Pride Month Celebration Ideas

30 Best Pride Month Celebration Ideas & Activities (2023)

Since the Stonewall riots in 1969, June has become a significant time for the LGBTQ+ community. It has been a loud and joyous month for many years as I participate in one Pride parade, concert, and parties to another. 

Unfortunately, the pandemic halted our activities for a few years.

So now that we are permitted back in public places, here are some Pride Month celebration ideas to celebrate diversity and inclusivity from this month and beyond.

Top 30 Pride Month Celebration Ideas To Try

1. Host Pride Parade or March

People Participating in a Pride Parade

One of the best Pride Month ideas, where you can celebrate diversity, express solidarity, and showcase inclusivity, is going to Pride parades or hosting one.

You can invite your friends and family for a mini-parade or Pride march around your neighborhood and head home to dance and cheer in your backyard.

Nevertheless, it is a safe space for your loved ones and young adults to discuss various sexual orientations, gender identities, and self-expression openly.

2.Throw Pride-themed Virtual Party

During the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, we are compelled to do virtual Pride parties for safety concerns.

But according to Matthieu Gatipon-Bachette, chair of Inter-LGBT from France, the virtual Pride celebration led the organization to reach more people than before [1]. 

Despite having the parade back in public places, it remains an excellent opportunity to connect with friends and allies anywhere from home. 

Wear your most comfortable rainbow-themed outfits with colorful Pride flag backgrounds as you celebrate Pride Month online.  

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3. Plan Pride Film Festival

Countless movies, short films, and documentaries have featured, showcased, and celebrated the LGBTQ+ community throughout history. 

Some of my favorites worth checking out if you haven't yet are Rafiki, The Handmaiden, and Everything Everywhere All At Once. 

Before Stonewall, How to Survive a Plague, and Paris Is Burning are documentaries that would help deepen our knowledge of LGBTQ+ history [2]. 

4. Organize A Fashion Show & Runway Event

Rainbow Pride Multi-Color Costume Bob Wig

A fun and exciting fashion show during Pride Month calls for colorful outfits and accessories.

This multi-color bob wig will not disappoint as it adds a vibrant flair to your individuality.

Rainbow Pride Barbara Multi-Color Costume Wig

But if you prefer slightly longer hair than the bob-style wig, try this Barbara multi-color wig.

This colorful accessory empowers you to express your individuality with confidence and style.

Rainbow Gay Pride Costume Jewelry Beads

Complete your get-up with these Pride jewelry beads to support the LGBTQ+ community's diversity. This accessory has completed my unique style during our previous Pride fashion shows.

5. Collaborate with LGBTQ+ Artists

Another excellent way of celebrating Pride Month or LGBT History Month is collaborating with LGBTQ+ creators. 

Organizing galleries, exhibitions, and online showcases are some of the things we can do to recognize and support the talent of queer artists. 

Supporting queer stories, music, art, characters, and podcasts uplift the artists and inspires them to create more representation of the LGBTQ+ community in the art world.

6. Host Pride Dance Party

Celebrating Pride Month with a high-energy dance party lets everyone express themselves, let loose, and enjoy the positive energy of liberation. 

Hire DJs or musicians among the queer community who can curate a Pride playlist that showcases the story and experiences of LGBTQ+ people worldwide.

7. Plan Pride Cooking Class

Rainbow Custard Tart

Discover new recipes and dishes to learn and make for the LGBTQ+ community. 

Planning a cooking class is a delightful treat to your taste buds and a unique experience celebrating diversity in the kitchen. 

Take this culinary adventure to explore cuisines with strong Pride theme backgrounds.

8. Conduct LGBTQ+ Workshops, Training

Educational LGBTQ+ workshops and training not only raise awareness and promote inclusivity but also helps an individual gain a deeper understanding of their skills and talents. 

If you conduct these workshops, regardless of sexual orientation and gender identity, it will contribute to a more welcoming environment for LGBTQ+ people.

You can touch on gender, creating inclusive space, allyship, and LGBTQ+ history. You may also check some Pride Month celebration ideas for work here

9. Host Pride Talent Show

After helping LGBTQ+ people develop their talents and skills through training and workshops, you might as well proceed to host an exciting talent show. 

From music, dance, comedy, and poetry, there are multiple fun ways to highlight the diverse talents of LGBTQ+ people.

10. Plan Pride Comedy Show

Rainbow Pride Self-Adhesive Costume Mustache

Bring laughter and joy to your queer siblings this Pride Month by donning this self-adhesive mustache.

It is a playful accessory that can make your Pride comedy show more colorful and vibrant while allowing you to express your individuality. 

For an affordable price, this mustache brought a livelier ambiance to your comedy show. 

11. Collaborate with LGBTQ+ Musicians

Elton John, George Michael, Sam Smith, and Queen's lead vocalist, Freddie Mercury, are some of the world's most excellent LGBTQ+ musicians. 

Although we may not be able to collaborate with these big names, we can always find new and aspiring artists within the community. 

We can help them gain more experience and hone their musical talents by organizing concerts, online performances, or small gigs celebrating inclusivity and diversity. 

12. Organize Game Night, Tournament

Game nights encourage laughter, camaraderie, and friendly competition among friends, colleagues, and family. You can choose from card, board, and video games for a Pride-themed tournament. 

It is an easy and fun way to unite people who believe in and support diversity and inclusivity.

13. Plan Pride Art Workshop

Rainbow Art Painting

Another way to celebrate Pride Month is to plan a workshop that encourages participants to explore and create artworks to express themselves with their creativity.

Showcase your artistic expression through various mediums like sculpture, painting, and drawing. Art has always been used to express love and acceptance worldwide. 

14. Arrange Pride Yoga, Fitness Class

Loud parties and activities are just some things you can do during this Pride Month. The yoga fitness class is also an excellent addition to your schedule as it helps strengthen your mind and improves your body. 

We must maintain our well-being and balance, especially when fighting for acceptance, self-love, and empowerment.

15. Host Pride Poetry Slam

Hosting a poetry slam as a part of the Pride celebrations provides a platform for LGBTQ+ individuals to give voice to their stories, experiences, and emotions. 

You can invite performers of spoken poetry to share their works that celebrate love, resilience, and acceptance. This art form sets a creative stage for our queer siblings to express themselves through poetry.

16. Organize Outdoor Adventure, Hiking

Person Walking on a top of the Mountain

Organizing an outdoor activity like hiking helps you connect with nature and builds community among our queer folks. 

Aside from being an exciting adventure with a scenic location, you may also ask the participants to showcase their Pride by wearing rainbow-colored outfits or holding a Pride flag.

17. Conduct Pride Charity Run

Charity run or walk is another way to raise funds for LGBTQ+ causes while promoting community engagement and physical fitness. 

You can proudly wear your Pride with rainbow flag-themed t-shirts, shoes, hats, or other accessories. Although the funds may not always amount to much, we can still use them to support, most significantly, the mental health of LGBTQ+ youth.

18. Arrange LGBTQ+ Panel Discussion

LGBTQ+ community faces many challenges despite the changing and modern times. Although we have come a long way, discrimination, bullying, and rejection are still the enemies that LGBTQ+ people have to face. 

The discussion may also highlight sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), depression, anxiety, and cardiovascular diseases. It is essential to have meaningful conversations on how we can help. 

19. Plan Pride Sports Tournament

For LGBTQ+ athletes, it would be an excellent opportunity to start a friendly competition as another way to celebrate Pride Month. 

Make your sports tournament open for anyone to watch to showcase the sportsmanship, dedication, and teamwork of our queer athletes. Volleyball, basketball, and soccer are among the famous choices.

20. Collaborate with LGBTQ+ Authors

Perfect for those who love literature, celebrate your true self with your friends and help them write inspiring stories of love and diversity.

Some famous LGBTQ+ writers are Armistead Maupin, Christopher Isherwood, and Evelyn Waugh [3].

21. Arrange Drag Show or Brunch

Dragqueen with Lush Makeup

Drag performances have uplifted the LGBT community for over a century and have served as a source of income for trans women since the 1960s [4]. 

This queer art form is a great medium to celebrate gender expression and is a core part of queer culture. 

However, some states have more restrictions, so follow the rules before arranging a drag show or brunch event.

22. Volunteer at LGBTQ+ Shelter

Volunteering at LGBTQ+ shelters is a great way to celebrate Pride Month. You can always do it anytime, but this requires effort, time, and patience. 

Recognize your skills and capabilities to know the best help you can provide these shelters. You can go gardening, maintenance, cooking, preparing rooms, or organizing special events.

23. Create Pride-Themed Merchandise

Wear your Pride on your sleeves by creating colorful merchandise like accessories, pins, hoodies, t-shirts, Pride flags, and many more. 

If you're not confident about making your designs, you can check on your creative friends within the community to help them showcase their talents.

Selling these products will help you raise funds to support LGBTQ+ charities while helping others display their vibrant and colorful personalities.

24. Organize Pride Book Club

Man Holding a Book

This Pride Month, various books are available to read and discuss to deepen our understanding of the LGBTQ+ community further. 

You can form a book club and touch on good reads like Me (Elton John) and How to Survive a Plague (David France).

Classic books like A Little Life (Hanya Yanagihara), Giovanni's Room (James Baldwin), and Stonewall (Martin Duberman) are some of my favorites to discuss with my fellow book lovers.

25. Arrange LGBTQ+ History Exhibition

While we understand that June is the month-long celebration of diversity, love, and inclusivity, some may need to learn its history. 

On June 28, 1969, the historical Stonewall Uprising began following the police raid in a prominent gay bar [5]. 

Arranging a history exhibition would help raise awareness of the queer community and their courageous fight for equal rights.

26. Host Pride Karaoke Night

Man Holding a Microphone

Celebrate your true self as you sing your heart out with LGBTQ+ songs during a karaoke night. After a long work week, hosting a Pride-themed weekend might be what you need exactly. 

Unleash your inner rock star or diva with your family and friends as you let the music express your inner thoughts and resonate with the message of the Pride movement.

27. Organize Pride Picnic or Barbecue

Fortunately, Pride Month coincides with the summer season, providing countless opportunities to celebrate and support the LGBTQ+ community. 

Enjoy the fine weather as you invite your friends and family to gather outside or in local parks.

Remember to encourage them to wear rainbow-themed attires and accessories to create an inclusive and lively atmosphere.

28. Host Pride-Themed Trivia Night

Exploring trivia about LGBTQ+ history, achievements, and struggles is one of the best ways to test your knowledge on how much you know about Pride. 

This fun yet educational Pride Month trivia night can be held in a local venue or on social media platforms. You can even do it during Pride picnics and barbecues with friends. 

Consider offering a prize that promotes the works of LGBTQ+ artists, musicians, and authors.

29. Collaborate with LGBTQ+ Advocacy

Regarding the LGBTQ+ community, the fight for equal gay rights, proper treatment, and an inclusive environment in society has always been an endless battle for each individual. 

Reaching out to LGBTQ+ advocacy organizations and helping them create impactful Pride events for the community is among the best ways we can help them with their battles.

30. Organize Pride Charity Fundraiser

We mentioned how to raise funds and give back to the community to commemorate Pride Month.

You can sell music, books, or any work of art, but you can also sell Pride-themed merchandise. 

Look for charities and organizations that align with your values. Organizing Pride-themed concerts, talent shows, or art exhibitions promotes diversity and encourages more people to donate.


What can be done for Pride Month?

Various activities can be done during Pride Month, like attending parades and marches, hosting virtual parties, and collaborating with different artists.

But most importantly, do any Pride event you enjoy while conveying the message of love and diversity to the world. 

What should companies do for Pride Month?

Companies should demonstrate their support and commitment to being a safe and inclusive space for their queer employees.

Organizing training and internal events that promote inclusion leaves a positive impact that can go beyond Pride Month. 

How do you celebrate Pride Month with friends?

You can celebrate Pride with friends by attending parades and marches while wearing rainbow-colored apparel and accessories.

Among the Pride Month ideas you can do with friends is volunteer work for charity organizations.

How do you celebrate Pride Month with kids?

You can celebrate Pride activities with the kids by taking them to age-appropriate shows and concerts.

You can also engage them in an open discussion on self-expression, gender identity, and same-sex love.

Final Thoughts 

With these 30 Pride Month celebration ideas, choose an activity you enjoy with your queer siblings.

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Happy Pride Month!



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