Top 10 Comic Con Announcements: (According to YouTube popularity)

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San Diego Comic Con 2018 shook up the geek world last week. Fans of Marvel, DC, and even people who have never read a comicbook have a lot to be excited about. Toynk was on site with SDCC exclusives,  but you know that already, what were the BIGGEST announcements? In the battle of teaser trailers and hype, who “won” Comic Con 2018? Using the scientific scale of Youtube stats as metrics we have the top ten announcements for Comic Con: (All data as of this writing.) 7/26/18

#10 – Titans

Studio: DC

Views: 4.1 Million

Likes: 60k likes 71k dislikes

Searched:  “Titans” started trending after the official announcement, but only got a fraction of the searches other announcements got. Kentucky had the highest interest.

Hype: Sometimes things are trending because they are disasters, Titans might be one of those. Fans seem pissed about the direction of the show. Stylistically the show has taken extreme liberties with established characters, and the production quality has people complaining. The more mature tone is interesting, but the deviation is too much from the original. Despite the 4 million views, Titans is last on the list for its poor like ratio.

#9 – Disenchantment

Studio: Netflix, created by Matt Groening

Views: 2.1 million

Likes: 54k likes 2.3k dislikes

Searched: Disenchantment started trending shortly after its announcement. Oregon and Idaho showed the highest interest.

Hype: The creator of the Simpsons has his name attached to very few projects, making this a big announcement for fans of Groening’s other cult favorite Futurama. The show was likely influenced by the warm reception of the Simpsons’ Game of Thrones spoof episode – season 29’s premiere – “The Serfsons”. With Groening’s proven appeal to cult audiences, it looks like this Netflix series will be a hit, but low views puts it at 9.

#8 – Walking Dead: Season 9

Studio: AMC

Views: 4.4 million

Likes: 53k likes, 5k dislikes

Searched: Walking Dead began trending in bursts since info was released about the new season. West Virginia had the highest interest, possibly due to their fondness of country roads.

Hype: While Walking Dead isn’t the cultural phenomenon it once was, it still enjoys a loyal fanbase. The new season looks action packed, but trailers have a tendency to do that. We’re always happy for more Michonne, we’ll see if Season 9 is more farmy or stabby. The uncertainty of the series puts Walking Dead at number 8.

#7 – Dragonball Super: Broly

Studio: Toei Animation and Akira Toriyama

Views: 7.5 million

Likes: 213k likes, 3.3k dislikes

Searched: Broly started trending shortly after its comic con announcement. Nevada showed the highest interest in the states, but Broly was even more popular in South America.

Hype: Before this movie was announced, Broly wasn’t a canonical character in the new DragonBall Super universe. This meant he could be rebooted while incorporating modern versions of Dragonball characters. The overwhelming response from the community has been excitement, even among those that hated the old Broly character.

 #6 – Star Wars: The Clone Wars

Studio: Walt Disney Studios

Views: 5.6 million

Likes: 261k likes, 8.8k dislikes

Searched: Star Wars has a tendency to throw off search metrics, largely because it never really stops trending. Clone Wars specifically showed the highest interest in Utah.

Hype: Nobody really expected a revival of Clone Wars, especially since the Disney buyout. Star Wars Rebels seemed poised to takeover Clone Wars’ spot in the fandom, despite large portions of the fandom vocally calling Clone Wars the superior of the two. This announcement is a love letter to the hardcore fan base, and it is being received with equal parts surprise and excitement. The interstellar levels of likes puts clone wars at #6.

#5 Glass

Studio: Universal and M. Night Shyamalan

Views: 9.1 million

Likes: 142k likes, 4.2k dislikes

Searched: “Glass trailer” started trending immediately after announcement with the highest interest in Pennsylvania. The term “glass” is perpetually trending whenever someone is looking for slippers or a bong, so the search info might be skewed.

Hype: Fans of Unbreakable and Split are hyped for this one. The psychological focus of Shyamalan’s work fits well with this style of antihero. Seeing Nick Fury become Mr. Glass is an interesting twist, but if seeing Bruce Willis as a superhero doesn’t bother you, Samuel L. Jackson likely won’t either. Glass is insulated in the middle at #5 cause views.

#4 Godzilla: King of Monsters

Studio: Warner Bros.

Views: 16.9 million

Likes: 272k likes, 9k dislikes

Searched: Godzilla was widely searched both before and after its announcement. It has also led to classic movie searches featuring the same characters.

Hype: The biggest complaint with the latest Godzilla movie was the distinct lack of Godzilla. The trailer for king of monsters seems to tackle that issue directly, with mostly shots of monsters and only fleeting glances of the hapless humans. Mothra looks amazing too, so that, combined with a monstrous number of views and likes, puts Godzilla at #4.

#3 Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald

Studio: Warner Bros. and J.K. Rowling

Views: 18.4 million

Likes: 285k likes 7.2k dislikes

Searched: Shortly after its Comic Con announcement, Fantastic Beasts started trending. In the states Utah showed the highest interest. Worldwide, the United Kingdom showed even greater interest than the US.

Hype: Johnny Depp’s portrayal of Grindelwald has some fans upset, but they appear to be in the minority. The general consensus among the community is highly positive, and Potter fans are always voracious for more of Rowling’s Wizarding World. The massive amount of views and high like ratio puts Beasts at #3.

#2 Shazam!

Studio: Warner Bros and DC

Views: 14.3 million

Likes: 315k likes, 23k dislikes

Searched: Shazam started trending immediately after announcement and showed the greatest interest in Utah and Hawaii.

Hype: Shazam is one of the most underrated superheroes in DC comics: He’s almost as powerful as Superman, and he has intricate storylines that deal with a variety of themes. Instead of a teenager with the power of a spider you get a pre-teen with the power of gods. The trailer captures the innocence and ignorance of Billy Batson, and the sheer quantity of likes, despite having 4 million less views than Beasts, puts Shazam at #2.

#1 Aquaman

Studio: Warner Bros and DC

Views: 31.7 million

Likes: 521k likes, 28k dislikes

Searched: Since the trailer debut Aquaman has been trending across the US. But Hawaii showed an extreme interest, no surprise given the popularity of Jason Momoa.

Hype: As far as sheer number of views and like go, Aquaman had the biggest response from its Comic Con debut. Aquaman was easily the most well received member of Justice League, and his standalone movie looks bright and colorful, a large deviation from the dark, gritty grayscale that has plagued the DC live action movies. This is the rare occasion of a studio listening to what fans want and then doing it, that, combined with views and likes, is why Aquaman tops the list.

Which trailer got the most hype from you? Did we miss any you think belong on this list? Let us know in the comments, and as always please LIKE and SHARE if you enjoyed this content.

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