Where to Watch Steven Universe

Where to Watch Steven Universe: Streaming Guide (2024)

Don't know where to watch Steven Universe? 

If you're into the magical adventures of the half-human, half-gem boy named Steven, we've listed the different platforms where you can stream each episode, including some movie-inspired merch and communities to share the fun.

Grab your popcorn now and prepare for a gem-tastic show like no other!

Where to Watch Steven Universe

Steven Universe

Cartoon Network

The primary home for Steven Universe, Cartoon Network offers both past episodes and current seasons for streaming. You can access the series through the Cartoon Network channel, website, or app.

Subscription Cost? It's FREE as long as you're a subscriber of their partner cable providers or streaming services.  

Tip: Check if your cable package includes Cartoon Network, or try subscribing to a streaming service offering access to Cartoon Network's content. 


Hulu Logo

If you're a Hulu subscriber, you can stream each season of Steven Universe as part of your subscription. The platform offers both past seasons and new episodes shortly after they air.

Subscription Plans:

  • Ad-supported plan: $7.99/month (or $79.99/year) 
  • No-ads: $17.99/month

Tip: Explore Hulu's free trial period to test the service before committing to a subscription. 

Amazon Prime Video

Steven Universe is available for purchase on Amazon Prime Video. You can buy individual episodes or entire seasons to stream on-demand.

Price: Pricing varies depending on the specific episode or season, starting at around $19. 

Tip: Consider purchasing a season pass for discounted access to all episodes within a season.


Similar to Amazon Prime Video, Steven Universe episodes and seasons are available for purchase on iTunes. You can purchase individual episodes or complete seasons to watch at your convenience.

How Much? Pricing is around $14.99 for an entire episode.

Tip: Keep an eye out for bundle deals or discounts on complete seasons, a great way to save money while you can enjoy your favorite series.

Google Play Movie & TV

Google Play Movie & TV

Steven Universe episodes and seasons are also available for purchase on Google Play Movie & TV. You may buy episodes or entire seasons to watch on compatible devices. 

Pricing? You have options to purchase individual episodes ($1.99) or complete seasons ($14.99).

Tip: Look for news about special promotions or discounts on selected episodes or seasons.


For fans who prefer a physical copy, Rebecca Sugar and Cartoon Network Studios, who produce Steven Universe [1], also release the series in DVD and Blu-ray format. These sets normally include multiple episodes or entire seasons packaged together for purchase.

Price? It varies depending on the specific set and retailer and may range from $20 or more. 

Tip: Check online retailers or local stores for sales or discounts on Steven Universe DVD/Blu-ray sets.

Why Steven Universe is a Must-Watch

Steven Universe is a must-watch for its captivating storytelling and powerful love, acceptance, and identity themes. 

Created by Rebecca Sugar, the series follows the adventures of Steven, a half-human, half-Gem boy, and the Crystal Gems (like Amethyst) as they protect Earth from cosmic threats.

Its inclusive representation and LGBTQ+ themes resonate deeply with viewers, sparking important conversations about representation in media.

The notable emotional depth and impactful messages are impressive, with standout episodes like "Mindful Education" and "Change Your Mind" often cited as favorites. 

Best Steven Universe-Inspired Merchandise

Steven Universe Funko Pop Vinyl Figure 




Add a touch of fantasy to your space with this Funko Pop Vinyl Figure. This collectible is perfect for fans and brings Steven's charm to life, making it a must-have addition to shelves and desks. 

Steven Universe "Believe in Steven" Trucker Hat


This trucker hat shows the spirit of adventure of Steven. It's perfect for shielding your eyes during gem-hunting expeditions or showcasing fandom pride!

Steven Universe Single Stackable Ceramic Mug |13 Ounces


Elevate your Steven Universe viewing experience with this single stackable ceramic mug, designed with iconic symbols from the series. Sip your favorite beverage and immerse yourself in the magic.

Steven Universe Crystal Gem 20-Ounce Ceramic Ramen Bowl And Chopstick Set 


Indulge in gem-themed dining with this ceramic ramen bowl and chopstick set! Elevate your binge-watching sessions or delight a fellow fan with this super enchanting dining accessory.

Steven Universe 12" Steven Boxed Plush 


This adorable plush is ideal for cuddling during your binge-watch sessions or as a delightful gift for fellow Gem enthusiasts. 

Join Steven Universe Communities 

Joining communities to get new scoops about Steven Universe or interact with other fans is a good idea. 

  • You can search for Steven Universe threads on Reddit (like r/stevenuniverse).
  • You can join Facebook groups or group chats about Steven Universe (i.e., Steven Universe's Groupiverse) 
  • You can search and follow various discussions on Quora to get more news.


Is Steven Universe a Disney show?
No, Steven Universe is not a Disney show. It's created by Rebecca Sugar and airs on Cartoon Network, which captivates audiences with its unique storytelling [2] and vibrant characters.

Is Steven Universe OK for kids?
Yes, Steven Universe is suitable for kids. It promotes themes of friendship, empathy, and diversity, making it an entertaining and positive viewing experience for children.

Final Thoughts 

Steven Universe continues to captivate audiences with its heartwarming storytelling and powerful messages. As you immerse yourself in the world of Gems, you can enhance your experience with merchandise inspired by the show.

Visit Toynk's Steven Universe collection for a treasure trove of themed products, from plush toys to collectible figures. Embrace the magic and join the adventure today!


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