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Top Futurama Plush Toys for Fans of the Iconic Show (2024)

Futurama, known for its wit, charm, and lovable characters, has garnered a massive fanbase over the years.

So, if you've ever dreamed of cuddling up with the iconic characters from the futuristic animated world, you're in for a treat with our collection of Futurama Plush Toys. 

With insights from our dedicated shopping experts and enthusiastic customers, I'm here to guide you to the best addition to your Futurama collection. 

Editor's Picks

Our Favorite Futurama Plushies

1. Futurama Bender 8-Inch Chibi Collector Plush Toy 


What's Included: 8-inch plush

Suitable Age: 3+

Best For: Toys & Games, Collectibles 

Overall Satisfaction Rating: ★★★★★

Why We Like It: Bender shines as one of the most fantastic characters ever crafted in the vast landscape of science fiction characters [1]

So, if you're looking for a soft and adorable plush toy to cuddle, here's our fan-favorite Bender plush. It's top-quality, incredibly soft, and honestly, who can resist that face?

We highly recommend it to any sci-fi or Futurama fan of all ages.

Key Features: 

  • Officially licensed Chibi-styled Bender plush

  • Made of high-quality and soft materials

  • Perfect size for cuddling

  • A must-have for Futurama fans


  • It may be too pricey for the size

2. Futurama Nibbler 8-Inch Chibi Collector Plush Toy


What's Included: 8-inch plush

Suitable Age: 3+

Best For: Toys & Games, Collectibles 

Overall Satisfaction Rating: ★★★★★

Why We Like It: Nibbler, in plush form, is adorable beyond words! Nibbler is a brilliant alien deployed on a secret mission but may appear as an ordinary household pet [2].

That's why this plush is not only a hit among children. Adult collectors of the series also love the accurate detailing of Nibbler's tiny cape and big, expressive eyes.

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Key Features: 

  • Authentic Futurama merch

  • Made of soft and huggable materials

  • Ideal size for play and display

  • Unique collectible item for Futurama fans


  • It may be too pricey for the size

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3. Futurama Zoidberg 8-Inch Chibi Collector Plush Toy


What's Included: 8-inch plush 

Suitable Age: 3+

Best For: Collectibles

Overall Satisfaction Rating: ★★★★★

Why We Like It: This Zoidberg plush perfectly captures the lovable quirkiness of the character in an adorable chibi form.

Our customers love the top-notch quality of the plush, capturing all of Zoidberg's unique features right down to his lovable face. 

It's a fun gift for those who love Futurama's most misunderstood character. Plus, it's soft and huggable, perfect for binge-watching your favorite Futurama episodes. 

Key Features: 

  • Official Futurama collectible 

  • Vibrant, true-to-character design

  • Made of soft, cuddly materials

  • Great gift for Futurama fans 


  • It may be too pricey for the size

4. Futurama Funko Mopeez Plush Figure Bender


What's Included: 4.5-inch Funko plush

Suitable Age: 3+

Best For: Collectibles

Overall Satisfaction Rating: ★★★★

Why We Like It: This Funko Mopeez Bender plush is too cool to pass up. Our customers especially loved how it brought different styles to the table with its Funko charm.

The slightly grumpy expression is classic Bender, and the plush's quality is excellent – durable and well-made.

This plush is highly recommended not only for Futurama fans but also for those who love Funko collectibles. 

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Key Features: 

  • Official Futurama collectible 

  • Unique and appealing Funko Mopeez design

  • Soft and compact plush

  • Suitable for a wide age range


  • Pricey

Note: Each product was rated based on its functionality, playability, design and aesthetics, versatility, educational value, innovation, price, and collectibles: authenticity, packaging, and collector appeal.

Our Special Buying Guide

Character Selection

While choosing a Futurama plush, we must consider the recipient's favorite character. From Bender's roguish charm to Nibbler's adorable mystery, each character brings its unique flair.

It is also essential to search if the items are a part of a more extensive collection.

Authenticity & Brand

Head to trusted sellers like TOYNK or official merchandise stores for the best selection, including limited editions.

Online platforms and sellers sell many items, but ensure you buy from authorized sellers for the best Futurama merchandise. 

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Price & Availability

Plush items are generally affordable, making them accessible to fans of all ages. Check for availability, as some characters' popularity might change, become more popular, and sell out quickly.

However, limited edition items and other special releases may be rarer than others, making them more pricey but with increased collectible value.

Where to Buy

For the best selection, including limited edition items, check trusted retailers or sellers like TOYNK or official merchandise stores.

Online sellers also sell a wide range of things about Futurama.

Other Futurama Collectibles

1. Futurama Furry Little Nibbler 7" Flocked Vinyl Art Figure


This Nibbler art figure is a gem among my collections! It's about seven inches tall, featuring Little Nibbler in a smelly diaper and cape. It includes a kitty litter tray, perfect for discerning collectors who appreciate the finer details. 

With a flocked texture to add a unique touch, I highly recommend it to any serious Futurama collectors. 

2. Futurama Kif Kroker Bendy Toy Figure


Kif Kroker, as a bendy toy, is just as fun as it sounds. It's an excellent choice for play and display, but it can also be a unique addition to your Futurama or any sci-fi collection. 

The figure is about six inches tall and is perfect as a party favor for young adult fans of the series.

This top-rated toy figure is flexible and durable, perfectly capturing Kif's character.

3. Futurama Series 6 Figure Clobberella


For action figure enthusiasts, this six-inch Clobberella figure is another must-have. It represents Leela's superhero alter ego, and the detailed design makes it a worthy addition to the Futurama action figure collection. 

It has multiple points of articulation, which is a plus for me because I can have the figure in any memorable pose. 

It's perfect for anyone who loves a strong, empowering figure in their collection.

4. Futurama Destructor & Gender Bender Exclusive Deluxe Box Set


This Deluxe box set is a collector's dream, featuring two figures with fantastic detailing and impressive quality.

Destructor and Gender Bender are featured in toy figures made of PVC construction and packaged in a box suitable for display. 

It's officially licensed and slightly more expensive. That's why it makes an exceptional and highly recommended gift for serious Futurama collectors.

5. Futurama Captain Yesterday Series 4 Action Figure


Captain Yesterday, aka Fry, in action figure form, is a blast. It is approximately six inches tall with multiple points of articulation that brilliantly represent Fry's superhero persona. 

It has superb detailing, and the figure has a nice, sturdy feel that collectors would surely admire. 

With his dash of humor, this figure is a fun way to commemorate one of the show's funniest episodes, making it a great addition to any fan's shelf. 

6. Futurama Series 4 Nudar


This figure is a well-crafted and detailed representation of Nudar. Nudar was an exceptionally dangerous antagonist who excelled in planning and uncovering secrets [3]

So, to represent one of the show's most memorable villains, we have here an impressive and unique piece that perfectly captures the character's essence. 

It's a unique piece that adds a bit of edge to your collection.


What characters are available in the Futurama plush toy series?

The Futurama plush series includes a variety of beloved characters like Bender, Nibbler, Zoidberg, Professor Farnsworth, and others. 

Each character is represented with attention to detail, capturing their unique traits and personalities.

How big are the Futurama plush toys?

The size of Futurama plush toys varies, but many popular models, like the chibi-style plushies, are around 8 inches tall.

They're the perfect size for cuddling or displaying on a shelf.

Where can Futurama plush toys be purchased?

Futurama plush toys can be purchased from various retailers in-store and online. Specialty stores like TOYNK, official merchandise sites and sellers, and online platforms like Amazon often sell a good selection. 

It's always a good idea to regularly check, as the availability and exclusive releases sometimes change.

Final Thoughts 

So, there you have it! Futurama is a sci-fi and comedy sitcom telling the story of Philip Fry, who accidentally ended up 1000 years into the future [4]

These Futurama things and collectibles are a little piece of the show's magic, perfect for gifting to a fellow fan or treating yourself.

If you plan to give an avid fan the ultimate Futurama item, check out this Monopoly Futurama Collector's Edition Board Game. It features 22 popular locations with illustrations provided by Matt Groening. 

And remember to always order things from authorized sellers for the best selection of Futurama Collectibles. You can order various things related to Futurama, and we offer daily free shipping in the contiguous US. 


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