Barb The Dog Squishmallow: All-Inclusive Guide (2023 Updated)

Barb The Dog Squishmallow: All-Inclusive Guide (2023 Updated)

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Say Hello to Barb the Dog Squishmallow!

Product Details

Name: Barb the Dog Squishmallow 

Type: Dog 

Color: Primarily light purple, with a white nose and belly. She has a lilac patch around her right eye, with a pink mouth and nose. Her ears are long and furry and have a pastel rainbow color. 

Available Size/s: 2", 7", 16"

Squishdate: 2021

Squad: Pattern Perfect Squad  

Model/SKU Number: KTY-SQ21-16IV-BAR-C

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Short Bio 

Barb the Dog is quite the humble Squishmallow, but she’ll happily show off some of her signature moves to her friends who like seeing her strut her stuff. She’s a talented gymnast and has been training since she was small. She can do aerials and tricks on the trapeze without breaking a sweat. 

Barb is an exclusive Squishmallow, making her all the rarer! 

Key Features 



Like all other Squishmallows, Barb the Dog is made from quality materials like super-soft spandex and polyester stuffing. These materials ensure that your best friend stays cute and squishy in the upcoming years. Plus, they’re super easy to clean up, too! 


Barb the Dog Squishmallow is primarily light purple, with a white belly and nose. She has a lilac patch over her right eye. Her eyes are black, wide, and innocent, and she has a pink nose and mouth. The pastel rainbow colors on her ears make her stand out from the crowd! 

Barb’s 16-inch plush version has large, furry ears that hang halfway down her body and a fuzzy belly. Her ears are made from a soft Velboa in smaller versions. The size of this Squishmallow is perfect for cuddling all day!

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Other Dog Squishmallows 

If you like Barb the Dog, here are other dog Squishmallows you can add to your collection. 



Andres is a brown sheltie from the Dog Squad. If you like silly jokes, you’ll definitely get along with him! He loves practical jokes and making people laugh. He doesn’t need to open his mouth to get you cracking, though — just seeing his triangular ears flop around is enough to make anyone giggle. 

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Here’s our second entry from the Dog Squad: Mateo the Black Rottweiler may look intimidating, but he’s anything but! He is famous for spreading hugs and smiles wherever he goes, which makes perfect sense if you’d like him as a Squishmallow cuddle buddy! 



Chloeyana the Dog hails from the Valentine Squad, which can also be seen with the heart patch over her chest. She’s full of loving energy and loves naps! If she had it her way, she would nap all day and only wake up when it was time to play. This makes her the perfect nighttime companion if you ask us. 

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Squishmallows by Kellytoy was declared the winner of the 2022 TOTY (Toy of the Year) Awards and the coveted 2019 Plush Toy of the Year Award at the Creative Child Awards. 

Care Instructions 

Care Instructions

According to the official Squishmallows website, gentle spot treatment is the best way to care for Barb the Dog. However, if you plan to bring her everywhere (which you probably will!), you will need something more powerful to ensure she’s clean. 

The quality materials the Squishmallows are made from make them machine-wash friendly. Put Barb inside a roomy pillowcase and set the cycle to cool and gentle. You can also run her alongside other beddings if you have them available. 

Once that’s done, tumble dry her on low and gentle (not hot), so she gets dry and ready for cuddling faster. You can also air-dry her if you find that more preferable. Fluff her with your fingers back to her original shape once she’s nice and dry. Learn the proper way to wash your Squishmallow here


What is the rarest dog Squishmallow?

Zero the Dog from the Nightmare Before Christmas Squad is pretty rare. This official Disney-licensed merchandise is modeled after the iconic horror movie yet retains its signature squishiness. If you happen to chance upon it in a store, best to snatch one up as you never know if you’ll find it again! 

How many dog Squishmallows are there?

As of today, there are about 70 Squishmallow dogs out there. These 71 characters range in color, size, and personality, so it isn’t easy to pick favorites! 

Squish ‘Em! 

Take Barb the Dog Squishmallow home so you’ll have someone to share all the fun times with! Add her to your Squishlist here

The 16-inch Barb the Dog is the perfect size to cuddle and snuggle with, whether on a long car ride or Netflix and chilling at home. She may be a bit shy to show off her skills at first, but you can bet she’ll show you the best aerial tricks and gymnastics once you get to know her. 

Toynk only sells 100 percent officially licensed Squishmallows merchandise, authenticity guaranteed. We also offer free shipping to all states (except Hawaii and Alaska) with a 30-day money-back guarantee. 

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