Jango Fett vs Boba Fett: Who's the Better Fighter? (2023)

Jango Fett vs Boba Fett: Who's the Better Fighter? (2023)

Jango Fett and Boba Fett from the Star Wars Universe confuse new viewers. Some people think they are the same, but they are not.

As the 2nd season of the Book of Boba Fett is bound to happen, it is time to clear things out.

Who do you think would win in a battle between Jango Fett vs Boba Fett? Read on and find out.

Boba Fett vs Jango Fett: Finding The Better Bounty Hunter

Close Up Shot of Boba Fett

Jango Fett is the best bounty hunter and mercenary in the galaxy. The Galactic Republic chose him as the genetic template for their clone army.

Meanwhile, according to Jango’s request, Boba Fett is the only clone without genetic modification in the entire army. He is Jango’s clone and was taught, supervised, and raised as Jango’s son.

Who will be the better bounty hunter between them in a close fight?

Head-To-Head Battle


Even though Jango has high-tech gadgets and weaponry, Boba has more advanced technology than his father.

He learned that pistols aren’t good in close combat fighting, so he switched to a new EE-3 blaster rifle and upgraded the armor he inherited from his father. But why is Boba Fett scarred?

Primary Weapons & Armor

Close Up Shot of Jango Fett

Jango and Boba have almost similar weapons and armor. Jango’s armor is silver with blue, and he uses a jetpack, wrist flamethrower, blaster fire, and his signature WESTAR-34 blasters.

Meanwhile, Boba’s armor is green with a laser, a small rocket launcher, and a flamethrower in his gauntlet, which he upgrades several times.

Since Boba uses more advanced weapons than his father, he has the advantage in this aspect.


Boba’s intelligence became more noticeable as he formulated and executed his strategies to become the Daimyo of Mos Espa.

He also befriended some of his contacts, like the fierce warrior Fennec Shand, and was hired to track the Millennium Falcon.

Jango also showed his wit and grit in every fight. In fact, Jango fought to the death with Mace Windu and developed strategies to take over his enemies (especially the Jedi Master).

In this aspect, Jango has the edge over his son as he is more experienced and can make instant and better judgments.

Battle Experience

Photo of Jango Fett

When it comes to battle, Jango is way more experienced than his son. He killed six Jedi single-handedly and unarmed.

He fought Jedi masters like Luke Skywalker and could match Obi-Wan Kenobi [1].

He trained under Jaster Mereel and fought his way out while personally attacking Death Watch and holding out against Tor Vizsla.

His son also had an enduring journey as he tried to recover his armor from Mando and reclaim his father’s legacy. He fought Obi-Wan Kenobi and several Kage Warriors attacking all at once.

He also didn’t spare Mace Windu’s life until he was interrupted and captured, and Han Solo brought him to Jabba the Hutt. Hence, Boba has more combat experience than Jango.

Combat Skills

In terms of combat skills, Jango has the upper hand. He has undergone rigorous training under bounty hunters like Hondo Ohnaka, Duros Cad Bane, Aurra Sing, and Zam Wesell.

Boba may seem cooler in fighting, but his father is more skillful than him in hand-to-hand combat.


Slave 1 Battleship

Both Boba and Jango use the same battleship model, the Slave I.

However, Boba is more resourceful as he upgrades and adds more to it, including a jetpack and other weaponry, equipment, and useful gadgets, unlike his father.

Hence, in this department, Boba has the edge over his father and comes prepared with his high-tech battleship.

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Physical Prowess

Regarding physical prowess, note that Jango requested Boba as part of his contract with the Kaminoans. Therefore, he has the upper hand over his clone template and son, Boba.

He is a fully-fledged bounty hunter greater than his clone army and other republic forces.

Although Boba is more cunning than his father when he fought great enemies, badly injure Windu in the process, and had him at his mercy before the Republic forces showed up.

He also sabotaged the Venator Class Star Destroyer and briefly held his own against a disguised Obi-Wan. However, he was killed by a blind man [2].


Why is Jango Fett not a Mandalorian?

In the second season of The Mandalorian, Boba revealed that Jango is a Mandalorian foundling that was taken in and raised by them.

Ergo, Jango Fett’s early life doesn’t make him one of the Mandalorians. Even so, he became one of the best bounty hunters in the entire galaxy, fighting the fiercest and scariest creatures.

Is Boba Fett an exact clone of Jango Fett?

No, Boba Fett is not exact, but an unaltered genetic clone of his father, Jango Fett. He also underwent Mandalorian training at a very young age.

He became a legend known for being the most fearsome among the other bounty hunters, and in a battle between the two, it’s not impossible that he would win.

Who Wins, The Original or The Clone?

Who do you think would win in the battle between the clone and the original?

It will surely be a close fight, and the clone could stand a chance and would win against the original due to his advanced weaponry, battleship, technology, and experience.

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