Mario Christmas Decorations

5 Best Super Mario Christmas Decorations (2023 Updated)

You’ll have plenty of fun strewing the merry characters of Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, and even Bowser just about everywhere you need Mario’s powers in your home.

Light up the festivities even more with these Mario Christmas decorations.

5 Super Mario Christmas Decorations & Ornaments

1. Super Mario Bros. Super Star Light-Up Holiday Tree Topper Decoration


Who doesn’t get excited seeing that elusive Power-Up during Mario gameplay? [1] Topping your tree with Super Mario Bros. Super Star Light-Up Holiday Tree Topper Decoration brings just about the same excitement everywhere in your home.

Use this special 7” x 9” tree topper and watch it light up as soon as it’s plugged in via the USA plug type (no batteries required). Once Christmas is over, you can also put it as an accent piece for your office desk or favorite home shelf.

2. Super Mario Bros. Super Star Light-Up Desktop Holiday Tree




The most special time of the year will level up if you take the Super Mario Bros. Super Star Light-Up Desktop Holiday Tree home with you today. This takes up very little space at just 12” tall, perfect as an accent piece for your giant tree.

This miniature Christmas tree features the iconic Question Mark Block as its base and the Power Up Star as the tree topper. It’s also illuminated by cool LED rainbow lights, powered up by plugging in the USA plug type.

3. Super Mario Bros. Retro Embroidered Holiday Stocking


The Super Mario Bros. Retro Embroidered Holiday Stocking celebrates being functional and cute. Hang it up your mantel to collect Christmas presents, as you’ll find that its 18” size is more than enough to hold most of your knick-knacks.

This embroidered holiday stocking is in a gorgeous emerald green, adorned with a retro-style image of Mario, some coins, and festive Christmas trees. Check out some cool Super Mario Christmas gifts here

4. Super Mario Bros. Question Block With Mario Lamp


Diehard fans of the video game franchise will absolutely love receiving the Super Mario Bros. Question Block With Mario Lamp this Christmas.

It features our favorite red plumber in the midst of jumping, with the lamp head in the shape of the Question Mark Block. Pull on Mario to switch the lamp on or off.

The lamp measures 19” tall, perfect for keeping on your bedside or study table.

5. Super Mario Bros. Super Star Projector Lamp


Your gamer friend will absolutely adore receiving the Super Mario Bros. Super Star Projector Lamp this holiday season! It features the Power Up Star in all its 16-bit glory, and when it’s plugged in, it projects stars on the ceiling and walls.

Help your friend select the best place to put this star projector in (we recommend their room), and watch their face light up alongside its bright glow.

This can be powered using the USB cable or three AA batteries (not included).

Ideas For Your Mario Merch On Christmas

Create A Super Mario DIY Christmas Tree

A fun activity you can do with your fellow Mario nerds is to create a Super Mario DIY Christmas tree. Start by collecting thick cardboard (old cereal boxes will do) and draw iconic Mario characters on them with a marker.

Once done, you can paint them with poster paint or use glitter glue for more sparkle. Puncture a hole through each character and loop a gold string through each one.

Once you have enough, you’ll be able to hang everything up on the Christmas tree to make an eye-catching Mario display in your home.

Make A Christmas Village Using Your Super Mario Diorama

Collect all your Super Mario figures and arrange them into a Christmas-themed village diorama. You can also make everything from scratch by crafting your village houses from popsicle sticks and using cotton balls as snow.

Let your imagination run wild — you never know what you will end up with! [2]

Turn Your Mario Mini-Plushies Into Ornaments

We don’t know about you, but one of our most prized possessions has to be our impressive Mario mini-plush collection. Add a Mario twist to the classic Christmas tree by using these as ornaments instead.

Make the tree extra bright and sparkly by looping LED rainbow or fairy lights around the characters. It’ll be a sight to behold once you bring the tree to life on Christmas Eve.

Hang Mario Beanies & Socks By The Window

If you have Mario beanies and socks, they’ll work wonders in bringing more magic to your home this holiday season. Use them as makeshift stockings and watch them get filled to the brim with chocolates, candies, and small knick-knacks from friends and family.

Make A Merry Christmas Sign Using Your Mario Figurines

Your fully-mobile Mario figures will do well in making an extraordinary Christmas sign. Craft a regular Christmas sign using thick cardboard and color it as usual.
Once you’re happy with the sign, grab Mario and Luigi, position them with their arms out, and let them carry the sign between them. Put little Santa hats atop their heads while you’re at it!


Is it easy to DIY Super Mario Christmas decorations?

Yes, it’s pretty simple to DIY Super Mario Christmas decorations. You only need some cardboard, paint, and imagination to make your Mario Christmas vision come to life.

Where can you buy Super Mario Christmas decorations and ornaments?

Super Mario Christmas decorations and ornaments are available in the Toynk store. We carry 100 percent officially licensed merchandise for your ultimate satisfaction guaranteed.

It’s Mario Time!

Super Mario is one of the most nostalgic and beloved games of the century, so it’s always a great idea to incorporate the characters into your Christmas celebration! Check out all the cool Mario things you can get at Toynk.

We love how Super Mario is bright, cheery, and vibrant — three things we want all Christmas celebrations to be.

Watch them help Power Up your Christmas Eve party this year — we’re sure your guests will be talking about what a blast they had at your bash well until March next year!

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