5 Best Captain America Decor Ideas (2024 Updated)

5 Best Captain America Decor Ideas (2024 Updated)

Are you a Captain America fan? Then, your home will not be complete with some Cap-inspired decor that will spice up your crib and will show off your love for the Hydra Stomper! 

Our team compiled a list of the best Captain America decor you can put up for every part of your home.

Top 5 Captain America Decor Ideas 

1.  Decor Ideas For The Living Room

Your living room is the first thing everyone will see. If you want your guests’ first impression to be “You just love Captain America, don’t you?” then here are some awesome ideas you should try:

Paint Your Wall With Captain America’s Color

Paint Your Wall With Captain America’s Color

Painting your walls red, white, and blue is a sure way to make a statement. If you’re feeling creative, you can even have a mural of Cap on your wall!

Hang a Captain America Banner 

Hang a Captain America Banner

It may not be easy finding a Captain America banner, so you may opt to commission an artist to make one for you. You can also find some affordable services that create large customized banners online.

Flaunt Your Captain America Merch In The Living Room

Don’t forget your Captain America action figures! Nothing beats having a scaled version of your favorite hero in your living room for everyone to see. Here are some worth checking out:

Marvel Funko Holiday POP Vinyl Figure | Gingerbread Captain America
View Product
Captain America & Captain Marvel Action Figure
View Product
Marvel Avengers 6 Inch Action Figure | Captain America
View Product

2.  Decor Ideas For The Bedroom

Who says you can’t decorate your bedroom with more Captain America merch? Here are some ideas that will add a patriotic and heroic touch to your room:

Hang a Framed Captain America Official Poster or Puzzle

Posters can easily bring life to any room. They’re statement pieces that are great conversation starters.

Here’s a Marvel Comics Captain America #100 Comic Book Canvas Art Poster that you can place over your headboard or on an empty space in your bedroom. 

Marvel Comics Captain America #100 Comic Book Canvas Art Poster

If you’re not a fan of posters, you can try jigsaw puzzles as well! You’ll get a kick out of putting it together and then framing it to hang on your wall. It’ll be something that you’ll be proud of since you put so much effort into making it. Cap will be so proud!

View Product

Here are some jigsaw puzzle suggestions that will also make great wall art:

Marvel Captain America Timeline 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle
View Product
Marvel Captain America 1000 Piece Slim Jigsaw Puzzle
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Use Captain America Inspired Bedsheets, Blankets, & Pillows

You’ll definitely sleep more comfortably in a new fleece blanket. Did you know that you can get one that looks like Cap’s Vibranium shield?

The Marvel Captain America Shield Oversized Fleece Sherpa Throw Blanket can’t block bullets, but it can surely keep you warm!

Marvel Captain America Shield Oversized Fleece Sherpa Throw Blanket

View Product

3.  Decor Ideas For The Kitchen

If you spend a lot of time in the kitchen and loves Steve Rogers, we’re sure you’d want to surround yourself with everything “Captain America” in your favorite space. Here are some kitchen items that’ll make a statement every time you whip up something delicious:

Geeki Tikis Marvel Captain America Tumbler
View Product
Marvel Retro Captain America 16oz Shatter-Proof Acrylic Cup
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Marvel Captain America Silver Spatula And Pizza Cutter Bundle
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Marvel’s Captain America 3-Piece Outdoor BBQ Grill Utensil Set
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    4.  Prepare A Viewing Area To Flaunt Your Captain America Movies

    Prepare A Viewing Area To Flaunt Your Captain America Movies

    Have a complete collection of all movies that Captain America appears in? You’d certainly want to have a great space in your home to watch them with your family and friends!

    Why not make a DIY home theater space where you can put up all sorts of posters and decor that screams “I LOVE CAPTAIN AMERICA!” [1]. Instead of the boring earth-tone seats, get red, white, and blue seatings!

    Also Read:

    5.  Put A Rack Full of Captain America Comics

    Put A Rack Full of Captain America Comics

    If you’re a Marvel comic book collector, you’d want to flaunt your collection to your guests [2]. We know that many comic books don’t come cheap, like the Captain America #1 comic, which sold in an auction for about a million dollars! Make sure to store your comic book collection properly so you won’t hurt its value in the long run.

    Bonus: If You Wanna Go Extra, Put A Captain America Statue On Your Lawn

    Do you have a big lawn? Then, go all out, buy a Captain America statue, and place it on your lawn. Now, you can really say that you’re Cap’s number one fan!


    Is $100 too much for a Captain America decor?

    No, it’s not. Some Captain America figurines can even go as high as $200 depending on the rarity, but you don’t need to spend this much. You can pretty much DIY your decor if you’re on a budget.

    Can you make a DIY Captain America shield?

    Yes, you can. According to the comic books and movies, Cap’s shield is made from Vibranium (which is not a real type of metal). Still, you can use other types of metals to replicate his shield.

    Captain America Fans, Assemble!

    This list of Captain America decor will definitely help you broadcast your love for the Captain without requiring too much time and effort. Now, you can make your humble abode into a proud, heroic lair - all within budget! 

    If you’re looking for more Captain America merch and collectibles, make sure to check our site out!

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