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Tomara the Penguin Squishmallow: Full Guide (2023)

Say Hello to Tomara the Penguin Squishmallow!

  • Name: Tomara the Penguin
  • Type: Penguin
  • Color: Tomara is a blue, purple tie-dye with a white face and belly. She has black eyes with tiny lashes and a round large yellow beak. Tomara also has a pink and silver heart on her belly, and she wears a sparkly pink tiara.
  • Available Size/s: 5”, 8”, 12”, 16”
  • Squishdate: April 15, 2021
  • Squad: Valentine Squad
  • Collector Number: 674 (Valentine’s Collection)
  • Model/SKU Number: KTY-SQ-16-C-V_PNG-C


Short Bio

Tomara the Penguin loves to eat her favorite breakfast every day, which is peanut butter toast topped with blackberry jam.

She also hopes to pick her favorite fruit on the blackberry farm, so she can’t wait until the school trip comes.

When she’s not busy picking blackberry for her breakfast, we’re sure Tomara would love your cuddles and keep you company at bedtime or during travel!

Key Features


Kellytoy produces quality Squishmallows characters that will surely give you warmth and comfort with its super soft spandex and polyester stuffing.

In addition, its materials are machine-wash friendly, making them squeaky clean without getting damaged.

So even if you play or cuddle all day, washing your Squishmallows shouldn’t be a problem.


Tomara the Penguin is a Squishmallow with a white face and belly, and the rest of her body is in blue & purple tie dye.

She also has huge fluffy wings, a large yellow round nose, and round black eyes with tiny eyelashes, making her very adorable.

Tomara also wears a sparkly pink tiara and has a silver and pink heart on her belly (which is only available in Squishmallow Valentine’s Day Collection).

Other Penguin Squishmallows



Piper the Penguin is a pink Squishmallow from the Original Squad. She is known as the Queen of Ice Skating for her flashy outfits and entertaining dance moves.

Piper also loves to dress up on her birthday, play with the snow, and read books in the library.


Also from the Original Squad, Puff the Penguin is a blue Squishmallow who loves to eat marshmallows.

He is quite silly and loves to share smiles with his friends. Puff is also a techy penguin who likes searching for new things on the internet.

In addition, Puff likes robotics and enjoys coding or building.


Jen Squishmallow

Representing the Christmas Squad, Jen is a grey penguin Squishmallow who likes spending time with her family.

Jen also enjoys listening to music with her friends and loves to take a nap.

When she isn’t napping or caring for her family, you can find Jen studying for law school to pursue her dreams of becoming a lawyer.


Coming from the Adventure Squad, Tanner the Teal Penguin is a light blue Squishmallow who’s a fan of concerts.

His favorite music is Jazz, and he loves to play trumpet on his gigs.


Elle Squishmallow

Get your camera ready with the creative Squishmallow, Elle the Penguin.

She is a purple penguin who loves directing short films, video tutorials, and music videos, and her pieces include cast and crews from Squishmallow's lovely characters.

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Kellytoy’s has been creating Squishmallows since 2017 and has been awarded as Toy of the Year Award & People’s Choice Award in 2022.

Care Instructions

Tomara can survive being cleaned in the washer. However, you should set the wash cycle to gentle and cold and place her in a roomy pillowcase, before proceeding to wash her.

Then, dry her on low and gentle settings. You can also air dry her and squish Tomara once totally dry to bring her back to her original shape.


Are penguin Squishmallows rare?

No, penguin Squishmallows are not rare. However, finding a variety of penguin Squishmallow designs can be challenging since some penguin Squishmallows were only released in certain locations.

This includes the 5th Anniversary tie dye design from the Original Squad, which was only released exclusively in Walgreens.

What is the name of the Purple penguin Squishmallow?

Elle is the name of the Purple penguin Squishmallow.

This Squishmallow penguin looks similar to Puff from the Original Squad, but she has pretty smiling eyes with short eyelashes, and her large beak is orange.

If you’re into multimedia arts or simply love anything purple, Elle the Penguin is the perfect Squishmallow for you!

Squish ‘Em!

Bring all the fun and adventure to your life by taking home Tomara the Penguin Squishmallow!

You can get our 16-inch plush to share the love this coming Valentine's Day or surprise your little one with our 5-inch plush - the perfect size for cuddling and travel buddies.

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