20 Best Dragon Ball Z Party Decorations Ideas (2023 UPDATED)

20 Best Dragon Ball Z Party Decorations Ideas (2023 UPDATED)

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Dragon Ball Z is an extremely popular anime series loved by people of all ages. And since choosing a party theme is one way to keep people interested and excited on occasion, hosting a DBZ themed party can be awesome. 

Allow us to lend a hand as we compiled the best Dragon Ball Z Party decorations ideas. 

20 Dragon Ball Z Party Decoration Ideas You Can Try 

1. Send Dragon Ball Invitations

A themed birthday party can be exciting because you can be very creative in planning, designing, and decorating the party. When throwing a birthday bash, the first idea you should try is to send out Dragon Ball Z Invitations.

As your friends receive the Dragon Ball-inspired invitations, they will be informed that you've planned a theme party, and they can prepare and participate in it. Dragon Ball Invitations match the party, and the guest will get an idea of what gift you would want to get.

In addition, you can indicate in the invitations that they can wear their favorite characters as their dress codes. 

2. Prepare A Creative DBZ-Inspired Banner

As you've walked into someone's party, the first thing you will look for is the banners because it indicates what the celebration is for. Creative DBZ-inspired banners make the event more vibrant and set the mood for the occasions for birthday parties or anniversaries. 

Celebrate with style and interests in the banner inspired by the favorite characters of the celebrant. For Dragon Ball Z-themed-party, the banners need to go with the theme so make sure that the Dragon Ball Z-inspired banner has a touch of vibrant orange, yellow, black, and white. 

3. Throw In Some Dragon Ball Z-Inspired Balloons

Throw In Some Dragon Ball Z-Inspired Balloons

An event will not be completed without the balloons, and throwing in some Dragon Ball Z-inspired balloons can make your decors more complete. Balloons are widely used in different celebrations, and they come in different sizes, colors, shapes, and prints. 

Fortunately, it will never be a challenge to find creative balloon supplies that will fit in your decorations. Some balloons suppliers will allow you to personalize the design of the balloons. You can also get balloons and other party supplies of the same color to perfectly match the theme. 

4. Bust Out With Your DBZ Drinkware 

Bust Out With Your DBZ Drinkware

Drinkware is necessary for the occasion, and when it comes to a Dragon Ball Z theme party, you should have Dragon Ball Z drinkware on the table to complete the vibes. While it is appropriate to get drinkware to match the beverage, we recommend getting something that matches the theme perfectly.  

There are different types of drinkware supplies with Dragon Ball Z designs that you can choose from. You can go for travel cans and teacup sets for cold beverages, and you can go for mugs when it comes to warm and hot drinks.

Celebrate with style in the drinkware that will match your theme. The drinkware is made from plastic which is ideal to use for cold and refreshing drinks. The travel can is inspired by Super Saiyan Son Goku, one of the most popular characters in the series [1]. 

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If your event is set to be in cold weather, it would be nice to prepare a themed drinkware that can go with the hot drinks. You can line up some Dragon Ball Z-inspired mug made from ceramic and has a 20-ounce capacity. 

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You can never go wrong with the iconic design of the Stackable teapot and cup set as your chosen drinkware. The ceramic teapot and cup feature the four-star dragon balls and hold 11 ounces of your hot or cold drink. 

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5. Spice Up Your Party With DBZ Serveware

Events will never be completed without food, and in a Dragon Ball Z-themed party, the bash should not start without Dragon Ball Z-inspired serveware. The right serveware helps set the mood and add life to the food and the occasion's theme.

In DBZ's case, aside from its function, the serveware adds to the visual aesthetic aspect. The search is over because there is a wide variety of Dragon Ball Z serveware to choose from. 

The traditional Japanese dinnerware set can be a good option when it comes to serveware. The ramen bowl made from ceramic features the color of the Dragon Ball Z, which will match the decors. 

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The Goku Bento Box w/ chopsticks and spoon can be a perfect snack container to keep your food safe until the event starts. The bento box is made from two sturdy plastic containers and can be take-away food storage after the event is over. 

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A Dragon Ball Z theme party is not complete without ramen, and chopsticks that will go with the theme should be present. Enjoy the occasion with the sets of Dragon Ball bamboo chopsticks that you can add to your list for the Dragon Ball Z theme party decoration ideas. 

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6. Set Aside A Table For Your Party Favors

Set Aside A Table For Your Party Favors

Party favors are one way to thank your friends for attending your birthday party. It would be striking to get Dragon Ball gifts and goodies. In addition, your friends may check out for something they can bring after they leave the party.

For kids and kids at heart, Dragon Ball Z merchandise would be a great idea. However, spending a lot of money on party goodies is unnecessary because gifts, toys, and games should also be considered. Fortunately, some websites offer different Dragon Ball Z merchandise at an affordable price.

Since the party idea is about Dragon Ball Z, the goodies must be about the anime, and getting 5 Goku-themed toys will be impressive. The party supplies you can include on your Dragon Ball Z birthday bash are goodie bags, and a Dragon Ball Z looksee box can be the best candidate. 

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Another party favor you can set on the table is the Vegeta-inspired looksee box. The box includes five themed collectibles inspired by Prince Vegeta IV, and you can hand this box as a gift to your visitors. 

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7. Have Some Dragonball Z-Themed Mural & Posters On The Wall

 Have Some Dragonball Z-Themed Mural & Posters On The Wall

Themed mural and posters on the wall make the occasion atmosphere complete. Since Dragon Ball is adapted from Manga, adding posters and wall decors will give life and deliver a message of how you love the anime.  

Putting up murals and posters can be the best way to promote and show your love for Dragon Ball Z. Aside from being eye-catching and aesthetically pleasing, murals and posters help the guests interact with others and can be a conversation starter. 

8. Brighten Up Your Tables With DBZ Printed Tablecloths

Table cloths are used to tie together with the theme or color scheme.  Table cloths set the mood and expectations of the visitors. Aside from being used as a backdrop for the meal, Dragon Ball Z tablecloths affect the appetite and make the food stand out.

When throwing a Dragon Ball Z-inspired party, using appropriate colors and prints can make the birthday party fun and colorful. Most importantly, printed table cloths protect you from spills and can be easily cleaned after the event. 

9. Use DBZ-Character Party Hats

Party hats are made from rolled-up pieces of thin cardboard and are commonly used at a birthday party. A party hat should come with designs printed outside the cone and a long elastic string to secure it to the person's head. 

Grab the chance to match your Dragon Ball Z character party hats with the birthday party theme. Dragon Ball Z's characters like Goku and Vegetta and some memorable scenes can be used as designs on the hats. 

10. Use DBZ-Themed Costumes

Use DBZ-Themed Costumes

A Dragon Ball Z-themed party will not be complete if you will not use Dragon Ball Z Costumes. It would be fun to watch the celebrant and guests wear their favorite Dragon Ball Z characters like Goku, Goten, and Gohan. Kids adore costumes so much, and a birthday bash with people wearing costumes inspired by Dragon Ball Z will be more fun and adorable.

If you plan to throw a Dragon Ball Z party for your daughter or son, you can indicate the dress code or costume requirements on the invitation. Feel the power as you wear costumes inspired by Goku, Vegeta, Roshi, Gohan, Goten, and many more. 

11. Hand Out DBZ Party Accessories

Another decoration idea is DBZ accessories that you can hand out to the guests upon their arrival. A matching accessory for all the guests can be a great idea and a cool twist to your party. Moreover, accessories can be an additional souvenir that you can give to the kids and other visitors. 

Accessories can also be given to guests who didn't have time to get their dress codes. If the guests have their costumes, adding accessories to their outfits will not be too much, and many will adore them. 

In addition, accessories will benefit adults who want to participate in the themed party but do not prefer wearing a costume.  

12. Bake DBZ-Themed Party Cup Cakes

Bake DBZ-Themed Party Cup Cakes

If you plan to hold a kid's birthday party, you must think about what the kids and teens love and enjoy. One way to treat them is to bake cupcakes since we all have a phase in our lives that we want nothing but sweets. 

Serve cupcakes inspired by Dragon Ball Z so they can match with the birthday theme. Cupcakes are easy to eat and can be enjoyed by many guests. In addition, you can place it on snack trays or serve them along with the birthday cake. 

13. Prepare a Dragon Ball-Z-Inspired Photo Booth

Make your themed birthday bash memorable with the Dragon Ball Z-inspired photo booth. Great pictures can be taken with props and tools inspired by your favorite anime, Dragon Ball Z. You can purchase a pack of props or do one for the photo booth. 

You can also get a party backdrop for your photo session or bring different decors inspired by the anime. In addition, you can prepare a handy frame where the guests can hold when taking images. The Dragon Ball Z photo booth will surely make your photos memorable so save it for future. 

14. Set Up a Corner For Your DBZ Collections

Set Up a Corner For Your DBZ Collections

A Dragon Ball Z fan will always have their collection, and now is the time for you to show your love for the anime. A corner with a DBZ collection can be a great decoration idea to match your Dragon Ball Z-themed party. 

If you worry that the guests can ruin your figurines, you can place them on high-quality glass display shelves to protect them completely. In this way, kids will also be cautious, and you can save your collections.   

15. Prepare DBZ Candies

Candies are another party idea that you and your guests can enjoy. You can offer it differently in printed packaging of all the characters of the anime. 

Most parties run out of high-quality sweets, so don't just buy a pack and ensure there is enough for all the kids. You can also get some sweets in shape like an actual dragon ball, and you will never go wrong with that. 

16. Set-Up A Dragon Ball-Z Gaming Station

If you don't plan to throw a program properly for the birthday party, it would be best to set up a Dragon Ball Z gaming station that can serve as party games. Throughout the day, it would be enjoyable for kids and adults to play video games on PlayStation 4.

Create a mini gaming corner with your choice of gaming console, and make sure that you have enough controllers and chairs for kids to play and watch. Just make sure that the kids have a healthy rotation on the video games so that all kids get to enjoy the video games. 

17. Prepare A DBZ Watch Station

Dragon Ball Z has been a famous anime series since 1996, and a better way to enjoy the themed party is to prepare a watch station and run episodes of the anime.

Kids who do not want to play games can watch some DBZ episodes, and you can let them vote on what episode should go first. In addition, make sure you prepare enough seats and snacks for the kids to enjoy.  

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18. Offer To Play DBZ Board Games

Offer To Play DBZ Board Games

You can also play party games like board games that kids can enjoy besides video gaming stations. These interactive party games allow kids to engage with each other and build certain skills. 

There are board games inspired by Dragon Ball Z that can make the birthday party more lively. The board games are suitable for kids and adults and require multiple players.  

The Dragon Ball Z Clue Boardgame can make your birthday party more fun and exciting. 

The pack includes a high-quality game board, six hero movers and personality cards, 21 rumor cards and intrigue cards, score pads, tokens, dice, and rules. Experience the power of Goku, Gohan, Goten, Krillin, Vegeta, and Piccolo in this board game.

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Another board game that kids can be familiar with is the Monopoly Board Game inspired by the long-running anime Dragon Ball Z. Eight different universe symbols inspire the tokens. The location of the game board is as pictured in the anime. 

Aside from being used in the games, the board can be sent as a gift this holiday season. 

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19. Prepare DBZ Character Masks

 Prepare DBZ Character Masks

Another way to let the guests enjoy the party is by preparing high-quality character masks. If your guests do not prefer dressing up as a character of the Dragon Ball Z, they can have a choice to put on a mask inspired by their favorite character. 

20. Play DBZ Anime Theme Songs To Liven Up The Mood

Background music sets up the mood for any occasion, so you can play the anime's theme songs to liven up the mood. The Anime theme song can create a nostalgic feels, and fans would want to hear that while eating or playing party games.  

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Can you make DIY Dragon Ball Z party decorations?

Yes, you can make DIY Dragon Ball Z party decorations. Party supplies and decors can be extremely doable, especially if you have an artistic side. In addition, if you want to stick to your budget when holding a birthday party, a do-it-your-own Dragon Ball Z decor can be done at an affordable price. 

Are Dragon Ball Z party decorations only for children?

No, Dragon Ball Z party decorations are not for children only. A themed party does not have an age limit, and for the record, animes are not just for kids. You can hold a birthday bash with a Dragon Ball Z theme regardless of your age. 

Let's Get The Party Started!

Dragon Ball Z has been an inspiration for many occasions, especially at birthday parties. While party planning can be challenging, especially if the celebrant wants a themed party, our guide for the Dragon Ball party decorations ideas can be a great help. 

From invitations to background songs, sticking to the theme will bring fun and interest to the event. Make your party more fun and delightful by adding party games.

You can also purchase Dragon Ball Z limited edition merch like bags, figurines, jewelry and send as gifts to those who made time for your party. 

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  1. https://dragonball.fandom.com/wiki/Popularity_Polls 

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