NOPE. YEP! …maybe? The Horror Movies to watch in 2018.

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If real life isn’t horrifying enough for you, good news, there are a LOT of horror movies coming out this year. We collected some of the most noteworthy spine shakers coming out, with some honorable mentions that have already been released. We gave our guesses on the style, based on the trailers and directors. We also rated whether its worth your time with our patented, super scientific critical system: NOPE, YEP! or …maybe?

A Quiet Place – YEP!

Style: Horror Drama

In Theaters:

“A Quiet Place” is one of the most intriguing horror movies of 2018. A family living in the woods has survived some unspeakable horror, by not speaking. We see flashes of them using sign language at the table, modifications they have made to keep their house quiet, and carefully laid paths through the woods, free of crunching leaves and snapping twigs. The quiet environment makes for a palpable tension that would likely be multiplied by a full-length feature. The film is the pet project of John Krasinki, and it will be interesting to see what he accomplishes. He starred in and directed this film, and Emily Blunt (Krasinski’s wife), co-stars. Krasinski has said in interviews that he would love to work alongside his wife in a film, but wanted to make sure it was good. This is that film, so we know its gotta be good.

Winchester – YEP!

Style: Supernatural Horror

In Theaters:

Winchester’s concept looks solid. The Winchester haunted house is a ripe mythology to draw from for horror, and the visuals of the movie already look unique and promising. The trailer itself seems to be a hybrid of period piece and big budget thriller. Helen Mirren gives the film a powerful star to build around, and she is more than capable of carrying a movie by herself. Michael Spierig is set to direct, which likely indicates a great deal of fan service. His last horror film, “Jigsaw” was panned by critiques, but the good box office and reviews showed that fans loved it. Even if Winchester has a similar divide, it’ll still definitely be worth watching.

The Strangers Prey at Night – NOPE.

Style: Comedy Horror

In Theaters:

“The Strangers” is a somewhat misleading franchise. The trailers play it off as far scarier than the movie actually ends up being. While the trailers all tout that the story is based on truth, “Inspired” by true events is very different than being true events. The bumbling murderers here are a far cry from the “source material”. The story is at its best when it isn’t taken seriously, and the trailer kind of hints at that with a joke rather than a scare. But if you’re a fan of the first one, you might enjoy the second one, as it has the same writers as the original.

Truth or Dare – …maybe?

Style: Teen Horror

In Theaters:

“Truth or Dare” has been creative in ripping-off “It follows”, “Final Destination”, and Jim Carrey’s smile, all at the same time!


The premise and plot for the entire movie is pretty much summarized in the trailer, complete with teen horror tropes and a lot of cgi. But the fact that Blumhouse Productions is working on this gives us some hope. The production quality will be very high, even if the story looks less interesting than “Get Out”.

The New Mutants – YEP!

Style: Science Fiction Horror/Teen Horror

In Theaters:

Marvel has apparently learned something from the success of Deadpool. The company is no longer trying to associate itself solely with family fun. “The New Mutants” utilizes the talents of Maisie Williams, the gifted actress who brought Arya Stark to life in “Game of Thrones.” – her presence in the X-Men world is a recipe for something special.

Annihilation – YEP!

Style: Science Fiction Horror

In Theaters:

Annihilation will pass the Bechdal Test, and it passes all of our tests too. Natalie Portman stars and almost appears an homage to Sigourney Weaver’s famous character, Ellen Ripley. Portman would probably be enough to sell the film adaptation of this very popular novel, but the involvement of Alex Garland as director basically guarantees this movie will be incredible.

The Housemaid – YEP!

Style: Gothic Horror

In Theaters:

Once in a while a really exceptional foreign horror film comes out that gets remade with a bigger budget by an American studio. “The Ring” is one such example, and “The Housemaid” might have a similar journey. This may not be mainstream yet, but we are calling it as a sleeper hit. If you like foreign films, especially foreign horror, check this one out.

Slenderman – YEP! (but NOPE for me)

Style: Psychological Horror

In Theaters: August 24th

For Horror fans, Slenderman looks like it will be incredible. The main monster is the stuff of nightmares, he’s terrifying. Playing that game is the closest I have ever come death. It is a sinister torture that has spawned countless hours of let’s plays, reaction videos, and pranks. The movie isn’t based on a true story, but there is real life controversy surrounding the film’s release. The association with real-world violence is more likely to help the box office numbers than hurt them; since the clown attacks helped “It” make box office history. While this may be good news for most Horror fans, this is particularly terrible news for me. This movie gets all of my NOPE.


Honorable mentions:

  (Cause they came out already)

Mom and Dad – …maybe?

Style: Comedy Horror

Nick Cage at his nuttiest. Which means two things: you know its gonna be bad, but that’s why you want to watch it.

Insidious – The Last Key – NOPE.

Style: Supernatural Horror

The first Insidious was responsible for more sleep loss than Freddy Krueger. But the sequels don’t have any of the elements that made the original so creepy, and this one is no different.

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