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Troll Ear Tips Costume Prosthetic

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  • Troll Ear Tips Costume Prosthetic
  • Spirit gum, remover, makeup, sponge not included
  • Brand New
Trolls are an iconic element of fantasy, oftentimes serving as a sort of antagonist. Whether you wish to be a fierce troll or a friendly one, these Troll Ear Tips are just the thing to help transform yourself. These are not full prosthetic ears, but rather smaller tips that fit over the top ridge of your own ear to create a long, backward-swept point. These ear tips are made entirely form high quality latex that has been pre-painted to match troll green skin and are designed to be easy to apply, requiring only a bit of spirit gum, applied to the ear and the back of the prosthetic, to adhere to the skin. Please note, however, that spirit gum is not included with the prosthetic, although it can be purchased separately on this site. These Troll Ear Tips are a phenomenal way to start your own personal transformation into a troll, or any other figure from fantasy or fiction, while still giving your ears plenty of room to breathe and be comfortable.

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