How to Frame a Puzzle (2023) All You Need to Know

How to Frame a Puzzle (2023) All You Need to Know

Assembling puzzles provide people entertainment, thrill, and fulfillment. Hanging that exquisite design, unique painting, or your favorite iconic person and place gives you an ecstatic sense of accomplishment, right? 

However, it is also important that you know how to frame a puzzle without damaging it. Well, you just got lucky because we’ve got the inside scoop.  

5 Steps to Framing a Puzzle

1.    Finish Your Puzzle & Flatten the Pieces

Of course, the first step in framing a jigsaw puzzle is to finish assembling it. After doing so, you will also have to flatten the pieces together to fit perfectly into the frame. 

finishing puzzle 

Sometimes, your favorite puzzles may have a few stray pieces that pop out of place. You may opt to press them down, which is possible. However, you can use a rolling pin to make your whole puzzle stay flat and make it look great while hanging on your wall. 

2.    Clean the Surface

Remember to ensure that the surface of the finished product is spotless before starting to apply glue. The surface of the puzzle should be free of dust or any unwanted scrap. This process will help you in making framed puzzles look pristine when you hang them.  

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3.    Apply Glue to the Puzzle

The puzzle glue method is the best way to ensure that your puzzle stays together permanently. The glue will also ensure that the puzzle will not have any part that would fall apart. We also suggest using a piece of thin plastic, parchment, or wax paper underneath your puzzle before putting the puzzle glue. You may use a puzzle adhesive like the mod podge, any heat-sensitive adhesive, or a puzzle saver in framing the entire thing. 

applying glue

Parchment paper is treated with silicone, so it is non-stick; it is also heatproof and grease-resistant. [1] These materials will prevent the puzzle from adhering so you can carefully transfer it to the frame. You may use a piece of cardboard or any card with a straight edge to get rid of the excess glue.  

4.    Let the Puzzle Dry

Next, you’ll have to wait until the puzzle is fully dried. You might need to wait until at least 20 minutes to let a single coat dry up and make it stay intact pretty solid. 

However, you may also opt to add another coat if you prefer, just make sure it stays flat and perfectly glued. We also suggest waiting for at least an hour before finally framing it. It is still best to wait a little bit longer until it totally dries off.

5.    Find the Right Frame

The fun part is, you could choose from various puzzle frames, so it is equally necessary to find the best frame with the correct size. You wouldn’t want to buy a frame that is too large for your puzzles. 


It would be a hassle to use double-sided packing tape just to keep your puzzles centered in the frame. You may also slide a poster board or a foam board for extra support or even add matting to it. After doing so, you can now hang your puzzle on the wall. Then, you can buy puzzles to assemble and frame next.  


Can you frame a puzzle without gluing it?

Yes, you can frame a jigsaw puzzle with no glue on it. For example, you may choose to use clear box frames to put your finished puzzle without glue. These frames can be easily found in a craft store or frame shop, so you shouldn’t really worry about where to find them. Dry mounting your puzzles is also possible. 

What should I put under a puzzle to glue it?

You may use cover materials such as parchment or wax paper at the back of the puzzle to glue it. The puzzle pieces could stick to the table or any surface, which might ruin the whole piece.  

Time to Display Your Puzzle! 

It is always fulfilling to show something that displays your hard work and perseverance.

Hanging a framed puzzle is somewhat different from hanging any other art or normal photo/regular photo frame. Its weight is probably a bit heftier. Therefore, knowing how to do the proper procedure of framing puzzles is a must. 

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