How to Make a Stuffed Animal Zoo (2024 Updated)

How to Make a Stuffed Animal Zoo (2024 Updated)

If your son or daughter is running out of bed space due to tons of cuddly plushies, a DIY stuffed animal zoo is the best way to go. It’s a creative and fun way to clean a room filled with toys.

Learn how to make a stuffed animal zoo as our team searched for ideas, compared projects, and created an in-depth guide.

10 Steps to Make a Stuffed Animal Zoo

1.  Gather The Materials

Gather The Materials 

Collecting all the materials needed for the project is the first step in making a DIY stuffed animal zoo. You will need:

  • A large piece of cardboard
  • Scissors
  • Markers or crayons
  • Stuffing
  • Animal pattern (You can find these online or in some craft stores)
  • Wood/steel bars
  • Screws
  • Fabric

(Note: It would also be best to gather all the stuffed animals your kids love so you can have an idea of how big the zoo should be.)

2.  Cut the Boards

After you gather all the needed supplies, the next step is to cut the boards. You will need two pieces of cardboard that are the same size. 

Once you have cut the boards, you can begin tracing the animal pattern onto the fabric.

3.  Create the Base 

Create the Base

After cutting the boards and tracing the animal pattern, the next step is creating the base. To do this, you will need to place one piece of square cardboard on top of the other. 

Then, trace the animal pattern onto the top piece of the cardboard. Once you have done this, you can start cutting out various animal shapes.

4.  Assemble the Top & Bottom Bases

The next step is to assemble the top, front, and bottom bases. To do this, place the two pieces of cardboard together. 

Remember that the key is in the details, so don’t forget to measure if each base has the same length and width from corner to corner.  

5.  Attach & Connect Them

Attach & Connect Them

Once you have assembled the top and bottom bases, the next step is to connect them. Take the assembled base and connect the two pieces. 

You can use glue or tape for this step. Make sure to bind them together carefully so they won’t fall apart once loaded with tons of toys.

6.  Fill the Bases with Holes & Paint

After you have attached and connected the two pieces, the next step is to fill the bases and drill pilot holes. Drilling pilot holes will help the stuffing stay in place. 

After you have drilled pilot holes, you can begin painting the animal. You can use any paint color you want, but we recommend going for your young ones’ favorite combinations. It’s also ideal to apply at least three coats of paint to make the final product bold and vibrant.

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7.  Securely Attach the Screw Eyes

Securely Attach the Screw Eyes

This step is an interesting one! In this step, all you have to do is securely attach the screw eyes. These eye screws will give your stuffed animal zoo improved stability. 

Take the eyes, post, and align the screw heads into the screw holes you’ve created, then twist them in one end of the square base (at the top). Remember to use at least two screws to secure the eyes’ attachment.

8.  Tie Shock Cords (Top to Bottom Eyes)

After attaching the eye screws, the next step is to tie shock cords from the edge. This will help keep your stuffed animal zoo secure no matter where you place it in a room or how many toys you plan to put in it.

Take the top and bottom eyes and knot the rest on the other end together using a durable bungee cord. This step is mandatory if you intend to transport your stuffed animal storage from one spot to another.

9.  Design The Finished Products

Design The Finished Products

Now, it’s time to design your stuffed animal zoo! There are no specific instructions in this step, so you can definitely unleash your inner creativity.

You can use any element like wooden letters to spell out your child’s name, a cute “zoo” sign, square-cut pieces, and creative shapes to help give your zoo a picture-friendly look you can post online. 

The ideas you can gather online are endless! You can even add a miniature house made of wood, a stunning wall of decorations, steel bars for reinforcement, or a corral of cute kittens for your daughter.

If you want some relevant inspiration, all you have to do is search through the Internet. 

Also, you can either use strong and hot glue or reliable wood glue when attaching these objects and allot a reasonable amount of space for proportion [1].

Remember, this whole thing is supposed to be fun and can even be a bonding moment for kids and their parents, so just take it easy and bring your colorful idea into life!

10.  Fill The Stuffed Animals In

Take your kids’ stuffies, put them in the stuffed animal zoo, and watch their imagination come to life as they play the strict but jolly zookeeper! 


Is it safe to place stuffed animals in a DIY zoo?

Yes, it is perfectly safe to store stuffed animals in a stuffed animal zoo. Just make sure to use durable materials for it not to break easily. Also, ensure that the DIY zoo is filled with toys properly, so they don’t fall out [2].

Where can you display the stuffed animal DIY zoo?

The stuffed animal zoo can be displayed anywhere in your home. You can even display this in the living room so guests can take a quick peek when they visit.  

Final Thoughts on Making a Stuffed Animal Zoo

If you’re looking for a fun way to keep your kid entertained and instill a sense of responsibility while they are still young, you can never go wrong with the stuffed animal zoo.

They can play in their rooms all day and pretend to be the zookeeper, and afterward, they get to clean up the little guys and arrange them neatly in their very own stuffed animal zoo.

Creating it is also quite easy since the instructions are simple, and there are lots of ideas you can get online.

If you are looking for stuffies to fill your zoo with, make sure to check Toynk out!

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