20 Best Friends TV Show Gifts (2023 UPDATED) Full Guide

20 Best Friends TV Show Gifts (2023 UPDATED) Full Guide

Whether on Netflix or HBO Max, “Friends” always ranks on the list of top TV series of all time. Many people are obsessed with this sitcom because of its entertaining plots and comedic scenes.

Our team spent 72 hours researching the best gift you can give to that one friend who loves this TV series!

Top 20 Friends TV Show Gifts

1. Friends TV Series Frame and Turkey Ceramic Salt and Pepper Shakers

1. Friends TV Series Frame and Turkey Ceramic Salt and Pepper Shakers

A Friends fan who wants to create a Friends-themed dining area should consider buying these salt and pepper shakers. These showcase Joey’s turkey and Monica’s door.

You can expect these items to be durable enough to last a long time, and the best thing is, they come with a removable top which makes it easier for you to refill.

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2. Friends Central Perk 2-Liter Glass Cookie Storage Jar

Friends Central Perk 2-Liter Glass Cookie Storage Jar

This cookie jar has the Central Perk logo, a.k.a the hangout place of the characters in Friends. Having this at home can surely give you the ambiance of sidewalk cafes in New York City.

This cookie jar suits a Friend fanatic who loves to eat cookies, snacks, candies, and other small treats while binge-watching the sitcom. It is durable, adorable, and one of the best gifts for true Friends fans.

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3.  Friends Central Perk Coffee House Dining Set Collection

Friends Central Perk Coffee House Dining Set Collection

The Central Perk coffee shop inspires this dinnerware. The set comes with a large dinner plate, one dinner bowl, and one drinking mug made of durable ceramic. 

Every time you bring out this dining set, you will always be taken back to the moment when the gang is gathered and exchanging stories over a cup of joe. This set will surely be able to satisfy your fanatic heart

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4.  Friends Funko POP Vinyl Figure | Gunther Chase

Friends Funko POP Vinyl Figure | Gunther Chase

If you're a true Friends fan, you will not let this rare chase vinyl figure with a cute t-shirt of Gunther go. You can include this in your collection and flaunt it every time someone visits your home!

This figure stands at 3 & 3/4 inches tall. The size makes it more convenient for you to put it on office tables or display it in cabinets. This will also be a truly memorable gift for your fanatic friend. 

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5.  Friends Central Perk Cold Cup with Lid and Straw | Holds 20 Ounces

Friends Central Perk Cold Cup with Lid and Straw | Holds 20 Ounces

This Friends Central Perk cold cup comes with a lid and straw that can hold up to 20 ounces of beverage. Like the other gifts mentioned above, it also has the legendary coffee shop logo where the gang always shares an iconic moment.

It has a double-wall design, screw-on lid, and reusable straw that Friends members approve of. This is the perfect gift for your friend who loves sipping cold flavored drinks!

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6.  Friends Icons & Quotes Black Oven Mitt Glove

Friends Icons & Quotes Black Oven Mitt Glove

The gloves showcase Friends' iconic entertainment series featuring Joey Tribbiani's most famous lines.  This oven mitt is the perfect gift for your mom or someone who rules the kitchen.

It is made from 100% cotton shell and olefin fining, so you must gently wear, use, and handwash it. Having this glove will let Friends fans enjoy household activities like cooking, baking, and grilling even more! 

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7.  Friends Funko POP Vinyl Figure | Joey in Chandlers Clothes

Friends Funko POP Vinyl Figure | Joey in Chandlers Clothes

People who often watch the Friends TV show would love to have this cute vinyl figure. It features Joey in Chandler's t-shirt and stands 3 3/4 inches tall. 

You can display this on your bookshelf or let it be the centerpiece on your office table. However, don’t be confused - he may be wearing Chandler’s shirt, but he is 100% Joey Tribbiani! This is certainly one of the greatest gifts for a Friends fanatic!

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8.  Friends Central Perk Coffee Shop Neon Light Sign Replica

Friends Central Perk Coffee Shop Neon Light Sign Replica

This fantastic neon sign inspired by the Central Perk logo from the Friends TV show will always remind you of your favorite scene from the series. It measures 5 x 16 inches and can fit your door!

The neon sign is USB powered, and the lights will definitely bring back all the feelings and emotions your favorite TV series has brought. A true Friends fan will appreciate its value and the aesthetically pleasing vibe it gives off. 

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9.  Friends How Your Brewing 24 Ounce Ceramic Soup Mug

Friends How Your Brewing 24 Ounce Ceramic Soup Mug

A Friends fan who loves brewing coffee may find this extra-large soup mug perfectly splendid, especially when drinking their morning coffee. It can hold 24 fluid ounces and is made of durable ceramic materials.

Whether it’s for brewing your favorite blend or sipping that amazing soup recipe you have, this cute mug will surely make those who love Friends enjoy their drinkware and its contents all at the same time.

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10.  Friends Sticky Note and Sticky Tab Box Set

Friends Sticky Note and Sticky Tab Box Set

If you are one of those who hope to stay organized always, these Friends sticky notes may help you achieve that. The set comes with two different stick-it noted pads that are 4 inches square sized. 

You can write your schedule, to-do list, and important reminders while enjoying that memorable “Friends feels.” It features the Central Perk logo design, NY skyline, Monica's couch, picture frame, the iconic opening credits fountain, and a taxi cab. 

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11.  Friends Playing Cards

Friends Playing Cards

Hang out with your friends and make it more memorable by playing a game using this Friends cards set. You will surely miss some of the characters as it features the iconic frame in Rachel and Monica's apartment and the couch filled with all the gang’s good memories.  

Each pack includes 52 pieces of high-quality cards, including two jokers with a size of 2.5"x3.5" and has a linen type finish. Let your friends know “I’ll be there for you” (read in a singing tune) and bring this card the next time you have a get-together!  

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12.  Friends Central Perk 15oz Travel Mug

Friends Central Perk 15oz Travel Mug

Many fans love to reminisce and think about Friends wherever they go, which surely fits the bill of that friend who loves Friends! This travel mug showcases famous quotes and images from every special episode, and your favorite friends will surely appreciate receiving this gift. 

The mug can hold 15 ounces of your coffee, tea, or hot chocolate, and even your fanatic husband will enjoy drinking his favorite beer in this.

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13.  Friends TV Series Bingo Game

Friends TV Series Bingo Game

Enjoy these fun Bingo cards with your fellow Friends fan as you compete with each other all day long! This is surely one of the best gifts for Friends fans who love playing games.

It comes with twenty bingo cards illustrating Friends scenes and lines, four pencils, and a plastic popcorn bucket for added fun! Any fan, regardless of age and gender, will certainly enjoy a game or two.

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14.  Friends Group 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

Friends Group 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

This Friends-themed piece puzzle is a perfect way to pass the time or even serve as the main event at a Friends-themed party! Call your friends who are up to the challenge of piecing together their favorite TV show in a crazy and fun-filled puzzle party.

Each set is comprised of 1,000 pieces which can keep you and your friends occupied for several hours. Each piece measures 20 x 28 inches and is made of high-quality materials. It also comes with a full-color box to make sure that all the pieces are complete and secured.

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15.  Friends The Television Series Shaped Playing Cards

Friends The Television Series Shaped Playing Cards

Grab these card games that feature your favorite characters in Friends, including Monica, Joey, Rachel, Phoebe, Joey, Chandler, and Ross. It is composed of 52 playing cards with two jokers each.

The entire set features different designs and scenes from your favorite show. You might even see the scene where Phoebe performed her song, the “Smelly Cat.” What makes it more interesting is that no two cards are alike!

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16.  Friends TV Show Scene Charades Game

Friends TV Show Scene Charades Game

Charades is one of the most popular games in the world. The great news is, there are Friends-themed cards you can use in playing this game together with your fellow Friends fans!

Each set comes with a sand timer and 50 game cards. Act out what is written on each card and recreate the iconic comedy scenes in the series! 

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17.  Friends You're My Lobster 14 Ounce Glitter Handle Glass Mug

Friends You're My Lobster 14 Ounce Glitter Handle Glass Mug

Bet on this mug as your holiday gift for your husband or wife, an ultimate Friends fan! Show them your love and appreciation and give them this sweet and fun "You're My Lobster" drinkware [1]. 

This can hold up to 14 ounces of beverage and is made of durable material. Enjoy your coffee in the morning or a cold brew at night with this mug in your hands and your favorite person by your side.

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18.  Friends Central Perk Photo Clip Holders 

Friends Central Perk Photo Clip Holders

What better way to display your favorite Friends stickers and photos than by clipping them on these Central Perk clip holders? These are made of a combination of wood and metal and measure 1 1/2" - 2 1/2 x5. 

It also comes with two Central Perk coffee shop photo holders and even the famous couch from the TV show. Collect these two photo clip designs and start showing off your favorite memories!

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19.  Friends Picture Frame Replica Ceramic Trinket Tray

Friends Picture Frame Replica Ceramic Trinket Tray

This trinket tray is inspired by the iconic peephole frame you can find in Monica's apartment. Aside from being a great gift for a Friends fan, this is also very useful as you may use it for keeping and organizing your small trinkets at home.

Its measurement is 4 x 6 inches and is made from high-quality and durable materials. Any Friends fans out there who want to own a geeky home decor inspired by their favorite TV show will love this gift.

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20.  Friends Trivial Pursuit Quiz Game | Bite-Size Edition | For 2+ Players

Friends Trivial Pursuit Quiz Game | Bite-Size Edition | For 2+ Players 

This quiz game will test how well you know the Friends gang. It has 600 questions containing your favorite scenes in Ross and Rachel's wedding or other moments from the series.

You can purchase it with a bite-sized wedge case and bring it to a sleepover or play the game anytime and anywhere! 

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Wrapping Up... 

Whether your loved one is a fan of Rachel, Ross, Joey, Monica, Chandler, or Phoebe, we have the perfect gifts for them readily available on our page! From Central Perk mug or even more clothes and t-shirts for urban outfitters, you can bet that they’ll love every available design they can wear all year round!

Aside from that, you can also buy additional kitchenware, cups, or even a water bottle designed with their favorite TV show to satisfy their obsessed hearts.

If you are looking for more Friends gift ideas for your loved ones regardless of age, make sure to give our page a visit!

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