25 Best South Park Characters: Icons from the Legendary Show

25 Best South Park Characters: Icons from the Legendary Show

Today, we're talking about South Park and listing down some of the best characters from the show. 

At Toynk, we really love South Park, and we've personally laughed, cringed, and rolled on the floor alongside these characters who've become the embodiment of the show's audacity, fart jokes, and toilet humor.

Seriously, we couldn't thank Trey Parker and Matt Stone enough for introducing us to this crazy world, courtesy of Comedy Central. 

As we chat about the Best South Park Characters, we'll tell you why we love them so much. We've enjoyed every moment, from Cartman's funny plans to Stan's serious comments.

We think of these characters as our buddies who always make us laugh with their jokes about everything, even things that might get a bit weird.

Top 25 South Park Characters (Ranked)

1. Eric Cartman

Image Eric Cartman

Eric Cartman, South Park's ultimate troublemaker, is our number one favorite character (personally, he's the funniest character).

He's got a big round belly, a red jacket, and a horrible voice. Oh, and don't forget his signature hat – it's like his superhero cape!

However, many think he's one of the worst human beings, from the pilot episode until today.

He's pretty selfish and loves making fun of others, especially his buddies. He says things that most people wouldn't dare to say. Just look at this Cartman Kidrobot Blind Boxed Mini Figure

Most of all, he won't mind screwing you over, especially if you come in between whatever petty and insignificant goal he might be occupied with (remember that time when he fed his arch-rival his own parents?). [1]

Cartman has become so popular that his way of talking and his catchphrases are recognized by fans everywhere.

When you hear someone say, "Respect my authoritah!" or "Screw you guys, I'm going home," you know they're channeling the one and only Cartman.

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2. Randy Marsh

Randy Marsh is like that dad who wants to be cool and hip but ends up making things way more complicated. He's always trying new things, from starting a band to weird (yet brilliant) business ideas.

And let's not forget his unique way of solving problems – it usually involves some absurd plan that goes bonkers. And who can forget him trying to break the world record of having the world's largest dump?

But here's the deal – Randy has become a total icon in the South Park world.

People love his catchphrases like "I thought this was America!" and his famous line "Tegridy Farms, where we've got the best weed in Colorado!" Many consider him the goofy uncle we all secretly wish we had.

3. Butters Scotch

Butters Scotch is the sweetest and most innocent kid around the block. He always means well but somehow ends up in hilarious messes.

He's super naive and trusts everyone, which gets him into some crazy situations.

But you know what? That's what makes him so lovable! He's got a heart of gold, and he's just trying to figure things out in this wild South Park world.

He's also known for his alter ego, "Supervillain Professor Chaos," where he tries to be a supervillain but ends up being more cute than evil. [2]

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4. Stan Marsh

Image of Stan Marsh

Stan is often considered the leader of all the kids and South Park's voice of reason. This character is thoughtful, caring, and always tries to do the right thing. [3]

Stan's been in some episodes that really left a mark. Like that time he got sucked into a virtual reality game in "Make Love, Not Warcraft" – that was epic! And who can forget "A Ladder to Heaven," when he and his friends went on a wild adventure to get money for candy bars?

His catchphrase, "Dude, this is pretty messed up right here," is something fans love to say when things get weird.

Stan's relatable nature and the way he handles situations have made him a favorite character of many.

5. Kenny McCormick

Kenny is famous for the orange parka that covers most of his face, with just his eyes peeking out. He's the one known for muffled speech and unfortunate accidents.

And even though this character doesn't talk much, his actions speak louder than words, and he's the type who would gladly sacrifice his own life if it meant saving his friends.

In early South Park episodes, Kenny is killed off in multiple instances, so much so that his catchphrase, "Oh my God, they killed Kenny!" has become legendary.

People everywhere use it when something goes wrong, and it's instantly recognizable. Actually, few characters in the series are as iconic and recognizable as him.

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6. Kyle Broflovski

Kyle is our favorite because he serves as the group's moral compass and straight man. [4] He's always ready to support his friends, even though they drive him nuts most of the time.

He's the best character in South Park that we definitely won't mind being friends with in real life.

South Park fans love Kyle's iconic catchphrase, "You bastards!" – he's the one who says it when things go wrong, and it's become a thing fans love to say, too.

7. Mr. Garrison

Image of Mr. Garrison

Mr. Garrison, who's been there since the very first episode, is known for his bald head and eccentric fashion choices.

He's been a South Park Elementary teacher, a president, and even had a gender change! He's all about shocking us with his crazy decisions, and you never know what he's going to do next.

One of the most unforgettable episodes with Garrison was "Eek, a Penis!" where he deals with the aftermath after his gender change surgery.

This episode was an instant fan favorite due to it being both hilarious and thought-provoking.

8. Jimmy Valmer

Jimmy's is all about making people laugh. He's a comedian with a stutter, but he never lets this disability hold him back from doing whatever he wants and enjoying everyday life, and we find that truly inspiring.

This character's iconic catchphrase is "What a terrific audience!" even though the audience is less than terrific.

9. Mr. Mackey

Let's talk about Mr. Mackey – the counselor with a catchphrase and a heart of gold. He's the school counselor, so he's there to guide the kids through their crazy problems. Whenever he gives advice, he stacks the phrase "M'kay" after every sentence.

His signature catchphrase has become a thing fans love to imitate (us included!) and is instantly recognizable!

10. Jerome "Chef" McElroy

Image of Jerome Chef McElroy

Chef, also known as Jerome McElroy, is the cafeteria chef at the school. His chocolate salty balls and Salisbury steak were the bomb.

Even better, he's also the one the kids turned to for advice. And who can forget his soulful songs that always had a positive message?

11. Wendy Testaburger

Wendy Testaburger is an intelligent and outspoken girl who's all about standing up for what she believes in.

She's not afraid to voice her opinions, whether it's about school or social issues. She's also known for her relationship with Stan; they make quite the cute couple.

Wendy is one of the show's few strong and vocal female characters. Her determination and intelligence have made her a role model and an instant fan favorite.

12. Terrance & Phillip

Terrance and Phillip are our favorite Canadians with an irreverent sense of humor. Their thick Canadian accents and their constant pranks on one another are the highlight of many South Park episodes.

13. Satan

Image of Satan

Satan's personality is far from what you might expect. Despite being the ruler of Hell, he's often depicted as someone struggling with his own issues.

From his rocky relationship with Saddam Hussein to his moments of vulnerability, Satan shows a side that goes beyond the typical villain.

Satan gives a unique perspective on morality and inner conflict. His struggle with identity and his interactions with other characters give us a fresh angle on the age-old struggle between good and evil.

14. PC Principal

Peter Charles, also known as PC Principal, is all about promoting political correctness and equality. He's the South Park Elementary School Principal (replacing Principal Victoria) and not afraid to call out anything he sees offensive.

PC Principal has a fiery passion for what he believes in. He inspired many people to become more socially conscious and dedicated to fairness.

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15. Tolkien "Token" Black

Image of Tolkien Token Black

Token is one of the more grounded kids in the group and adds a touch of reality to the chaos.

And even though he's just a kid, he reflects on everything around him and becomes a voice of reason, unlike any other character on the show!

16. Tweek Tweak

Tweek Tweak is an energetic character who first appeared in the season two episode "Gnomes." He is a true coffee connoisseur (which we can totally relate to) with over-the-top energy. He's often seen shaking and freaking out over the tiniest things.

Tweek shows us the comical side of anxiety and high-strung behavior. His catchphrases like "Aah, too much pressure!" and his ability to turn the simplest tasks into dramatic situations have made him a relatable character for many.

17. Towelie

Towelie, with his red eyes and, well, talking towel, is a unique addition to the South Park gang, although he's only in a few episodes. He's a bit forgetful, but that's only because he likes to get high and have fun.

One of his most iconic lines is "Don't forget to bring a towel!" which has become a fun reminder among fans.

Creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker initially wrote him as a terrible character, but they didn't know he would become one of the audience's favorite characters.

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18. The Goth Kids

The Goth Kids, with their all-black outfits and brooding expressions, are a unique group that stands out in the little mountain town. They're all about embracing the dark side. Their signature deadpan humor sets them apart from all the characters.

The Goth Kids have become some form of inspiration to kids who prefer marching to the beat of their own drum.

19. Shelly Marsh

Image of Shelly Marsh

Shelly Marsh is Stan's older sister who may seem annoyed and irritated by everything her little brother and his little gang do, but deep down, she cares and wants the best for her family.

Shelly and Stan represent the dynamic between siblings and the challenges of growing up.

If you grew up having siblings, her sarcastic comments and eye-rolling reactions are relatable, making her a great character.

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20. Officer Barbrady

Officer Barbrady is a familiar face in South Park. He's the town's law enforcement, although he's definitely not the sharpest tool in the shed.

He's often seen stumbling through cases and trying his best to keep things under control. His bumbling but well-intentioned nature makes him both endearing and comedic.

21. Ike Broflovski

Ike Broflovski is the adorable and sometimes surprisingly wise little brother who brings a dose of cuteness to the chaos, despite being a background character.

Despite his young age, he often finds himself in unexpected situations and delivers some profound observations. His innocence and genuine childlike reactions add a heartwarming touch to the series.

22. Mr. Slave

Image of Mr. Slave

Mr. Slave, with his unique appearance and fearless attitude, is a one-of-a-kind addition to the town.

He is known to push the boundaries and be unapologetically himself. His flamboyant behavior and audacious fashion choices are also truly remarkable.

Mr. Slave showed that embracing individuality and being different is something to be celebrated, not hidden away. One of his most iconic catchphrases is "Ooh, Jesus Christ!" and we find ourselves saying that to this day.

23. Ms. Choksondik

Ms. Choksondik is the central characters' teacher with a ridiculously funny name.

She's often seen trying her best to teach the kids, even if they're not the easiest students to handle. Her dedication to her job and her interactions with the children add a comedic touch.

24. Stuart McCormick

Stuart McCormick, Kenny's Dad, has a knack for getting into wacky situations and adding some hilarity to the town. Simply put, he's the ordinary guy who ends up in extraordinary situations.

Whether he's dealing with the antics of his son Kenny or participating in some unexpected town event, Stuart's reactions and his down-to-earth nature are pretty relatable, whether you're a parent to young boys or not.

25. Timmy Burch

Image Timmy Burch

Timmy Burch, with his wheelchair, is the character who proves that even a few words can bring a whole lot of laughs.

His catchphrase "Timmy!" and his ability to bring humor to the simplest situations have endeared him to fans.

Despite his limited vocabulary, he manages to express himself and contribute to the group dynamic in his own unique way.

Note: We ranked the South Park characters based on their impact and popularity, humor and wit, character development and relevance, and fan reception and interactions.


Who is the main character in South Park?

The main characters in South Park are Stan Marsh, Kyle Broflovski, Eric Cartman, and Kenny McCormick.

They form the core group that the show often revolves around, and their unique personalities contribute to the show's dynamic humor.

Who is the most mature character in South Park?

Stan's father, Randy Marsh, is often portrayed as one of the more mature characters in South Park. However, his maturity can sometimes take a backseat to his own eccentric and comedic behavior.

Who is the toughest kid in South Park?

Eric Cartman is often considered the toughest kid in South Park. This kid's got a reputation for being bold and fearless, and he doesn't shy away from showing it.

Whenever there's a challenge, Cartman's often the first one to step up to the plate, regardless of the consequences.

Who is the most hated character in South Park?

The most loathsome character in South Park history is Scott Tenorman due to his particularly cruel actions. There's a reason why he and the other South Park characters often get into fights!

Who is the most popular South Park character?

Here are the best South Park characters ranked according to the most popular: Eric Cartman, Kenny McCormick, and Randy Marsh. They are among the most iconic characters in the series and are widely enjoyed by fans.

In Summary

In the quirky town of South Park, the characters are more than just animated figures – they're like old pals we've grown up with.

From the main group of Stan, Kyle, Cartman, and Kenny to the colorful array of personalities like Randy, Timmy, Towelie, and more, each character brings a unique flavor to the show.

We've laughed at their antics, shared their struggles, and even found ourselves nodding along with their unexpected wisdom. It's like having a bunch of hilarious and downright bizarre friends who never fail to surprise us.

Whether it's Kyle's strong-willed nature, Cartman's audaciousness, Kenny's resilience, or Randy's... well, Randy-ness, we can't help but appreciate the depth and diversity of these best South Park characters. We've come to love and sometimes even identify with them in our own quirky ways.

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