Baby Yoda Valentine Box Ideas

10 Best Baby Yoda Valentine Box Ideas: Easy DIY (2023)

Thinking about giving your partner a Star Wars Valentine box this Valentine’s day? How about customizing an adorable Baby Yoda Valentine box?

Our team made a list of Baby Yoda Valentine box ideas to help you make the perfect gift for your loved ones.

Prepare your art materials and start creating the best DIY Grogu Valentine box with your family.

Top 8 Awesome Ideas For Making Baby Yoda Valentine Boxes

1. Use Clay In Designing Your Baby Yoda Valentine Box

making baby yoda face using clay

Clay is so much fun to make a model of any figure. Kids (and the young at heart) will have fun forming Baby Yoda’s head with clay and a molding tool.

A Baby Yoda Valentine box designed with clay is a great Valentine's idea since clays are safe to use (especially for kids) and can be utilized for crafts at home and in school.

2. Put Baby Yoda’s Stuff Inside The Valentine's Box

Everyone loves surprises. One thing you can do is fill the DIY Valentine box with gifts along with your Valentine cards.

Items such as the Star Wars Funko POP Vinyl Figure | Valentine's Day Yoda and the Star Wars The Mandalorian Funko POP Vinyl Figure | The Child "Baby Yoda" are a fun addition to your Valentine box.

All your Valentines who love Star Wars will surely love receiving this small and cute memorabilia of Yoda.

3. Use Paper Cloth In Baby Yoda’s Clothes

paper cloth for baby yoda's clothes

You can use a free printable template to DIY Baby Yoda’s clothes. Pin and trace it on an Oly-fun fabric, then cut the fabric and sew them together.

You can use various colors, including dark green, white, and light brown. Don’t stress about Yoda’s coat matching his head - once it’s sewn, everything will come together.

Then, use an Exacto knife (keep an eye on kids when doing this) to cut the template over the colored foam sheets.

After cutting the foam sheets, use the glue gun to attach them to the Yoda Valentine box.

4. Create A Heart-Shaped Baby Yoda Box

For the Baby Yoda Valentine box, cut a cereal box using a box cutter and begin gluing it in a heart-shaped pattern.

Then, wrap the Valentine box with construction paper or Oly-fun fabric to make it neat.

You can check Fun Money Mom and follow their post to access their free printable Baby Yoda template, which you can easily DIY and attach to the heart-shaped Valentine box.

5. Use Baby Yoda Lego Design

Add a little twist to your Valentine boxes’ design by incorporating the Disney Star Wars Lego version of Grogu [1].

Here, Baby Yoda’s figure looks like a lego, making the box super cute for kids and lego lovers alike.

Search for a lego template and cut it through the sheets using an Exacto knife.

Make sure to follow color suggestions for the lego design and use white craft foam for the small reflection and highlights. We've got more Disney-inspired Valentine's Day gifts here

6. Make Baby Yoda Hold A Heart

Baby Yoda Valentine Box

You can make your Baby Yoda Valentine box more romantic by adding a twist. This time, Baby Yoda’s hand is holding a cute little heart.

Cut a heart shape using the red craft foam or construction paper and wrap or add it to the existing design of your baby Yoda Valentine box.

If you’re having trouble coming up with a design, you can check out Fun Money Mom. Don’t forget to attach the heart and Valentine’s cards as a finishing touch.

7. Make The Baby Yoda Box Opening Heart-Shaped

Instead of making a heart-shaped Valentine’s day box, you can use a regular box and cut a heart-shaped opening.

Use a scissor or a knife to make the opening. This is safer and easier for boys and girls to do at school because they no longer have to glue the heart-shaped Valentine box. Check out some Marvel Valentine's gifts here

8. Create A Red Baby Yoda

Close Up Shot of Baby Yoda Box

While the original Disney Star Wars Baby Yoda’s color is green, you can color him Red to make your Valentine's box more opted for Valentine’s day [2].


How do you make a Baby Yoda Valentine’s Box?

You can create your own Valentine box simply by using cardboard and cut foam sheets. There are lots of DIY templates you can follow online (like the one from Fun Money Mom).

How do you draw Valentine’s Baby Yoda Grogu?

If you’re great at drawing, you can use a Disney Baby Yoda reference from Google as a template for the foams/sheets. Make sure to highlight his iconic ear.

What should you put inside a Baby Yoda Valentine’s box?

Fill your Grogu Valentine box with sweets, an adorable plushy, and items related to Baby Yoda, like mini action figures or Funko Pop figures.

Let your creativity shine through when creating your Baby Yoda Valentine boxes.

What A Surprise!

Making a DIY Star Wars Valentines Day gift is a fun experience for you and a memorable surprise for your Valentine.

Any fan would surely love receiving a customized Grogu box, making their Star Wars-themed Valentines Day a holiday to remember.

To wrap it up, make sure to check out Toynk for other Star Wars merchandise not only for Valentine's Day but for every day of the year.

Enjoy making your Grogu Valentine's box, and an advance Happy Valentine’s Day to you and your loved ones.



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