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Startastic Laser Projector - Red & Green Static
SKU: CPS-1025-C

Startastic Laser Projector - Red & Green Static

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$ 23.99
  • Get your StarTastic Laser Projector set up in no time with easy installation
  • Light up your home and garden for Christmas without the hassle of hanging colorful string lights
  • Bring safe, FDA-approved laser holographic technology found in theme parks to project breathtaking stars onto any surface and in snow, rain, or intense sun with our weather-resistant casing
  • Shine thousands of static green and/or red stars on your home, lawn, patio and more
  • Important: The StarTastic Outdoor Laser Projector does not include a remote, timer and shutoff so please manually manage your power consumption and do not run the laser for more than 8 hours

The magic is in our powerful laser light system that projects beautiful holographic stars up to 600 square-feet. Creating an amazing 3D light show!