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How Old Is The Prince In Snow White & The Seven Dwarfs?

Most girls grow up wanting to be just like their favorite Disney princesses. However, did you ever stop and wonder about the age gaps between the couples in every Disney film?

Some of our favorite Disney characters’ ages recently became a trending topic, which led our team to look into exactly how old is the prince in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

Was he too old or too young for our favorite Disney princess? Read on and find out.

How Old Is Snow White’s Prince Charming?

Image of a Prince In Snow White

Snow White was believed to be 14, and the prince was 31, but some say he was actually 18. Snow White and Prince Florian’s gap is by far the most questionable among Disney couples [1].

In the movie Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Prince Florian overhears Snow White’s voice in the woods, and when she eats a poisoned apple from the evil queen, he comes to the rescue.

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His Real Age & Controversy

18 Years Old

As stated and confirmed by the book, The Art of Walt Disney, Prince Florian from Snow White is much younger than people claim he is. He was 18, and there was no huge gap between them.

Aside from that, this difference is not a big deal in the classic Disney version film of Snow White which came out in 1937 [2].

31-ish Years Old

A rumor about Snow White and the Prince once circulated online, saying the prince was 31.

However, this rumor was proven untrue after a review of The Art of Walt Disney book which showed a definitive answer that Prince Florian being 31-ish years old, is fabricated.

Hence, the question raised by Twitter user @diordeaux about the age difference between Snow White and the Prince that went viral is inaccurate.

At What Age Did Snow White Kiss The Prince?

Image of a Prince Kissing Snow White

It has been proven that the prince kissed Snow White while she was a 14-year-old dead girl.

After biting the apple and falling into a Sleeping Death curse, Snow White’s body was put in a coffin by the grieving dwarfs until Prince Florian found her.

The prince was devasted by her death, so he put Snow White on his lap, mourned her death, and kissed her.

Prince Florian’s kiss turns out to be True Love’s Kiss that could bring Snow White to life, and they proceed to live happily in a faraway land.

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Is The Prince Too Old For Snow White?

No, he isn’t. Snow White and Prince Florian only have a 4-year difference which is not bad at all. This confusion was cleared after the book, The Art of Walt Disney was released.

Are People Bothered By Their Age Gap?

Image of a Standing Prince

People were bothered and found it weird when the rumor first circulated, but the picture became clearer, proving that they only have a 4-year gap.

This same reaction was seen in other Disney Princess couples like Rapunzel and Flynn Rider, Princess Aurora and Prince Philip from Sleeping Beauty, Aladdin and Princess Jasmine, and even Beast.

Is Prince Florian The Same As Prince Charming?

Prince Florian differs from Prince Charming since the latter is from the story Cinderella.

Both Princes are alike in the sense that they are the only characters in Disney that did not have any encounter with the film’s antagonist.


What is the age gap between Snow White and Prince?

There’s only a 4-year gap between Snow White and Prince Florian, and it is not supposed to be a 17-year gap as speculated by fans online.

This story turned out to be a complete hoax, and people eventually made a complete disregard for this issue.

How old is Snow White in the original story?

Originally, the queen ordered the huntsman to kill Snow White out of jealousy (unbeknownst to her father, the king) when she was 7 years old.

This means she also falls in love with the prince in the story at a younger age.

Wrapping Up

After all the fuss is cleared, the magic of love is just around the corner, and it was proven that there is no vast age gap between them.

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