7 Best Stranger Things Party Ideas For Fans

7 Best Stranger Things Party Ideas For Fans (2024 Updated)

Spice up your birthday party by bringing your guests into the Upside Down world. A Stranger Things-themed celebration takes a lot of preparation, but it will surely satisfy your fanatic heart.

If you are looking for Stranger Things Party ideas to make any celebration memorable, check out these 7 ideas we compiled for you!

Top 7 Stranger Things Party Ideas

1. Stranger Things Party Invitations

Your theme should not only be evident at the venue but on the invitation cards as well. You may design the card featuring the Upside Down world together with the main characters [1].

To make it more unique, the celebrant may dress up like his or her favorite character and strike a pose on the front page of the invites!

2. Stranger Things Party Cake

stranger things theme cake on a wooden table

There are so many ways to make your Stranger Things cake special. One is to create the light-up design inspired by what was created by Will's mother during Season 1.

You can also create a layered cake featuring the Demogorgon at the top and the main characters below surrounding the cake as if getting ready for a huge fight.

3. Stranger Things Party Decors

Tree Trunk Portal

Create a design showcasing the tree trunk that once served as a portal to the Upside Down world. Putting this in the venue will definitely make your guests feel just as Nancy did when she first discovered it. Aside from that, it would also make a great backdrop for photos.

Cassette Tapes & Vinyl

Stranger Things was situated in 1983, a season when cassette tapes and Vinyl were in demand. You can put them on the wall or tables, giving your venue a retro vibe.

Red Nebula & Star Lights

Adding a red and nebula starlight will bring everyone to the Upside Down world. It represents the time when Vecna revisited Will, as the dark red lights give a creepy vibe which is perfect, especially if your party will take place on Halloween! You can buy them from local stores or online shops and hang them on the walls.

Mind Flayer Wall Decoration

The center of the venue could be a big Mind Flayer decoration. This is one of the remarkable enemies that the gang encountered in all seasons. You can buy stickers from stores that you can paste on the wall, or you may simply get black paint and draw it on the walls (provided you are permitted to do so).

4. Stranger Things Snacks

Retro Candy

Sweets should not be missing from the table, especially if your guests are kids. You can buy retro-looking candies and put them in buckets per table. Make sure to get an assortment of sweets so that your guests have options to choose from.


Cupcakes should also be on your list. To add a twist, you may use numerous small and colored candies as toppings to imitate the lights from Season 1. You can also create a Demogorgon's mouth or the characters' faces using fondant.

Soda & Pizza

What’s a party without soda and pizza? Most especially, who could forget Surfer Boy’s pizza? You can order meat lovers, pineapple jalapeno, and pepperoni for variety, or if you have time, you can create your own pizzas and customize the toppings!

5. Stranger Things Party Costume

DIY Scoops Ahoy Uniform Stranger Things Costume

Aside from the food and venue, attending a Stranger Things-themed party dressed as the characters from the show is a must.

There are numerous costumes available in shops, but if you’re on a budget, you can always DIY the characters’ looks with whatever you have available in your closet. Check out some popular Stranger Things gifts here

6. Stranger Things Party Games

Dungeons & Dragons

Dungeons and Dragons is one of the games played by the main characters from the series [2]. It is a role-playing game that requires a Dungeon Master as the game's referee and storyteller. The dice you will roll will decide how you want the story to go, and you can play the game even with more than five people!

Guess That Stranger Things Quote

Each character from the Stranger Things has numerous remarkable quotes from start to finish, especially Dustin and Hopper. You can group your guests and have them guess who said a specific quote. To make it more challenging, you can also ask them to include what episode (and season) it was mentioned.

‘80s Trivia & Board Games

Since Stranger Things is set in the 1980s, you could consider an 80s trivia and board games, especially if most of your guests are adults. From monopoly and checkers up to the good ‘ol “guess the 80’s tune”, everyone will definitely enjoy the retro vibe!

7. Stranger Things Party Favors

stranger things party favors on a black table

Lastly, party favors are a must, and you should never let your guests leave without them. You can give away Stranger Things-related memorabilia like a Demogorgon keychain or a mini figurine of the main characters.

The best thing is that you can easily order these online or DIY them if you have the time. But when did Stranger Things come out on television?


What to have for a Stranger Things party?

If you want to have a Stranger Things party, you need to plan first what you want to include, including the decorations, food, activities, and your party favors.

You can always look for inspiration online and, if needed, seek the help of expert event organizers and have someone bake you a customized cake.

How do you decorate like Stranger things?

If you want to make your venue Stranger Things-themed, you may set up colorful Christmas Lights on the wall as Joyce Byers did.

You may also decorate your fridge with magnets featuring the characters or display paintings depicting them on the walls.

On A Final Note

A Stranger Things party might require a lot, but for a die-hard fanatic, having a party like this is a dream come true. To make your event more memorable, ensure everything adheres to the theme - from the invitation card, the decorations, the food, and the giveaways.

If you are looking for a Stranger Things costume for an event you’re attending, you may consider buying Eleven's punk-look adult outfit online. You can get free shipping anywhere in the U.S. (not including Hawaii and Alaska addresses).

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