game.

That being said, it’s still one of the best open-world games out there with a great storyline to match. Check out our Fallout merch here


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