Scorpion Squishmallow

Samanthé the Scorpion Squishmallow: Full Guide (2024)

Meet Samanthé the Scorpion Squishmallow!

  • Name: Samanthé the Scorpion

  • Type: Scorpion

  • Color: Black

  • Available Size/s: 3.5", 5", 8", 12", 16", 24"

  • Squishdate: June 7, 2021

  • Squad: Desert

  • Collector Number: #1041

  • Model/SKU Number: KTY-SQ21-20AST-SC-C

  • Hobby: Loves music, especially Soca music


Short Bio

Samanthé may resemble a crab, but she's actually a black scorpion, which could be evident in her long and segmented tail with a stinger.

Although she's got a sting and does not love crowds of people, Samanthé is friendly and has sass! No worries, this super soft and smart Squishmallow can be a squishy companion and have an admirable sass.

She is bright, loves music, especially soca music, and always jives with whatever comes her way. She travels the world and is smart because she can speak six languages.

While she loves music, she does not love crowds-but she will always be available whenever you need her. She is smart and diplomatic; you can add her to your collection.

Due to its high demand, this beloved Squishmallow often sells out quickly. Act fast to snag yours before it's gone again!

Key Features

Samanthé is the ideal friend since she is loaded with polyester fiber and composed of incredibly comfortable spandex- pillow-soft, easy care.

She is super soft and forever willing to cuddle you whenever you need it. However, this marshmallow-like texture creature does not love crowds.

She has six legs and big claws that give her the appearance of a crab from her front, a smiling face, dark, round eyes, and a crimson belly with four horizontal stripes. She is diplomatic, and you can add her to your collection!

Other Similar Squishmallows

Bella the Spider

Bella the Spider Squishmallow

Bella is an eight-legged, black spider with a smile, a red tummy, and black eyes. Also, Bella is a spider with a great sense and travels the world.

She's not only a palm reader but also a talented magician. One of her tricks is that she can transform into a girl as the night falls and love crowds. This item is for people of all ages, and you can add her to your collection!

Sunny the Bee


Do you want to know if you should wear a jacket or if it will rain next week? Ask Sunny the Bee!

She was born with a talent for predicting the weather and hopes that someday, she can work as a weather forecaster.

Sunny is a bright, cuddly bug with silver wings that shine. She has blushed cheeks, cute eyes, and a meek smile. In addition, she has two curled black antennae and a striped belly. She may sting, but you can add her to your collection since she is diplomatic!

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She and the whole Squishmallows Squad won the TOTY People's Choice Award for Plush Toy of the Year in 2022.

In 2019, she won various awards, including the National Parenting Product Award, Plush Toy of the Year Award (Creative Child Magazine), Parent and Teacher Choice Award, and the Fun Stuff Parents' Choice Award.

You can add her to your collection since she travels the world and loves music.

Care Instructions

Cleaning Stuffed Animals in the Washing Machine

Handwashing your Squishmallows is the best way to keep them looking and feeling their best.

Avoid using harsh bristle brushes, as these can damage the fabric. Instead, use a gentle detergent and avoid scrubbing too vigorously.

Rinse the Squishmallows thoroughly, and then allow them to air dry. Please do not put them in the dryer since doing so can damage the fabric.

Wash your Squishmallows in a mesh laundry bag to protect them from snags and tears. With proper safekeeping, your Squishmallows will stay soft and cuddly for years.

Machine washing them is perfectly fine with the proper settings. Just use cold water and regular detergent.

Put your Squishmallow in a pillowcase or mesh laundry bag before washing on a gentle cycle.

You can add detergent or vinegar, but be sure to tumble dry on gentle settings, as higher temperatures can damage the stuffing and cause the fabric to melt.

You can also opt to dry-clean and spot-clean bigger members of the Squishmallows Squad.


Is the scorpion Squishmallow rare?

Scorpions are not rare, but they could be pretty hard to find. It has a high demand, and the stocks are very limited. She loves music, especially Soca music, and a perfect companion for people of all ages.

She is smart, diplomatic, and admirable sass! If you love to add her to your Squishmallows collection, check out legitimate retailers online like Toynk or shop in-store for some exclusives.

What is the biggest scorpion Squishmallow you can buy?

The largest size you can buy is 24 inches. This size makes the perfect cuddle buddy and playtime companion! She travels the world and can be your awesome companion.

Squishmallows have marshmallow like texture and should have pillow soft easy care. For more items, you can check out our items at Toynk- they are for people of all ages.

Squish' Em!

If you don't have her yet, you definitely should add this 20-inch Samanthé the Scorpion Squishmallow to your growing collection!

Don't let her sting fool you; she is the sweetest, cuddliest, and best playtime and bedtime buddy anyone could have. She loves music, especially Soca music, and her sass and sting make her a fun companion.

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