Gaming’s top 7 Halloween Celebrations!

Darkness falls, the shroud between the world of the living and the dead grows thin, and Halloween approaches. If you’re a gamer who’s had their fill of pumpkin spice, or a legitimate fear of clowns, (there’s gonna be IT costumes everywhere, fair warning) you can always stay inside and enjoy these in-game Halloween events. Here’s a list of some of the cooler ones, in order of subjective awesomeness.

7) Rocket League

It is an established fact that the worst part about soccer, and trick or treating, is walking. Rocket league has solved both of those problems for us. The game has introduced a new loot box system and a free to earn candy corn currency (say that five times fast) that you can use to deck out your ride. The community was worried about the inclusion of randomly chosen loot crates, as the departure from the traditional shop system could increase costs for players, but the developers listened and made the currency for earning the loot chests free to earn in game. Players with a little more extra cash can always buy Halloween items, but starving students, (I hear you brothers and sisters) will still be able to earn their special cars and decorations.

6) Fallout Shelter

The mobile incarnation of Fallout has in some ways surpassed its console origins. Because the game is mobile you can take it trick or treating with you in real life. Strap your phone to your wrist like a pip boy and you can trick or treat in two places at once! SCIENCE! Breeding and feeding your vault dwellers is excellent practice for the coming apocalypse, and even nuclear winter can’t stop Vault-Tec from celebrating. New costumes, missions, pets, weapons and other aesthetic items come to mobile in signature Fallout style. Players that have fully upgraded living quarters and kitchens will find those rooms totally decked out for the season all on their own. There’s also music changes and ambient effects that have retooled the game for Halloween season. The Halloween missions are absolutely hilarious, but get them soon, because they will become unavailable once October ends.

5) Heroes of the Storm

Blizzard’s Moba has often been called, “Blizzcon the game” and if the changes coming to the nexus are any indication of the massive event next month, its gonna be a good year. There are mounts, animated sprays, banners, and in game portraits that can be earned through participating in the events. But Halloween is all about the costumes, and Blizzard made a cute little video showcasing all the new outfits that are coming out this year. You can watch it here: Of course you can also purchase costumes from the previous years, but why would you when you can have garden shambler murky? Everything is better with Murlocs.

4) Smite

Smite is unique in that many of the gods portrayed in the game are actually associated with holidays themselves. Fans of the free to play MOBA love these subtle nods, and anthropologically minded gamers can scratch their MOBA itch while also participating in some cultural appreciation. Halloween maps and loot return, with brand new tongue in cheek skins for the holiday. This year they also introduced a new announcer pack from HiRezTina, a Esports personality famous for her vulgarity. Rather than catering to the young crowd, HiRez is sending a $#@%! filled love-letter to the more mature version of their fanbase. That love-letter is even being delivered by cupid in a ghost costume. Proving once again that love is scary and filled with expletives.

3) Overwatch

This year marks the second Halloween for Blizzard’s youngest baby, and if it weren’t so scary it’d be adorable. Overwatch has changed dramatically since launch, but the Halloween event has only gotten better. Junkenstein’s Revenge, the scripted PvE Halloween horde mode, makes a return, but with a facelift. Instead of a pumpkin head, the Reaper dons a vampire costume this year, tying in well with the “Van Helsing” Mccree skin, while also giving a nod to the balance changes that gave Reaper vampiric lifesteal. The Hollywood map is embracing the season, instead of strolling through a sunny California day, players protect they payload through a spookily decorated nighttime haunt. The castles of Eichenwalde have also been redecorated in wicked fashion. Players can always shoot pumpkins to relieve anxiety, but that won’t stop the creepy melodies and atmosphere screams from shaking their spines. New skins, voice lines, sprays, emotes hightlights, and more have filled the game. But the best addition is definitely Torbjorn’s Viking skin. A Swedish dwarf wielding Mjolnir is definitive proof that Odin exists.

2) Minecraft

You can basically do anything in Minecraft. Because players essentially create their own content there’s no limit to how they can celebrate the holidays. Minecraft gives players all the decorative norms that other games do for the season, spooky scary skeletons, costumes, and candies, but the customization of the game has created something of a phenomenon. Players and servers are throwing costume contests, players can design their own costumes and maps and then hold competitions offering prizes to the most creative members of the community. While the graphics may not be as stunning as the other games on the list, the sheer diversity of what can be seen and done in this game continues to amaze kids and kids at heart. Plus the creepers in the game are better than the creepers in real life, but keep your distance, they still explode.

1) World of Warcraft

Despite being over a decade old, World of Warcraft is still the measurement by which all other holiday events are judged. The game has a built-in calendar filled with events, and the holiday time of year is always stocked. Wow’s in game event is called Hallow’s end, and it celebrates Azeroth’s equivalent of a zombie revolution. Yes, Really. Not only are the major towns decorated for the season, but you can explore the exotic trick or treat locations in various places throughout the world. Shops and inns are filled to the brim with sweet, sweet loot. Players will find their bags stuffed with costumes, mounts, stat boosting sweets, and tricky toys to pull Halloween pranks. Participating locations can be found all over Azeroth, but certain items and quests can only be found in certain places, ensuring that even the most reclusive gamers go trick or treating, pants optional, of course.

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