Disney Halloween Party Ideas

7 Best Disney Halloween Party Ideas: Magical Guide (2024)

It's that spine-tingling time of the year again – Halloween! If there's something I can take from all the years of preparing parties and events, it's that there's nothing quite like the excitement of this spooky season.

But what excites me more this time is the thought of crafting Disney Halloween party ideas in the most enchanting and thrilling way.

So, before you start your party planning, here are our usual routines for Halloween preparations.

Top 7 Halloween Party Ideas For Disney Fans

1. Disney-Themed Decorations & Invitations

Mickey Mouse Pumpkin Mug

Spark the curiosity of your spooky guests from the start by sending out invitations with a magical and creepy background. 

One of my favorite designs is a fun background of my favorite Disney movies or characters but with scary words of invitation to my party. 

You can use phrases like, "Prepare to be spooked, thrilled, and thoroughly entertained as we celebrate Halloween with a bone-chilling twist." 

Or, along the lines of, "Enter if you dare, but be warned: Our Halloween bash will haunt your nightmares for weeks to come." Adding blood or using a scary font also enhances the Halloween vibes of the invitations. 

2. Pick a Disney Halloween Theme

Whether you're going for the Haunted Mansion, Nightmare Before Christmas, or Wicked Villains gathering, choosing a specific theme for your party adds another layer of excitement. 

From there, you can also decide which popular Disney characters you want to show up as or choose a group costume suitable for the whole family. You can be Jack Skellington, Oogie Boogie, Ursula, Maleficent, or the Evil Queen. 

You may also want to dress up as a Disney princess, Prince Charming, or Marvel heroes for a family-friendly Halloween.

3. Disney Halloween-Themed Food Ideas

Mickey Pumpkin Cookies

Mickey Pumpkin Cookies

Now, it's time to prepare for Disney Halloween-themed foods like these Mickey Pumpkin cookies. I usually make the dough beforehand so I have enough time to perfect the sweet and spiced flavor balance before Halloween. 

You can prepare flour, powdered sugar, vanilla, almond extracts, baking soda, and sweet cream butter weeks before the party.

Oreo Eyeballs

Talk about a spine-chilling treat! The Oreo Eyeballs are not only a creative addition to your Halloween spread, but they also taste sinfully good.

I love serving these creamy Oreo eyeballs with playful and eerie designs to Disney Halloween parties for children because of their fun and fright essence. 

Disney Halloween Cupcakes

From classic Disney characters to spooky motifs, each cupcake is a work of art that will satisfy both the taste buds and the eyes.

The orange frosting is the typical design for Halloween cupcakes, but I would usually add other fun details like eyes, horns, ears, tails, and hats. 

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4. Disney Themed Halloween Costume Contest

Hocus Pocus Toddler Costume


I had the pleasure of seeing a little one rock this costume, and it was a show-stopper! The fabric quality ensures the toddler can comfortably enjoy the Halloween party while acting like one of the Sanderson sisters in Hocus Pocus. 

It is one of our most sought-after Disney costumes for toddlers, especially during Halloween. 

Shrek 4 Fiona Warrior Deluxe Child Costume


Of course, we're not limited to Disney movies like Nightmare Before Christmas for costume ideas. Get ready for jaws to drop when you see your child in this fierce and fabulous Fiona Warrior attire.

The officially licensed ensemble is the ultimate must-have for fans of Shrek. It has a dress, shoulder guards, headpiece, belt, cuff, and gauntlet.

5. Disney Halloween Party Decors

Disney/Pixar Incredibles 2 9oz Paper Party Cups, 8-Pack


Don't miss out on a fun way to serve your guests, and use one of our most popular party ideas for Disney lovers! These Incredibles-inspired paper cups are officially licensed Disney party supplies for Halloween.

With just one order, you can have eight vibrant and fun cups with a 9-ounce capacity each to serve your guests with their preferred beverages.

6. Disney Halloween Party Games

Halloween Charades

Charade is a popular party idea that I've been doing with friends and family for years.

This time, you can choose from various Disney movies like Coco, Escape To Witch Mountain, Edward Scissorhands, Nightmare Before Christmas, and Haunted Mansion.

Simple Halloween decorations like jack-o'-lanterns, hay bales, cobwebs, pumpkins, graveyards, mummies, scarecrows, and many more can also be used. 

Halloween Bingo

Instead of the usual numbers in bingo games, you can print your own bingo cards with spooky and mysterious images. It is among my favorite party ideas for teens and adults for Halloween.

I usually used bingo cards with the shadow of a cat, a witch's hat, pumpkins, tombstones, and more to keep the spirit of the Disney party alive and entertaining.

7. Disney Halloween Party Loot Bags

Disney Mickey Ears Costume Headband


As the party draws close, delight your guests with Disney Mickey Ears Costume Headbands they can take home as a cherished memory.

One of our highly recommended Disney favors, this Mickey ears headband is comfortable, stylish, and instantly recognizable – a perfect accessory for kids and adults.

This adorable headband is one of the things I like bringing to Disney parks.


What should I wear at the Disney Halloween party?

You can wear any of your favorite characters at the Disney Halloween party, as long as it is comfortable and the costumes don't reach the ground [1]. 

You can dress up as Buzz Lightyear, Oogie Boogie, Mickey Mouse, and Peter Pan, or choose from the characters of Haunted Mansion. 

How much is the Disney Halloween party?

The Disney Halloween party costs around $109 to $200, depending on the age of the guests and the booked date. 

How long is the Disney Halloween party?

The Disney Halloween party runs from 7 p.m. to midnight, but visitors can already enter the Magic Kingdom at 4 p.m. [2]

Is Disney's not-so-scary Halloween worth it?

Yes, Mickey's not-so-scary Halloween party at Walt Disney World is all worth it if you love Halloween spirit.

They have event-exclusive offerings where you can see characters not usually seen in the park, like Sally and Jack Skellington from Nightmare Before Christmas. 

Final Thoughts

From Nightmare Before Christmas to Haunted Mansion, there is a long list of decorations and ideas you can use for Halloween. You don't have to make your party scary, but you can make it fun and light.

The important thing is everyone gets to enjoy and have a memorable, spooky, yet fun memory. 

Are you looking for another accessory to complete your get-up this Halloween? Then try one of our top picks: the Disney Minnie Mouse Oh My! Pumpkin Glow Ear Headband. It's officially licensed and glows in the dark, perfect for a trick-or-treat. 

You can also visit Disney Halloween Collectibles for more Disney products and decorations you can use at any party or event. 


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